Etchilhampton, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 17th July.

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Updated Tuesday 4th August 2020


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Unexpected solar activity in the new crop circle


An evident solar model, a kind of weathervane with six arms, rotating counter clockwise, which means vector output (of the rotating system). If it were clockwise, the vector would be input. It is not the case here. In previous publications, the pattern SIX (Hexagram) when associated with objects of the type, is linked to solar symbology, as the ancient astrological symbol of the Sun expresses:

Because it is spinning, even because of the many alignments and planetary groups of this period of July 2020, this new crop circle may be talking about a sudden solar activity (the Sun has been very calm recently). The image used in the crop circle simulates a camera shutter, which opens very quickly to capture the ambient light in your records.

But in the case of this crop circle model, the anti-clockwise direction of the vortex speaks to us in light that comes out of the "solar shutter" instead of entering it, a clear reference to solar energy due to explosions or, probably, coronal holes, which are openings in the Sun that occur due to abrupt failures of its magnetic field. Unexpected solar flares, therefore, or even large holes in the Sun's surface, sending great energy to Earth, to affect everything, climate, magnetism, geology, violence, biology, etc.

In the wisdom of ancient Astrology, the Sun was (remains) the center of the solar system and of all the influences that touch the Earth and other planets. Collapses of energy in the Sun, in effect, destabilize everything.

The Tree of Life in Kabbalah is the structure of the zodiac in the same terms as the ancient cosmology that centralizes the Sun as the heart of everything (light, heat, energy essential to Life) Its order number on the Tree is Six: that is why crop circles of the type are solar representations. The sephira or AEON 6 of the Sun is called Tipheret, Beauty, Harmony.

And nothing worse than an unstable sun for the lower worlds! Last year (2019), one model appeared, and I interpreted it the same way, because of the relationship with the symbol six in a vortex. And really strong solar winds happened, shortly thereafter, days later. With so many important planetary alignments in the period, and with the intrusive approach of the P 7X object descending into Mars orbit soon, the Sun can have a sudden activity at any time.

It would be interesting to start monitoring the Sun now, because the alert was given. And who knows, six days from today (17th of July) I can start something in the star (six, the key number of this new crop circle). Astrologically speaking, the Sun will be exalted in six days (23 July), when it enters the sign of Leo, its dignity and Zodiacal throne.

Detail of the perfection of the new crop circle (if these events announced here really occur, how could this crop circle have been made by idle humans? Are they also prophets)?

Let's wait for the next few days ...

Two shots of solar energy

The most recent crop circle, today, July 17, repeats an interpretation I made earlier, in front of the crop circle labyrinth of Cley Hill, July 11.
In it, a labyrinth that combines a solar system model with six orbits (from Mercury to Saturn) and that contains some objects within it, larger planets Jupiter and Saturn, involved in these July alignments) and pasted in the central Sun, a small circle, the second Sun, a small brown dwarf companion, which is currently in Jupiter's orbit and descending inward, getting closer and closer to the asteroid belt, which explains so many meteors and asteroids flying in the skies around the world, including Brazil ( the meteor of Pernambuco, yesterday, July 16). This companion object of the Sun is so powerful in its "gravitational pull" that it is also dropping a lot of space debris orbiting our Earth, also taking satellites and whatever else is up there.

The famous rain of huge stones of the Apocalypse has its meaning here. And as this object approaches the solar perihelion, in the shape of a gigantic comet, all of this can become real. In the labyrinth (enigma to be deciphered) two ejections of solar energy occur before such alignments (these two internal bands being projected out of the Sun, one larger and one smaller).

The curious thing is that the maze has six levels. Six days have passed and this new crop circle, July 17th, appears, showing a great vortex of energy in the Sun. This connects the two crop circles in the same meaning.

And today's crop circle shows a Sun vortex counter clockwise (direction of projection of the plane) and similar to the design of a camera shutter, which opens for the entrance of light. In this case, if the Sun "opens", it will be for the exit of light and a lot of energy raining on Earth. More intense earthquakes have also started in resonance with the alignments. Today the Earth shook 7 degrees in Papua, New Guinea. Other events may already be forming ahead. Pay close attention to these two solar ejections ahead, in July and-or August.

