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At the time when the central comet has first acquired a coma, it splits into three parts, either naturally or through alien intervention. All three pass through the larger Van Allen Belt of Earth before final impact. The Van Allen Belts were first shown in the July 21, 1995 crop circle in the UK below (also showing an approaching comet):

The comet would seem to be most likely Comet A. For some corroboration, , see the crop circle of August 6, 2011 in the UK below:

Since all three are in the same plane, they will all pass through the same Van Allen Belt. According to other crop circles, the two major fragments of Comet A have been artificially moved to either side of the comet by the aliens, rather than being left in the normal position behind the comet.

Kenneth Heck

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Pattern eclipses and crop circle alignments 2019

It is easy to see this when we look at the assemblage of the models and the eclipse pattern (and alignments) in these English crop circles since May, which have been repeated several times in the French models, talking about the same thing. Cosmic alignments in 2019 and increasingly intense energy waves, shaking the Sun and Earth, with diverse effects that we have all seen happen.

Certainly, the energy tonic is being ruled this year by such rare phenomena happening over and over in the planetary hands of a large invisible clock of gravitational waves turning their hands in energy beams with seismic, climatic, environmental and even social disturbing effects, a convulsion of society more and more harshly, aggressively or weakened organically and psychically because of this picture. Well, did you notice that we have three, not two eclipses pictured here? Do you know why?


Three eclipses in 2019 and new energy waves

Yes, a rare condition for this year because we usually have two double eclipses (solar and lunar) every year, not three. And this crop circle speaks clearly of alignments and waves of energy AGAIN. Towards the end of the year, as the solstice changes (summer in the southern hemisphere and winter in the northern hemisphere).

See table:

1. Partial solar eclipse on 06.01.2019
2. Total lunar eclipse (Blood Moon) on 21.01.2019
3. Total solar eclipse on 02.07.2019
4. Partial lunar eclipse on 16.07.2019
5. Annular solar eclipse on 26.12.2019
6. Total lunar eclipse on 01.10.2020

Noted that we have six axes, one for each eclipse this year (except the last, full lunar, but that corresponds to the solar eclipse of December). You can be sure that they are announcing new energy alignments and impacts growing by the end of the year and the reversal of seasons (solstices) and this time, the Southern Hemisphere will suffer from the heat, and perhaps the Northern Hemisphere with a record freezing cold, violent snowfalls.

In addition, we came across the Hexagram background geometry again, and it appeared several times throughout the 2019 season depicting the SUN, as we saw in those interpretations of abnormal solar activity, solar winds, and so on. The date repeats the number six (24 sum 6), and interestingly, 24.08.2019 sum 26, the day of the third total eclipse of the Sun, on December 26, 2019 and another energy trigger via alignments. New events coming up. And that will come as the events announced before, and that did come. And they still arrive.

All details are marked here.


The Solar Eclipse of December 26, 1919 and New Planetary Alignments

We have already studied that this recent August 24 crop circle shows both an astronomical marker of the upcoming New Moon, six days (six mandala axes) from the date. (8/24 + 6 d = 8/30, New Moon) as the three eclipses of 2019, and if the last total solar eclipse of July 2 developed various impacts of energy on Earth, as predicted, perhaps the eclipse of 26 December 2019 produce even stronger waves of energy for one simple reason:

This eclipse of December 26, 2019 will happen right in the region of the constellation Sagittarius, where is currently (transiting to Capricorn) the object P 7X studied by Arab and other astronomers, which is supposedly the second Sun, Nemesis, red dwarf, approaching the Sun, whose perihelion was estimated to be between February and March 2021.

In addition to this object, Sun and Moon in the annular eclipse find in the same band of the sky the planets Mercury, Venus, and massive Jupiter and Saturn, which will certainly cause a powerful alignment to stimulate gravitational fluctuations in the fabric of spacetime. and high gravitational tides coming to Earth at the end of the year, near the festivities.

So let us mark this event more on our calendar and be prepared.

The December Eclipse is a Sinister Coincidence

The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami was an undersea earthquake / earthquake that occurred at 00:58:53 UTC December 26, 2004, with an epicentre on the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The earthquake is known by the scientific community as the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake.

The tidal wave was caused by a subduction that unleashed a series of devastating tsunamis along the coasts of most of the Indian Ocean's continents, causing the deaths of more than 230,000 people in 14 different countries and flooding coastal communities with waves of up to 30 meters high. It was one of the deadliest natural disasters in history. In terms of casualties, Indonesia was the hardest hit country, followed by Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

With a magnitude of between 9.1 and 9.3, it was the third largest earthquake ever recorded on a seismograph. This earthquake had the longest failure duration ever observed, between 8.3 and 10 minutes. This caused the entire planet to vibrate by an inch and gave rise to other earthquakes far away from the epicentre, such as Alaska, in the United States. Its hypocenter was about 30 km deep and the epicentre was between Simeulue and Samatra.

************************************************** *****

This year we will have a powerful annular eclipse of the Sun on December 26, 15 years later (2004-2019) reunited with several planets and the mysterious P 7X object in the region of the constellations of Sagittarius and Capricorn. What's more, the culmination point in this eclipse will be projected in exactly the same region as the point where the earth shook violently in the regions of Indonesia marked on the map. Could this arouse a kind of geological "memory"? Because the energy stimulus will be intense by the end of the year, and its main vector will be fired on the same Indonesia so battered and weakened by such catastrophes.

Crops circles would not be announcing this and other alignments systematically for no reason ... because so much announced has already happened. It is unfortunate that most of the population still despises the value of crop circle messages to the world ...

