Nun's Walk, Nr Tufton, Hampshire. Reported 4th August.

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Medical Emergency or Internet Collapse?

The core of the first crop circle of August, the 4th, bears a great resemblance to a medical symbol called Star of Life:

The Star of Life is the symbol that identifies the Prehospital, is also considered as the international symbol of Paramedicine and Medical Emergency Technicians, due to the Serpent and the Bat.

Recognized by the medical profession as a symbol of Emergency Medical, its use is encouraged by both the American Medical Association and the Advisory Board of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. "


Plus the fact that this Star is in a multiple hexagon of three geometric levels, creating the pattern 666, and with a line structure that resembles a Web (Web), knowing that the www code is worth 666 and means World Wide Web: World Wide Web, what could this iconic crop circle mean?

Crash on the Internet and global telecommunication system because of any solar flares, since the sun has been very unstable lately?

Medical emergencies on the planet soon due to many occurrences happening? A warning that Earth's health is really languishing, and we may have something serious ahead?

Ps: In my spiral, August 3rd vision, I actually saw a doctor's hand with a stethoscope, listening to someone, I commented with some friends yesterday.

And today came this emergency medical symbol associated with the 666, web, www, worldwide computer network standard!

In July I made posts about the WWW = 666 ratio in Revelation 13 and the number of the Beast. I even used the image I return to now on the slide, the twelve-arm web covering the world. Just as it appears in this crop circle!

Although beautiful, this symbol did not give me a good message. However, there is something about it that speaks of the sky cars (UFOs) going through the Sun's portal. It is the theme of the next slide.


Sun Traffic

In another conception of interpretations, we know that the Sun is a great stargate where UFOs come and go all the time, and many of them are inexplicably captured by SOHO lenses, which demonstrates that UFOs are like the ancient Merkabas described in Bible, capable of these movements, because they penetrate the solar hyperspace, where there are dimensional shortcuts, which make them protected against the energy of the star.

Many crop circles in the past have illustrated UFOs in the shape of triangles, and I highlighted two formations in 2013, one with the Alien face entering a tunnel, and the other, represented along with a planetary system, in the impression of a Merkabah also moving between the two. contours of a tunnel.

Now, some details related to the day and place where the formation appeared.

As for the day, I had estimated that yesterday or today some very significant formation would appear, and it did.
Now look at the name of the location:

Nuns Walk, Hampshire.

Look better: EVER.
What name is hidden in there?


"Walk in the Sun"

Who walks in the Sun?
The UFOs, via Stargates!

UFOs coming in and out of the Sun, and perhaps more appearances will come soon from the many that appear before the Sun's monitors.

Who knows, some can be seen with the naked eye?

The Sun is represented by the geometry of hexagon 6, as we have seen in other models, and in this one, the Sun appears with three geometric levels, and the triangles representing objects entering and leaving the inner passages of the star.

Everything is possible! The Sun is giving the cards, after all, it's year 2019, Arcane 19, the Year of the Sun.
Jonas Passos (04.08.2019)


A new solar activity coming up

This is what the chart that measures the speed of the solar winds shows on this morning of August 5, a day after the magnificent crop circle of Nuns "SUN" Walk, yesterday, August 4, including yesterday, the day of this crop. circle "solar", the graph gave an unexpected high peak in speed measurement, reaching or exceeding 800 km / s, a very high measurement, which may relate directly to this new crop circle warning.

In this morning's measurement of August 5, the solar wind speed is quite high, between 500 and 600 km / s, with KP detected, and rising, may increase in the afternoon.

If you look at the graph, you will see that the speed marker (red lines) is so intense and numerous, with very concentrated beams, as if the sun were firing again this morning, immediately after the new crop circle alert!

Relations with the new crop circle then seem quite evident to me, of a new solar activity coming in and possible interference with the telecommunications system, as well as earthquakes, volcanoes and other events, according to the Sun-Earth theory, resonant chords.!

The numbers of this crop circle further reinforce its relationship with the Sun, in addition to the name of the locality NUNS WALK, which can be transformed into "SUN WALK", the Sun's path.

Day 04.08 is the 216th day, and 6x6x6 = 216.

The pattern 666 in the three hexagons in geometric progression gives us another number that relates to the Sun, because the Sun's Magic Square, according to Kabbalah, has a total sum of 666. It has six levels (6x6). The number of the Sun in Kabbalah is 6, the Macrosmic Star (Hexagram), and it corresponds to the sixth Sefira of the Great Tree of Life in the central position.