"Watch and pray, for I will come to you like a thief"...

And this thief has a name:
End of the Great Planetary Cycle.
Because only what ends ends again.  

Jonas Passos (17.07.2020)

The Message from Recurring Crop Circles


The magnificent crop circle of Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, on July 17, appeared in a field where, 23 years ago, on July 30, 1997, a similar crop circle appeared, next to a mysterious screen. A great example to develop this theme, the messages from the recurring crop circles, the same field, the same model designed in time!

The same solar vortex-6 model, next to a square with a detailed grid, here is the crop circle image from 1997 in the same field! The "crop square" (square) giving information about the other crop circle, the solar vortex 6.

Both the diagram and the original field image provide us with the same measurement, a 26x26 point square (grid), which produces 676 grid units in the large square, next to the solar vortex 6. And making 6 + 7 + 6 = 19, we have the number arcanum of the Sun among the 22 arcana of Taro!

And what could that mean?

First, the number 26 is highly sacred in Kabbalah, as it is the number of the Name of God, the Lord of the Tetragramaton, IHVH (10 + 5 + 6 + 5 = 26). And his relationship with the Sun (God creator and procreator, also transforming) in practically all ancient cultures, is something well known.

For this reason, the Sun (Center of the solar system) was at the centre of the Tree of Life, the Sefirotic Tree, which represented, for the ancient mystics, the structural model of the entire Universe.

In other words, these sages already considered the Sun, and not the Earth, as the centre of the known universe, and their view of the cosmos was heliocentric long before medieval times and the Catholic Church teaching geocentrism in the universities of Europe.

The number 26 holds the power of 13 (13 + 13 = 26), because 13 is the great key to the transformation of stable matter, which in the face of 13, becomes unstable. Arcane of death (4 = 1 + 3) and if four represents the stable, cubic matter, thirteen represents the potential for transformation of everything.

And the Sun, heat, plasma, high energy, is the best representative of this law of recycling of terrestrial matter that he "helped" to create and stabilize in the balance of the pre-cosmic creative forces.

The account 26x26 = 676 reveals another important coordinate in relation to thirteen, because (676 = 13 x 52) And 52 here is the key, because it takes us directly to the Mayan cosmology of cycles. The number 52, in years, was called the small century, or basic cycle of human existence, and a large fire was lit during these 52-year periods, in a ritual called New Fire, associated with certain alignments of Venus and Pleiades in the sky.

So, this 13x52 point square grid is information that the great recycler of Earth, modern civilization, is and has always been the Sun.

Hence the fact that its history records four previous "suns", each of which governed the four great human civilizations of the past, and that each ended according to a "temperament" distinct from the Sun, whether in the form of winds (solar winds), floods (climate change), jaguars (animals, biological pests) etc. And this time, the temperament of the current Sun is inclined to "earthquakes". So the Maya predicted, the current fifth sun (Tonatiuh) would end with earthquakes.

Premonitory crops circles? 1997?

In 1997, a solar storm - which was not even the biggest - could be studied and evaluated. The result was shocking. In less than 36 hours, a cloud loaded with 1,400 gigawatts left the sun and reached Earth's atmosphere. On November 4, 1997, during a class X2 solar flare around 6:00 am (UT) in Canberra, Australia.

Bringing all these elements together, recurrent crop circles, which use repeated symbols and, sometimes, in the same fields over the years, may be talking about equally recurring events, as is the case with these solar events and which may happen at the present time, July 2020, in the face of so many planetary alignments shaking the gravitational energy of the system, activating nuclear forces that transform into other types of disturbed energy. 

See more: a-mensagem-dos-crops-circles-recorrentes  

Jonas Passos (18.07.2020)

Solar storm on the way to Earth!