Data from the annular solar eclipse of 26.12.2019

First contact of twilight (P1) Dec 26, 02:29:51
First contact of umbra (U1) Dec 26, 03:34:30
Maximum eclipse dec 26, 05:17:43 (1.01 ° N, 102.25 ° E)
Last contact of umbra (U4) Dec 26, 07:00:59
Last contact of twilight (P4) Dec 26, 08:05:40

Magnitude 0.970
Obscuration 94.1
Delta-T 70.0s
Gamma 0.4135
Saros Series 132, eclipse 0 of 0
Brown Lunation Number 1200
Jonas Passos (28.08.2019)

New Moon, New Cycle

Another astronomical marker appears in this beautiful crop circle, flower of sacred geometry and hexagonal matrix. In addition to those three (rare) solar eclipses in 2019, here is a simple count from the date of the six-day crop circle (24.08) to the next New Moon in the constellation of Leo, which will gather near the stars of Leo, four stars in a kind of conjunction cross: Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus.

Mercury will be near Regulus (Alpha Lion), the heart of the Lion, and Venus, near the New Moon. And as we are still under the influence of the Lion Gate (until mid-September 15, when the sun touches the last star of the constellation, Denebola, the tip of the tail) so this crop circle seems to highlight the new cycle ahead, which marks the arrival of the September Equinox (23) and the new season (Autumn in the North, Spring in the South).

Three New Moons (or three eclipses) appear on the symbol. The new moon on August 30 will be the third, considering the first on July 2 (which was a solar eclipse as well) and on August 1. The open cycle since that powerful eclipse and so many solar energy ejections and impacts on Earth!

I see that crop circles are marking all these sidereal revolutions step by step! And once again, considering the six axes of the mandala, counting six days from its date, August 24, the indication of the New Moon, just like the previous crop circle of August 19, with twelve symbols on the outer ring. , also counted from that date: 19.08 + 12 days = 30 August and the New Moon. The new moon that opens the month of September. And other crop circles also pointed to this important month on the calendar of world events. Just search. Come September and greater revelations!

The Merkabah Astronomical Sign on the New Moon of August 30

Both the August 19 and the latest August 24 crop circle, in their symbologies and evoked numbers, calculate as astronomical markers that they are (both with images of the sun and moon) and point to the moon. New from August 30th, 3 days from now. On this important day, in addition to the New Moon, a relatively rare astronomical sign will happen: the gathering of four stars (planets, for astrology): Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus, which represent the four sacred Beings of Merkabah, those beings with animal faces and one man (lion, bull, eagle and man or angel). This meeting will be in the constellation of Leo, right in front of the heart of Leo, the blue star Régulus, Alpha Lion.

And since we had, besides these astronomical markers, a beautiful Merkabah theme in the July 28 crop circle (and 33 days later, the August 30 New Moon, 33 days!), There seems to be a harmonious set of messages here. In fact, we had a strange sun concealment last August 8, captured by the Helioviewer spacecraft, so far unexplained, an artificial eclipse on the opposite side of the sun for almost 30 minutes.

The astrological coordinates of the event are:
Sun-Moon Conjunction 06 ° 47 'Virgo
Mercury 01 ° 30 'Virgo
Venus 11 ° Virgo
(Mars) 08 ° 07 'Virgo
Régulus (Alpha Leo) 29 ° 36 'Leo

Both this constellation (Leo) and the blue star of the heart represent the Lion of Judah, described in Revelation 5, who, next to the Lamb of Zion, would be presented before the Throne of the Lord of Spirits, who sits right on his Merkabah. before the four sacred creatures that sign with the names of the Four Throne Angels: Michael (Sun) - Gabriel (Moon) - Raphael (Mercury) - Uriel (Venus)

All of this seems to draw our attention to the important prophetic signs of Revelation 4 and 5, relating the arrival of the Lion of Judah to the manifestation of the heavenly Merkabah in the Sun, or any other point in heaven, signalling the world. One more date (August 30, New Moon, September in) to put our attention.

The Generation of God in the heavenly luminaries

But not everything is catastrophe here! Remember the analyzes talking about the Divine Child Generation, Revelation 12, Sun and Moon, twelve stars and the Egg of cosmic energies? Well, this beautiful crop circle bears a Hexagon-Matrix associated with the powerful energies of the Sun and Moon this year 2019, which has a direct bearing on the generation of new life and consciousness in many prepared souls. In France, besides the alignments and waves of planetary energy, appeared the Flower of Life.

Merkabas appeared, the sun appeared in the language of light and life, creation of consciousness of the Hexagram. So we have in this crop circle two outstanding matrices: the Holy Three and the Macrosmic Star, solar, powerful, light life, generation.

This is the time to wake up. We are on the final stretch of an accelerated process of chaos on Earth. The energies are being unleashed harder each day. But let everyone know that God reserves a portion of all this cosmic energy and directs it directly into the hearts of His children on earth, not to hurt them but to awaken them. It will be a waste of time and words if we do not make all this effort of the Universe worth working with a Spiritual Gestation on Earth, Mother Gaia, who is that Holy Child I have always spoken of, and who is part of us, and we are part her. That is the final interpretation of today.

Then onward, sons of God and brothers in Christ. It is the call of Communion with His Power. Because a New Life is being born in the world in Gaia's labor. The Time is NOW! Amazing divine power looms over the world and he wants to share it with us!

Just believe and open the doors for him ...
Metatron's Cube, The KEY OF UNIVERSE!  (my links and posts)
Jonas Passos (25.08.2019)







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