Uffington Castle, Nr Ashbury, Oxfordshire. Discovered 18th  August.

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Updated Tuesday 3rd  August  2019


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Tears of God?
The recent crop circle from Uffington Castle, UK, August 18, where we can see better that the points around the triangle are actually drops.
There are 16 drops of each band of the triangle, and an empty space in the base that holds the drop 33 ... what message is that?
When the drop falls 33 ... what will happen?
Was it not at this age that Christ was crucified by the powers of this world?

On a quick count, 33 days from August 18 (where I counted three crop circles 33,888) will fall on September 19-20, around the time the sun touches the star at the tip of the Lion of the tail. constellation, star Denebola, leaving the annual portal of influence)

Tears of rain heralding the new flood (chaos)?
Tears of God dripping from the sun in fury?
Tears of fire to purify human rot?
Tears are always too strong a sign to appear in a crop circle.

Watch and pray, for the Aliens always know things BEFORE in each of these warning messages to the world that, deaf and blind, no longer cares.


Sirius Aquatic World and Triangular UFOs-Fish

As we have been studying and commenting for some time, at least two sources have made an association between Sirius' aquatic world and UFOs Pisces-like triangular shape.

The ancient African Dogons, who assert an open contact with Sirius Nommos in his past (Nommos means The Instructors) and the modern prophet Benjamin Solari Parravicini, in their waking visions, talking about the beings of the Blue Star (the same Sirius) and the blue men, who came from the planet KI ENKI in the past, and installed their red FISH-shaped ships on bases under the Antarctic ice, and that these ships would come out and rescue God's elect when the time of the new Exodus struck before of the imminent three "fumes" or fires (in the words of the prophet).

Well, this third announced crop circle makes up the trinity of the numeric code 33-888, as we saw earlier, which is a Christ-signed numeric code, and since the Sirius Star is the same Star of Bethlehem from the Gospel of Matthew, we stand before of a set of intercepted messages.

Irmine Pema (facebook friend) quite rightly suggested that this crop circle also represents a triangular UFO plunging into a liquid dimension (the drops spilling out precisely centrifugally outward, like anything that plunges into a liquid surface and spreads drops around it), which suggests both underwater UFO bases and triangular Fish UFOs submerging in the ocean worlds of Sirius, where they come from here!

And if they arrive here, it is through Sungates, or star gateways into the Sun, another argument from many crop circles that completes the final message of the crop circle triad evaluated at 04.08, 11.08 and 18.08 (Christic Code 33.888), all bearing triangular UFOs. , Sungates and Movements in Hyperspace and the Oceans of Mystery ...


Crop circle number code and triangular UFOs, Merkaba and teleportation in the Sun

I had been estimating that a third crop circle would appear on August 18, last Sunday, composing a numerical code that forms 33,888, as we have seen, a perfect Christ signature, at 33 (Christ's age) and 888 (Holy Trinity in the triple code). infinity, and also associated with the name Iesous in Greek alphabet values).

Anyway, what amazed me is that, in addition to the crop circle actually appearing there, it appeared repeating the same pattern as the previous two, a triangular object moving in curves, levels and entrances of the Sun, in the style of Kabbalah Merkabah. Secret and the Sacred Geometry of the Metatron Cube, etc.

However, I have two news, one good and one bad.
The bad news is that the crop has already been harvested and we will not have aerial images of the crop circle.

But the good thing is, at least we have a diagram left by local observers, and it shows a central triangle, repeating the August 11 crop circle pattern, and this time, the slightly curved shape of the triangle makes it even more like a triangular UFO, as we have studied so far.

And another detail: drops around it (in the diagram, circular dots have been placed, but in reality, they are drops around the triangle, and these drops can be perfectly associated with solar emissions, happening parallel to the time of these crop circles, which means relates again to the sun).
Solar ejections have already been represented by drops in old models, hence this analogy.
I counted 32 drops around, which is almost 33. And there is an inner triangle, looking like a UFO jump in the deep plane (Sun).

In any case, it is the kind of object that can only be properly interpreted by comparing it with objects prior to extending its meaning.

And the UFO-Merkabah adventure on the sun's roads continues ...

We still have the September windows indicated.
Jonas Passos (23.08.2019)


Tears of the Sun

In the 1996 season, we had two identical crop circles, repeating the same theme: the sun expressing a tear within a face of pain or sadness. This year, 2019, at Uffington Castle on August 18, we had a triangular crop circle model, estimated as a triangular UFO (Merkabah style) coming in and out of the sun, and 32 tears appeared on the edges.

1996 is a significant year for modern science in terms of solar ejection studies! Since 1996, over 8,000 CMEs have been recorded by the LASCO experiment aboard the SOHO satellite.

It is believed that coronal mass ejections and solar flares may be correlated with the solar cycle, which is mainly characterized by the number of sunspots. CMEs have been observed from 1996 to the present day, which corresponds to a period longer than a solar cycle. Such observations allowed, for the first time, an analysis of the properties observed in the events over a complete cycle.

This means that these crop circle tears really symbolize solar ejections. Crop circles marked the beginning of scientific research around these phenomena in the same year (1996) they began. And this time, 32 tears came, one to 33 missing in the recent crop circle. However, we know that there is a tear gap 33 at the base of the crop circle. Could it be ... 33 years?

Yes, we know that the Sun has an 11-year cycle of activity, and 33 years complete three of these cycles, but in the Astrology concept, the Sun, at the end of the 33-year cycle, is on the same day and minute. longitude, so that if the individual is at the place of his birth, his Solar Revolution will have the same celestial orientation as the natal theme. Hence the association between the number 33 and the solar deities, such as Jesus Christ.

Cycles upon cycles, and the sun remains unpredictable ...


Strong solar winds on this August 31st, bursting the levels of the chart, and the coronal holes appearing again.
And when that happens, seismic effects always reverberate on Earth. Is all this setting the stage for events in September, starting tomorrow, September 1st? Let's follow!
Jonas Passos 31.08.2019





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