Notice that we have 18 inward facing triangles and 18 outward facing triangles in the crop circle, and 18 = 6 + 6 + 6, and 18 + 18 = 36 = 6x6! And interestingly, the three letters that give the acronym for the World Wide Web, WWW, in Hebrew correspond to three repeated numbers, 666, because W is Vav, the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

Also, crop circle day, 4.8.2019 adds 24, which adds 6! We also have the fact that the Sun is in the Leo sign, which is its astrological abode.

That is, all vectors of this new formation point to the Sun, without a doubt. And the chart of the new measurements on the Sun this morning on 5.8.2019 confirms my interpretation since yesterday, when the new crop circle was introduced.

I saw a spiral on August 3rd, and if the association is worth it, and if the spiral represents cycles at higher levels, it may be that the sun enters a new activity (repetition of the previous activity) only now at a higher level: justifying the spiral I saw associated with this new model: and that it shakes the global telecommunications system, and somehow causes seismic events with medical emergencies (the star hexagram symbol).

So many previous crop circles notifying the world of July's powerful planetary alignments: the energy generated and accumulated is now beginning to expose its effects on Earth and the Sun. Laws of a gravitational astrophysics unknown to modern science but widely verified in practice.


A Square in the Landscape

In the Nuns Walk camp, where the last crop circle appeared on August 4th, there is a large square formed by the local farmers (including this beautiful crop circle has already been mown by the farmers), and the friendly Aliens would not put this crop circle to good use. next to this square if they didn't want to add new information.

At first it may be related to the Magic Square of the Sun, a numerological tool used by ancient wizards to summon the corresponding geniuses, who appeared before the keys used in their magic squares (there were seven, from Moon to Saturn, and the Sun was the 6 6 = 36 compartments).

It adds up to 666 in total, and that number also appears in the geometry of the three crop circle hexagrams, 6-sided figures 3 times repeated (666) or in the sum 18  (6 + 6 + 6) of the triangles.

Another point is that in the same ancient magic, the square (or cube, among Plato's 5 solids) represented the earth element and, by extension, the planet Earth. Therefore, this crop circle on the side of the square may be reinforcing the possibility of new sun-generated energies affecting the Earth in the coming days.

Lastly, I have seen people talking a lot on 08/08 next. Well, a simple analysis, if the square is worth 4, adding 04/8 + 4 days = 08/08, which may be an indicator of events on that day, or at least a beautiful crop circle with a new message for humanity!

Sirius' Ships

The ancient Dogons of Africa say that the first intelligences that brought us to civilization came from an oceanic world that orbits the star Sirius B, companion of the brilliant Sirius A, adding that it is a triple system.

The traditions of that people state that the Nommons (name meaning "instructors") came in ships that looked like flying fish. And this description is the same as the great Argentine prophet Benjamin Solari Parravicini, and he adds that, from the earliest times, the Sirians had built bases in Antarctica, the South Pole, and would wait there until the new Exodus of the Earth, when at the end of the In this great cycle (which is our time), humanity would face the three great fumes (fires) in a symbolic language meaning purification (similar to what the Hopis Indians said in their petroglyphs).

Parravicini called them Blue Beings, coming from the Blue Star (Sirius is a bluish star), the great masters of humanity, stating the same as the Dogons, that they fly in large triangular fish-shaped ships, and the symbol of the fish is vastly found in ancient culture, and the symbol of Jesus Christ and Christianity is fish and fishermen.

Not only were the ships, but the beings of the oceanic world of Sirius were fish-shaped, as were human hybrids and fish. And the triangle is closest to the shape of a fish in the design of a UFO, like the many UFOs seen around the world with that shape.

This new crop circle encloses a Hexagon (6) within three latitudinal circles (30 , 60 , 90 ) that correspond to the precise location of the great ice continent, Antarctica, at the south pole of the earth. Up to the 12 longitudinal lines of the terrestrial globe were inserted in the crop circle model.

The triangle has been represented in many crop circles in this same style of UFOs coming in and out of tunnels and wormholes, and this new crop circle shows the same, triangles going in and out of the Great Antarctic Base (and the Sun too), in their ships fish, perhaps preparing for the rescue of people on Earth, when the great tribulations happen.

Until recently, we received news of a large military movement on that sixth forgotten continent of Earth, a perfect and inaccessible place to put a base, an area heavily investigated by the military, supposed entrance to the hollow Earth.

Is Antarctica not considered the Sixth Continent of Earth? And don't we have a Hexagram (6) there in three latitude circles, with triangular ships going in and out?

