Wolka Orchowska, Nr Gmina Orchowo, Poland. Reported 29th June.

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How many more monthly phases of the Moon will there be, until the E.T. crop artists arrive on Earth? 

June 25, 2019 was a third-quarter phase of our Moon, just as shown for day “18” of any lunar month in the image shown below (from lunar-phase-clock):  

This image was drawn in the local landscape (see Google Maps or Google Earth) within the “mind” of someone who appears to be “flying toward Earth”.

It was drawn there in the form of a “question mark”. The E.T. crop artist was wondering how much longer it will be (in lunar months) until he finally arrives?  

A clever puzzle and a perfect match.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

There have been several instances in the past where this Taoist symbol was depicted, such as in May 8, 2008 and July 26, 2009. Interpreting, there may be some affect, however small, on Taoism when this comet strikes. The area of bent stalks represents solid material, and the unaffected area gas. The two are as completely intermixed as the Taoist symbol would suggest. We are looking at Comet A from behind and at an angle. One of the two major fragments is specifically  identified as being mostly dust and rock. The other on the right may also be of the same composition since it is almost identical to  the other. Fragments will not necessarily correspond in composition to the main body, or nucleus, since they tend to separate at weak  points within the comet.

Kenneth Heck



Patterns in crop circle messages

A crop circle in Poland, the first there, on June 29, the same day as the magnificent French crop circle of Saulx-Marchais, and both show a Yang-Yin style wave of sin (sine). the same style of energy flow as the last crop circle of France (so far) in Twin Terrils, showed in association with the recurring pattern of astronomical alignments.

Other crop circles have shown sinusoids and spirals in the same alignment diagrams to illustrate the same idea: energy moving in the solar system because of these recent phenomena.

And other than Yang-Yin, senoids and spirals, other patterns strongly focus on the number 11 and the code 11-11, which is the oldest of the standards of this language in cultivated fields (since 1990, complimenting 29 years in 2019).

And how many 11, and how many 29 here!

Two crop circles on the 29th, that is, 29-29 (11-11)
one in Poland and the other in France, repeating the Yang Yin (and the model of Poland once again shows the three aligned objects that can very well illustrate today's solar eclipse: several other models have put this symbol in England, France, the Netherlands and Russia).

Well, the date 29.06.2019 also adds 11!
(2 + 9 + 6 + 2 + 1 + 9 = 29, 11!)

Surrounded by 29 and 11 on all sides.

But there is more.

The first official crop circle of May (1) appeared on the 22nd (11-11). And it shows the same thing that Poland showed on 29.06, and Russia, Holland, etc.

Now count for 10 days.
On the 11th day, on 01.06.2019, the first crop circle of the series appeared in France, in Notre Dame de France (2).

Now count another 10 days.
On the 11th day, on 11.06.2019, the RODA model (3) appeared in England.

Now count another 10 days.
On the 11th day, 21.06.2019, the model of the FORMIGA (4) appeared in England.

Now count another 10 days.
On the 11th day, on 07.07.2019, appeared the Sun Diamond in England (5)


I ask: can all this be coincidence or accurate planning mapped out in every detail?

Faced with all these and other standards, I ask,
How can there still be scholars who interpret these figures separately from the others as having no relation to each other, all of which relate to each other as pieces of a puzzle they have not yet learned to assemble?

Jonas Passos (02.07.2019)

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