And yet another crop circle forecast confirmed, published here since July 11, 2020, in two crop circles, Cley Hill and Etchilhampton.
This may not be the solar storm of the century, but it is strong enough to inject even more energy into the Earth and destabilize all things, magnetism, climate and people's mood.

But the main one, demonstrates that crop circles are legitimate, coming from extraterrestrial intelligences that are able to predict events before they happen, demonstrating a superior knowledge of our solar system and an astronomy that includes the notion of a binary solar system and an agent invader (the second Sun), directly responsible for everything that currently happens on Earth and in an increasing progression ... indeed, a repeated message that they have sent us for 30 years, but nobody wants to listen ...
See more here:- previsoes-de-crops-circles-se-confirmam-tempestades-solares-a-caminho-da-terra 

Jonas Passos (21.07.2020)

The Star gate on the announced day of Sirius, July 26

An anti-clockwise solar vortex appears on Sirius' predicted day, in the same field where, on July 17, a six-arm solar vortex appeared, also in a counter-clockwise direction (vector projection, energy expulsion vector from Sol, according to previous interpretations). At the bottom of the image, we see the first crop circle, from July 17th, and today, 9 days later, this new object, responding in one aspect to the past nine days, and the nine arms of the solar vortex.

The number 8 of the star involved with all this, starting with the dates (17th, date adds 8, day 26 and date adds 8), and finally, the second crop circle of July 26, Sirius day, in Germany, in octagonal structure! A Yang-Yin and alchemical binary in this pair of solar vortexes in the two crop circles, six-arm solar and nine-arm lunar, arcane 69, double currents, Sun and Moon in cosmic Alchemy!

Two models of solar vortex, two ways of saying that the Sun manifests energies, via solar winds, unexpected explosions or something else ... this is in accordance with the crop circle of Cley Hill, July 11, 2020, England, with the solar system, Sun in the centre emitting two bursts of energy, and some large planets aligned in their internal levels (orbits, Jupiter and Saturn).

In addition to all this, these solar vortexes may also be talking about the way UFOs travel distances, through Sun gates or solar portals. And if it appears on Sirius' day, it may even be a direct confirmation that the solar core opens a portal-wormhole for Sirius and other distant stars, which can be used in hyperspace travel by these high beings with their high technology. UFO.

Because we know that every portal manifests vortices, and that every vortex means two distant points in the universe, connected via space-time distortion, and that and that every star and planet has at its core a natural dimensional rupture exerted by the centre of mass of the system that the aliens trigger like stargate tickets for their long cosmic journeys. And in the dual code of the number 69 in the two crop circles of the same field, nine days apart, six represent exit portals and nine represent entrance portals. In the Yang Yin style of interpreting all of this. Sirians are waving to the world on this July 26th announced.


Jonas Passos (26.07.2020)


Crop circle forecast right

Some crop circles of the 2020 season that predicted these coronal holes and ejections of solar energy, predicted here in this direction: And one of the first appeared on June 11, England. It shows an internal solar system, Sun and two orbits, an axis with a planetary alignment pattern (which always acts as a resonant energy trigger in the aligned systems) and two strange disruptions in the first and second orbits (which, among other things, I interpreted as being the emergence of coronal holes ahead).

Then, on July 11, at Cley Hill, a month later, after the eclipse period, this crop circle combined a labyrinth with the Sun's orbits, until the sixth orbit, Saturn, including two objects that looked like Jupiter and Saturn - the which are actually grouped in the Zodiac at this time, taking part in the alignments with the P 7X object.

And from the central Sun (attached to a small Sun) two shots of energy. One smaller and one larger, in the shape of these two bands protruding from the central circle. This also happened later because, on July 24th, we had a weak solar ejection, and now, a very strong solar ejection, in the beginning of August. The labyrinth (or planetary orbits) has levels with disruptions, repeating the idea of the previous crop circle.

Coronal holes. A crop circle of the 17th of July, also in England, repeated the message but within another symbolism. It showed a solar mandala (usually mandalas in hexagram composition, symmetry six, refer to the Sun) rotating counter clockwise (which produces a magnetic ejection vector, centrifugal). And a resemblance to a camera shutter opening - in this case, to eject light, not to receive. All of this was written before solar storms appeared, as stated in the comments published earlier. 