The fulfilment of Parravicini's prophecies are yet to come, and if these are the true Anunnaki, planetary watchers, they may be the same ones who are sending crop circle messages to the world at its most critical moment. Since we can face serious disorders at any time.
Parravicini states that the blue beings of Sirius, installed at the bases of Antarctica, would soon begin the New Exodus.

Sun measurements in the late afternoon of 05.08.2019, with the speed of the solar wind returning to high peaks of 800 km / s, as last week, and with detected KP indices.

High risk of geomagnetic storms and interference in the global telecommunication system.

Jonas Passos (05.06.2019)

Possible crop circle message from August 8 (tomorrow)

In addition to being a significant date for many (although this year the numbers are not 888, as in others), August 8 is often associated with a solar portal of spiritual energies to Earth, and the origin of this idea comes from from symbolism 8 (asterisk) to the stars, abodes of the gods (Anunnaki) in antiquity.

We also have that tomorrow, Venus and Sun will be in almost exact conjunction (the exact conjunction will happen on August 13). And the fact that both Venus (goddess Ishtar) and the Sun (god Shemesh) were represented by 8-pointed stars. And since these crop circles are both astronomical markers and messages from the divine beings of the universe, it is a great possibility that tomorrow a beautiful crop circle will "happen" to us!

As it happened on 08.08.2015 (which was numerically reduced to 888) with three important crop circles, in addition to other 8-stars on other dates of that same year, thus demonstrating the above relationship.

Jonas Passos (07.08.2019)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

This circle depicts a feature of comet impacts not described before, to my knowledge. The area within the large ring is the region of damage by the comet which has impacted in the centre (the central circle). The three circular figures surrounding the central circle represent rock or mineral crystals which have been vaporized to form a cloud above the impact site for a short duration. Crystals are depicted with straight lines in crop circles, so a cloud of them would be a combination of straight and curved lines.
If the cloud were composed only of dust, the three figures would look more like the wavy ring in the image of July 26, 2008 in the UK below:


The three figures stand for three types of impacts: a comet, a large fragment, or a small fragment. The six fold geometry refers to the six impacting comets striking the planet during the cometary era. The division into twelve sectors indicates that up to twelve categories of rock crystals will be vaporized upon impact.
Kenneth Heck

From our Dreams-Seeds grow the Flowers of our new reality!

Crop circle from 4 August 2019 at Nuns Walk, near Tufton, Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar, 4 August 2019 is a day
with the Solar Seal Blue Night with Tone 10,
in the White Wizard wavespell,
in the Red Castle with major energy Yellow Seed,
in the White Magnetic Wizard Year with Tone 1 (26 July 2019 24 July 2020).

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Blue Night Dreams, Intuition, Abundance
Yellow Warrior Question, Intelligence, Fearlessness
Red Skywalker Explore, Space, Wakefullness
White Mirror Reflection, Infinity, Order
Yellow Seed Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Red Earth Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Yellow Human Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
White Worldbridger Equalize, Death, Opportunity
Yellow Star Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony

The whole formation resembles a Flower and depicts the energy YELLOW SEED the energy of Flowering.
The big outer circle represents the Earth and depicts the energy RED EARTH.

The bright circle in the very center of the formation represents the Source.

Round the Source there is a ring of 6 triangles N.
These triangles resemble Seeds and depict again the energy Yellow Seed.

Each triangle has 3 sides.
The number 3 symbolizes the energy BLUE NIGHT Solar Seal No. 3.

In the Red Castle, which is the first castle of the Tzolkin Module, we plant the Seeds, from which our reality shall develop until the end of Tzolkin.
On a day with the Solar Seal Blue Night we plant our Dreams like Seeds in the energy field of the Universe.

The 6 triangles N have
6 х 3 = 18 sides in total.
The number 18 symbolizes the energy WHITE MIRROR the energy of Reflection.
The Universe reflects like Mirror our Dreams-Seeds, multiplies them and these energy patterns build the energy matrix of our new reality.
All triangles on the formation depict this energy matrix.

Round the first ring we see two more rings of triangles H.
Each of these rings has the form of a hexagon and consists of 12 triangles.
The number 6 symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger Solar Seal No. 6.
The number 12 symbolizes the energy YELLOW HUMAN Solar Seal No. 12.
The 12 triangles symbolize the Humanity on Earth.
Both numbers 6 and 12 together symbolize Uniting of the humanity.
Considering that each triangle symbolizes the energy Blue Night (the energy of Dreams), the 12 triangles depict the idea, that we the people have to unite ourselves in order to realize together our Dreams.

