Barbury Castle, Wroughton, Wiltshire. Reported 14th June.

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Updated Saturday 20th  June 2020


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Cosmic wheels

Another crop circle 12 model, like the one that appeared in Dorset, UK, on May 31.

This new crop circle brings its 12 sectors in the shape of shovels, which seems to suggest some kind of circular technological artifact, evidently UFOs. Even if their model is not DISK, UFOs rely on central turbines with mechanisms for collecting cosmic energy (such as the energy they collect from the Sun).

They don't have to leave their bases or planets loaded with huge amounts of fuel in their tanks, because the fuel they use is the free energy of the Universe, and they just need to know how to collect that energy from saturated spaces, energy from the stars, ether , fifth element, VRIL, etc.

On the slide, two models of wheels with 12 blades. An axls turbine and a water pump.

In fact, the symbolism 12 is striking in another known wheel. The sky, the Zodiac, making the Sun a car that moves through the twelve gates of heaven (the 12 signs), this according to ancient symbology, and how the sages of the past defined the cosmology of our Universe centered on the Sun. The Sun then becomes that cosmic wheel of twelve blades, generating energy in its movement.

What makes it a giant, natural UFO model. In fact, we are approaching the Solstice Day, June 21, Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, where the Sun occupies its annual alignment of maximum exposure to light, heat and energy (the longest day of the year, the sacred day for all ancient cultures).

And on this very day, we will have the annular eclipse ... and something is calling attention to this fact in terms of maximum solar energy ...

It is already the second cosmic wheel of the 2020 season, with ufological attunements, which can mean manifestations, contacts, mass appearances in the skies of the world ... something, in fact, that is already happening.

Rosettes in Cathedrals

Another artifact widely found in the ancient world and which closely resembles the new crop circle UK model of the 14th of June is the existing one in the Gothic style of the Cathedrals of Europe.

The so-called Rosettes, either as ornamentation of the external walls and doorways, or in the composition of stained glass.
Two examples, the twelve-petal central rosette at the entrance to the Cathedral of Leon, France, and the twelve-petal stained glass rosette on the south face of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral.

There are rosettes of different structures and number of petals, like eight or sixteen, but the symbolism implicit in all these mandalas is the same: the harmonic order of the universes in balance.

The rosettes were signs of connection between the Temple and the spiritual universes, and for that reason, the Cathedrals were built strictly under symbols and patterns that converted it into a fractal of the Universe, a mini-universe within which people could connect with the dimensions higher spirit.

Model imported from the pyramids and temples of the pre-Christian world with the same proposal! Like the magnificent Temple of Solomon, a kind of portal to the Universes of the 72 geniuses and 7 Archangels at the service of the Greater Hierarchy, the Lord of the Tetragrammaton.

In Kabbalah, the starry skies were fixed on the eighth floor of the Tree of Life, and their spirits called OPHANIM, or Wheels, which spun and illuminated the lower worlds with their movement.

These rosettes also express the symmetry of the celestial world, from a spiritual point of view, since the Zodiac, in the spiritual conception, is the abode of planetary and stellar spirits in organization around the central Sun, God.

This is why, for example, Jesus named twelve apostles, making the central Sun a new light of Truth that he commissioned those twelve missionaries to spread in the twelve directions, like the zodiacal model.

All of these symbols are interwoven into a single composition of higher cosmology based on TWELVE.

Because, in the old conception, the Universe was impregnated with conscious light and living spirits in the creation and maintenance of everything that exists by the power of moving Sound.

But modern science has lost that wisdom, and today it only theorizes with three-dimensional argument. Hence its limitation bordering on blindness. 

Jonas Passos (14.06.2020)

The Sun Glory

 Solar extremes

The Sun has been acting strange, unpredictable, just like the behaviour of the Earth's magnetic field. And as the solar magnetic field is much more intense, then unexpected changes in the solar core (centre of the energy of the Great Solar Wheel) can reach us in the form of unexpected solar flares, or the opposite, weakening of its magnetic field causing huge black holes. With the arrival of the (annular) solar eclipse of June 21 and all the planetary alignments planned for the period, it seems to me that this beautiful 12-arm solar wheel is pointing out that the mechanisms of the solar wheel will accelerate in some way in the coming days or weeks.

Everything indicates and points to that!

Solar flares pointed at the new crop circle?

Two strong solar flares were recorded by NASA on June 12 and 13, the two days before the appearance of this new crop circle, a solar wheel style, according to the 12-geometry used and the symbolic connections of the ancient culture. It may be that the crop circle message wants to reveal that new solar events may occur as we approach the annular eclipse of June 21 and the other planetary alignments involved, bringing a lot of energetic disturbance in the solar system and on Earth. Like the image of a wheel accelerating because its central axis is receiving more energy than normal ... 

Jonas Passos (14.06.2020)



This circle is concerned with Comet B and its twelve components. The inner circle represents the conglomerate impact areas for all twelve components. Each component (either one of the split nucleus or the ten major fragments) is indicated by one half of a light lens. These light lenses occur rather frequently in crop circles and represent the extra light in the sky a comet or fragment will make for days before final impact. The most explicit lens image is found in England, August 3, 2010 (page 177 of my free ebook at Only the final half of each light lens is depicted in this crop circle perhaps for reasons of economy, a common characteristic of true crop circles. The twelve triangles represent space vehicles assigned to the twelve components to ensure each impact is of the right quality and location. Comet B will be closely monitored by space vehicles from its original point until the final impacts.

Kenneth Heck

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

Il s’agit du vitrail de la Cathédrale de Chartres intitulé  "LE JUGEMENT DENIER"  et ce n’est pas un hasard. Nous sommes dans la phase où il est de plus en plus nécessaire de se rendre compte que les choses changent, les révélations se font et nous sommes à la fin du grand cycle. Le jugement dernier c’est la Révélation, appelée aussi l’Apocalypse. Il faut simplement se réveiller, c’est tout et œuvrer dans l’amour.

Superposons la grille du cube de Métatron sur les différents cercles du crop circle et voyons les synchronicités géométriques intéressantes.

Umberto Molinaro:-

Mercaba, the "Chariot of God", is an ancient term in the Hebrew language. It originated in the biblical writings of prophets such as Ezekiel and Yeshaya and it refers to a vision or a celestial revelation of God’s chair of Honour, which appears as a complex three-dimensional structure. It is a visual revelation of the throne of honour or the sacred space in which the cherubim, the wheels, the holy livings and the names of God, are located and the vision is accompanied by fire, lights, electricity, lightning and sounds. 

It so happened, that I have uploaded a video in Hebrew about this very subject – Mercaba – which shows the 12 pointed star of the spirit of Yehova (240 in Hebrew) the wheels within wheels, the living creatures, the names of God and the chair of HONOUR 

I will upload the same video in English within few weeks, but in the meanwhile it is worth your while to watch since all dimensions in the geometrical drawings are translated to Hebrew & English, since geometry is a universal language “read what you see” even if you don’t speak the lingo, try it and you may … 

Varda Sarnat


The Wiltshire 12-petal design reminds me of the ancient symbol seen in ancient Near East reliefs from Assyria to Egypt and beyond.  These have varying numbers of "petals," for instance the wristband in the Assyrian relief (dated to 884-860 BCE) has 11 petals, and the Egyptian relief (dated to 665-650 BCE) has 12 petals.  These photos were taken at the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City.  


ven more ancient are the Winnemucca Lake petroglyphs in the western US, which National Geographic reports date to 12,800 BCE.  Notably, the Winnemucca petroglyphs highlight both the flower design and the pinecone-type object that are found much later in Assyrian art.

Stace Tussel



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