Jonas Passos (04.08.2020)

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Whirlwinds created by the strike of a comet are seen in prior circles - T485, pg. 171, GBR (03/06/22), pg. 174, BEL (07/07/20), pg. 176, and GER (08/07/11), pg.177, of my free e-book, for example. The six-fold figure suggests all six impacting comets will create whirlwinds, even though five land in water. In this crop circle, the centre circle is the point of impact, and the whirlwinds begin outside the inner ring. The outer ring traditionally indicates the Earth.  The Circlemakers are concerned with each and every aspect of their guided comets' strikes.

Kenneth Heck

We should open our hearts for unconditional love and unite ourselves <3

Crop circle from 17 July 2020 at Etchilhampton, near Devizes, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 17 July 2020 is a day with the Solar Seal White Dog with Tone 6, in the Blue Castle.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies

White Dog – Love, Heart, Loyalty
Tone 6 – the Rhythmic Tone of Balance
Blue Monkey – Illusion, Magic, Play
Red Moon – Universal water, Flow, Purify

The big outer circle represents the Earth. The small bright circle in the center represents a Portal. 17 July 2020 is a Galactic Activation Portal Day.

The figure round the central circle resembles a 6-part paper windmill for children. The number 6 symbolizes Tone 6 – the Tone of the day.

The paper windmill reminds us of our Inner Child, which loves to play. So the paper windmill symbolizes the energy Blue Monkey – the energy of Play. Blue Monkey is the Occult Teacher of the White Dog (the major energy of the day). Blue Monkey is the main Blue energy in the current Blue Castle. Blue Monkey is also the Guiding energy in the Blue Lunar Storm Year, which begins on 26 July 2020.

The Blue Monkey invites us to be like the children, to take everything easy and don’t forget that the life is a Play, the life is Illusion. So we shall more easily endure the Transformations in the Blue Castle and especially in the New Blue Storm Year.

It would be wise to embrace the Blue energy of Transformation with joy, with smile, with sense of humor, to feel like children, who take part in a big Play. The life is a spectacle and we are the actors. The life is Illusion and we are the Magicians. May we enjoy like children the colorful windmill of life

The main figure of the formation resembles also a waterwheel, consisting of 6 small boats.  Each boat resembles a half lunar crescent.
The lunar crescent symbolizes the energy Red Moon – the energy of the Universal water and of the Flow.  The Red Moon is the Supporting energy of the White Dog.

The waterwheel symbolizes the humanity. If each of us tries to float in his small boat in the torrential Flow of the life, the Flow can easily overturn his boat. On the crop circle the 6 boats are connected strong together in a common waterwheel. In this way is shown very impactful that when we are united, when we join together our boats in a bigger waterwheel it turns in a powerful water turbine, which by a strong Flow produces even more electricity.

The White Dog – the energy of Love – teaches us to open our hearts for unconditional Love. This energy helps us to find our companions of destiny, it brings together those who share the same vision and purpose.

In the New Blue Lunar Storm Year with Tone 2 – the Lunar Tone of Challenge, the Challenging energy is the Red Lunar Moon:
in the New Year we shall experience its powerful Purifying Flow.

In the New year of the Blue Storm with Tone 2: the Tones 2, 6 and 10 act together as a common Pulsar – the Pulsar of Life.

Tone 6, the Tone of Dynamic Equilibrium, puts us rhythmically on trials, pushes us back and forth, so we can learn to keep balance in a constantly changing conditions. This is stability test.

We have to learn to keep balance in a turbulent environment – which is expected in the Blue Storm year.

We could hardly survive in a heavy Storm when we try to save ourselves individually in small boats in the turbulent ocean. We should open our hearts for unconditional love, unite ourselves, join together with like-minded people, help each other.

Heartfelt thanks to the authors of this fascinating formation, to the photographer Nick Bull and to the whole team of the Crop Circle Connector!

Maya Todorova



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