Long Wood, Nr Littleton, Hampshire. Reported 3rd June

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A crop picture at Long Wood near Littleton on June 3, 2019 shows a near-repeat of another crop picture which appeared near Chiseldon on June 5, 2009, almost exactly 10 years earlier: possible interpretations in terms of “biohazard” and/or the “Orion Nebula” 

When we study carefully a new crop picture which appeared at Long Wood on June 3, 2019, we can see that it shows a near-repeat of another crop picture which appeared near Chiseldon on June 5, 2009, almost exactly 10 years earlier (see cropcircles.lucypringle.co.uk):  

Both crop pictures resemble a three-fold-symmetric, triply-ringed symbol for “biohazard”. A third symbol for “biohazard” with five “crescents” appeared at Roundway Hill on July 25, 2010 (see cropcircles.lucypringle.co.uk).  

A small, three-bladed “propeller” shape lies at the centre of two of these crop pictures, but not of the third. It is formed when the outer edges of three large, ringed circles partly overlap. Are we seeing here a symbol for “biohazard”, or rather a symbol for some “overlapping group of stars”? We will explore both possibilities below.  

A row of three large trees may be seen in the landscape just above: the symbolism of Orion’s Belt?  

In the landscape just above that new crop picture at Long Wood, we can see a row of three large, widely-spaced trees, as shown below on the left. Each “ringed circle” in the crop picture resembles the shape of a tramline-encircled tree at the centre of the row, toward which one “ring” of the crop picture points:  

In the context of this new crop picture, those three trees might be meant to symbolize three bright, white stars from Orion’s Belt, shown halfway up on the right. Within this same “map of the night sky”, present symbolically in the landscape at Long Wood, the new crop picture would match approximately a sky location for the Orion Nebula M42.  

That large, diffuse nebula has been marked with a yellow circle in a diagram of the Orion constellation on the right. We have added a thin, white, dashed line to suggest how one object as drawn in crops (on the left) may relate to another object which can be seen in the night sky (on the right).  

How can we bind together three bright stars from Orion’s Belt (or three large trees at Long Wood) into the multi-star shape of a “stellar nebula”?  

The detailed shape of this new crop picture at Long Wood shows “three large ringed-circles overlapping” or equivalently “three bright stars overlapping”. If we repeat the same graphical transformation which those E.T. crop artists presumably used to design this crop picture, we get a result shown below:  

Here we can see how three, separate bright stars along the top (coloured red, blue or green), or equivalently three large trees in the landscape at Long Wood, may be brought together in two steps, so as to form the generic shape of a multi-star “nebula”. This new crop picture shows the very definition of a “stellar nebula”! The Orion Nebula M42 is where many bright stars join closely with one another (see www.youtube.com). It is also a place where many new stars are born.  

Thus in addition to our primary “biohazard” interpretation for this crop picture, we should perhaps add a second overlapping meaning in terms of a “stellar nebula in Orion”.  

Another landscape-crop symbol for the “Orion Nebula” was noted at Spiers Lane just eight days before  

Another example of the “Orion Nebula” was seemingly drawn in crops on May 26, 2019, in the landscape context of other large trees at Spiers Lane (see Candover comments 2019  ). The new crop picture at Long Wood resembles part of a three-fold-symmetric Seed of Life, while the former crop picture at Spiers Lane resembles part of a six-fold-symmetric Seed of Life (see the-recursive-flower-of-life). Both images seem to represent the “Orion Nebula” when studied in their full landscape contexts. .

There is no suggestion anywhere that the three outer “rings” of this new crop picture at Long Wood are meant to be rotating in the sense of a motor or turbine, as was the case at Norridge Wood on May 22, 2019 (see Norridge Wood articles 2019   ).  

Some remarkable long-range geometries might be seen from high in the air (or from space) 

The new crop picture at Long Wood was located just 0.03o of latitude North of where another famous crop picture appeared at Crabwood in 2002 (51.096o versus 51.064o respectively), and at exactly the same longitude of 1.363o West. Perhaps the crop artists saw three large trees, lined up in a row at Long Wood, 0.03o North of where a “grey alien from Orion” crop picture appeared at Crabwood in 2002, and decided to draw a three-fold-symmetric symbol there to “mark the spot”?  

Halfway between those two crop pictures in latitude, we can see the large schematic image of a “flying serpent” using Google Earth (between Littleton and Sparsholt with the map oriented 350o up).  

Why would the E.T. crop artists be showing us symbols for “biohazard” and the “Orion Nebula”?   

When we study the landscape close to where this Long Wood crop picture was drawn (again using Google Earth), we can see what seems to be the large image of a “mongoose” on the left: 

That “mongoose” seems to be “stalking out” the new crop picture, just as a real mongoose might stalk the “hole of a snake” (its natural enemy). This crop-landscape image was meant to be humorous! What are they trying to tell us?  

Perhaps our crop-artist friend regards himself as a metaphorical “mongoose”, while he regards the grey aliens from Orion (often mentioned in UFO studies) as “poisonous snakes”? Do those tall grey aliens pose a “biohazard” threat to humans on Earth? What does a mongoose do when it encounters a snake?  

Warnings about the grey aliens from Orion come from both crop pictures and friendly UFO visitors 

The first warning appeared in crops near Crabwood Farmhouse on August 15, 2002 (see time2007n   or time2007o  ). On one side of that crop picture, we saw the image of a “grey alien from Orion” who wore “three stars” on his shoulder. On the other side, we saw a long message in computer binary code which read in part (see cropcircles.lucypringle.co.uk):

Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises” (after “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”). 

The next warning appeared in crops near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015 (see Aeroporto commentsl  ). It said in part using computer binary code:

“timeo ET ferentes!” in Latin (or “I fear Greeks bearing gifts” in English).  

A few days later on June 29, 2015, a US military man received a long, 4-symbol message from friendly aliens who call themselves the “Emerthers” (see 09052016   or www.youtube.com). That UFO message said in part:

“Beware of Orion 1350.3 and Zeta Reticuli 39.170” (home stars of the grey aliens, distances given in light-years).  

Who is warning us about those grey aliens from Orion, and also trying to protect us from them? 

When we study the field location of that Littleton 2019 crop picture in an even broader sense (using Google Earth), we can see the schematic image of a “man with a question mark for his head”. Who is this mystery man with a pet “mongoose” at his feet?  

We saw another “man with a question mark for his head” near a “Q” shaped crop picture at Vieux-Lixheim in France on June 18, 2017 (see 12112018  )  

Could it be the E.T. crop artist “Quetzalcoatl”? Could it be the anonymous Internet poster “Q-anon”? (see 10122018  )  

We live in very interesting times! The rest of the 2019 crop-circle season should be magical.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to Nick Bull and the Hampshire Flyer for excellent aerial photography at Littleton.

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