The 12 triangles have
12 х 3 = 36 sides in total. The number 36 symbolizes the energy YELLOW WARRIOR. Kin 36 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal Yellow Warrior. So the 12 triangles depict also the idea that we the people must like fearless Yellow Warriors of the Light fight for realization of our Dreams.

On the formation there are 36 triangles in total and each of them has 3 sides.
All 36 triangles have 36 х 3 = 108 sides in total. The number 108 symbolizes the energy YELLOW STAR. Kin 108 in Tzolkin is with the Solar Seal Yellow Star the energy of Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony. The whole formation depicts a Beautiful Flower and is an elegant piece of Art! On the formation through the number 108 is encoded a message to the Humanity: to Create a Beautiful and Harmonious reality on Earth!

The Flower on the formation consists of 3 bright rings of 6 petals each. Each petal
А depicts a bridge and symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger. The energy White Worldbridger is on position 13 in the White Wizard wavespell. The energy on position 13 (Tone 13) is the Spiritual target of the wavespell. So the White Worldbridger is the Spiritual target for the humanity in the new 13-year cycle of the White Wizard. This means that we should strive to release all that is outdated and useless in physical and in spiritual aspect, on personal and on social plane. Besides, we should strive to build bridges to each other, to unite ourselves. And to build also bridges to the spiritual worlds, to maintain connections with the Source, with our Higher Self, with our Spiritual guides etc.

In the radial direction, the formation is divided in 12 sectors, and each sector includes three bright bridges
В-В.  These bridges again depict the energy White Worldbridger. They are like bridges which connect the Earth with the Source (with the Heaven).

Each sector resembles a pillar and symbolizes the energy Red Skywalker. On the glyph of the Red Skywalker are depicted pillars between heaven and Earth. The pillars are disconnected, this symbolizes the idea that we the people are the living connection between heaven and Earth. Each human is like a pillar which connects Heaven and Earth.

Blue Night with Tone 10 is position 10 in the White Wizard wavespell and thus it is the Planetary target in the new 13-year cycle (Tone 10 is the Planetary Tone of Manifestation). This means that in the next 13 years one of our main tasks should be to Dream actively, to learn to create the desired new reality through our Dreams!

We should consciously plant our Dreams like Seeds in the energy field of the Universe. From these Seeds the Flowers of our new reality shall grow!
I express my deepest gratitude to the authors of this brilliant formation, to the photographer The Hampshire Flyer and to the whole team of the Crop Circle Connector!

Maya Todorova


The hexagonal crop circle reported at Nun's Walk, near Tufton, in the Hampshire, 4th August, 2019, is perhaps of ET origin because of its high complexity and high quality of production. Several spectacular crop circles in UK allude to the hexagon of France this year 2019. This country which is a European leader in the space conquest has a base in Kourou in French Guiana.I am French and I am not proud of my country because it possesses atomic weapons, because it owns and sells nuclear power stations, because it authorizes animal experimentation, because it authorizes bullfighting, because it authorizes the fights of cocks, because it allows the feeding of ducks and geese and some cruel things to farm animals, because it authorized the creation and consumption of triploid oysters, because it allows fishing and hunting as a hobby or entertainment, not just food, because it allows the deportation of animal, plant and microbial species into space, because it imprisons people who do not represent a real danger to society and the environment, because it pollutes too much the nature, because it does not sufficiently respect the personality of each child in the teaching and that the children are in excess in many classes, .., because it dissimulates the truth concerning alien threats and victims!
That's why I'm not proud of my country!

And you who read this text, are you proud of your country? More information on Aliens crop circles crushing channel.

Best wishes and strong encouragements !Jean-Charles Bourquin, Kalki, at Lille in France, 6th August, 2019

It's a breath; Human? Alien? Cosmic? It is a message of "presence"

The Last Katun

Ultimo Katun


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The Nun in the name Nun's Walk may refer to the Hebrew letter Nun. Nun is the 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and 14 (ordinal value) is the gematria of "David", the king of Israel who is supposed to come back as the Messiah (Mashiach). Nun has a gematria (numerical value) of 5O and refers to the 50 Gates of Wisdom. Nun corresponds in Torah to the image of falling, as the soul of the Messiah "falls" before being revealed. Nun is also connected to Joshua Ben Nun, the leader of the Tribes of Israel who leaded them after the death of Moses.

Samuel, Zion Kabbalah



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike