Twin Terrils, Nr Houdain/Haillicourt, Pas-de-Calais, France. Reported 30th June.

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The Twins of France

The last two crop circles of June in France, the 30th, appeared in the same department, called Pas-de-Calais, lies in the central north of France.

One is at Twin Terriels, north of Haillicourt, and the other at Rue de Mieraville, north of Nielles les Ardres.

Practically in the same region, like the twins, in whose constellation the solar eclipse will happen tomorrow. Including one of the regions, Twin, this term is Twin in English.

This pair of crop circles repeating symbologies on the same day (30.06) and nearby regions seem to represent the twins, as well as the apparent disposition of cities on the map of France.

In one, the Yang-Yin pattern appears, as it appeared in yesterday's crop circle, 29.06 in Saulx-Marchais. Another known symbol of duality, of parity.

There are several arrows being fired in the same direction: tomorrow and tomorrow.

I do not need to interpret these two crop circles again, although the second, from Rue de Mierville, sounds puzzling to me, with images hidden inside.


It's interesting to stay in tune. Those who can meditate and practice during the eclipse can have answers and connections.

France and Standards throughout the month of June that ended.
What amazes me is the intense repetition of the alignment patterns now set in July.

As if the month of June were used to send an alert to the world. The Energy Pulse of the solar system will find entry to Earth through Eclipse tomorrow. And in this pulse of energy there is a positive arc and a negative arc (Yang Yin suggests dualism) The positive bow speaks of a spiritual awakening, but the negative bow speaks of impacts on the climate and the four elements, as we have already seen.


The Great Alignment of the Twins

July 2nd is tomorrow, and another two crop circle in France, the seventh and the eighth, the ninth and the tenth, showing us astronomical markers for alignments, and ending on June 30th (if there are no more crop circles , punctuating other positions on the map)

But roughly the final arrangement I have achieved so far was more like the constellation of Gemini, exactly where the solar eclipse of tomorrow happens.

New crop circles can redefine and improve this pattern I got.

I thought before that it was Canis Major of Sirius, but Gemini fits better now, and has a reason for it.

Observing the astrological ephemeris, the eclipse will occur at 10 38 "of the Cancer sign, but in the constellation Gemini (because of the Precession effect of the equinoxes and the apparent displacement of the stars in the Zodiac).

This gives almost 11-11, because Sun and Moon meet in grade 11 of Cancer. Sun and Moon, duality, Yang-Yin, or the Twins Castor and Poplux, the guardians of this constellation.

Venus is the planet that will be closer to the sun and moon eclipsed. The star of love and light.
The divinity of Quetzalcoatl. Or the Alpha-Omega of the Apocalypse, who declared:

"I am the dazzling Star of the Morning!"

Remembering that on September 23, 2017, we had a large alignment of the same size, in the sign of Virgo, which is the sign that corresponds to Gemini because both are astrologically ruled by Mercury.

And if we run the sphere of the Sun in nine months, Sun in Virgo, nine months later it will be in Gemini.

Which is very interesting, remembering the gods and goddesses with their twin sons, like Jupiter, who fertilized Leda in the form of a swan and this one begot Castor and Pollux, the two bright stars of that constellation, coming from here to its origin in mythology.

The Swan represents the Holy Spirit.
And an analogy is intended with the birth of Jesus, because, often, the Renaissance painting, by the hand of several painters, represented Jesus and John the Baptist as twins, although the latter was born six months before ..

The eclipse will happen at the feet of the Twin Beaver, near two little bright stars, Propus and Tejat.

In order for there to be so many repetitions in the crop circle messages about such alignment, some unknown energy should compose its plots from July, and I had information that relates to the Gemini of Hopi mythology.

And just as several crop circles showed models of the Great Alignment of the closing of the Mayan Calendar on 21.12.2012, this is repeated this year, with many models, almost all of them, showing the Great Alignment of the Gemini, which seems to suggest the same impact of transformation energies for now, as it was in 2012.

And the most direct connection between the symbolism of the Gemini and the Hopi myths is this:

Poganghoya is the guardian twin of the north pole, while Palongawhoya, the guardian twin of the south pole, and the Hopi myth says that the Great Spirit would order them to abandon their positions, and the Earth would enter into chaos (here comes the interpretation of magnetic inversion in function of a supposed change of poles, inversion of the rotation of the Earth), and all in the time of the red star Red Kachina, bringing the day of purification.

It seems that the time has come for the two witnesses of the Apocalypse, at least confronting the current world scenario with the picture described by the ancient Hopi.

Because there are other prophecies associated with great earthquakes (especially in Israel) related to these missionaries, the two sons of oil, before the Lord of all the earth (Revelation 11).

One of the most interesting is a Mayan prophecy of the priests of Chilam Balam.
It describes the dimensions in two parts, the supra-world and the underworld.
The overworld is the sky composed of thirteen sectors, governed by the Sun, and the nine-storey underworld governed by the Moon.

They are domains of two deities, the thirteen deity, "Oxlahun Tiku," and the nine deity, "Bolon Tiku," meaning the embodiment of the Sun and Moon.

One among so many prophecies says:

"... the 13 Ahau is the period in which the Sun and the Moon will gather and coincide: it will be night and at the same time the dawn of Oxlahun Tiku, deity Thirteen, and of Bolon Tiku, deity Nine. Itzam Cab Ain, Water-Earth-Crocodile Warrior, will be lifted on Earth, and if he will take down the sky and turn to Earth, Oxlahun Tiku will reign thirteen! "

Such prophecy fits perfectly within an eclipse in the sign of Gemini, when Sun and Moon then incarnate these two deities, and their alignment and union of powers turns heaven and earth as opening the portals of the supra-world and the underworld to the Same time.

 Because the 13-Ahau represents the final seal of the Mayan Calendar, all that time "out of time" (when the time count of the fifth Race ends - and it is wrong to continue counting the calendar as of 22.12.2012, which signaled and stopped at this point) all that time out of time after 21.12.2012 is the time of 13-Ahau, or 13-20 (Ahau is the 20th seal, the latter), and that means a time of great transformations (because 13 is Ben, Cana, tunnel, meaning cosmic alignments, and 20 is Ahau, Sun, Lord, meaning the source of all energy that brings renewal).

13-Ahau, therefore, means the closing of the Mayan calendar and the time of the Earth. The Earth is already living a permanent time out of time since December 21, 2012, and anyone who continues to count the Mayan calendar from this day on, profoundly ignores the same, which determined the last day of the human race on December 21, of the arrival of the Sixth Sun, in another era of time and planet after renewal, which has barely begun.

After that day, all eclipses and alignments after 21.12.2012 would only reinforce the trigger of 13-Ahau fired from the Galaxy on that final date of the Calendar, adding more and more energy to the Earth system in profound metamorphosis, and this explains why all years, the crop circles emphasize both certain ongoing annual eclipses, and on the other hand, because every year the planetary activity in all spheres seems increasingly unregulated, within a clear Entropy.

Eclipses and alignments are just injecting more energy into that great energy shot in 2012.

And this eclipse in the constellation of Gemini is receiving special treatment.

In fact, what is not lacking are prophecies involving the twins, the Sun and the Moon united in such a way that the heavens 13 and the underworld 9 are aligned and open, spewing their powers. E 13 + 9 = 22, a number that is more a kabbalistic signature, such as 11-11 connected to portals, power connections and dimensional alignments.

And the Eclipse will be in the 11th of Cancer, next to the Gemini in its constellation.

And finally, these crop circles drawing the constellation of Gemini on the map of France ... next to the decline of formations in England, whose messages turn 29 in 2019, and 29 is another 11 (2 + 9) ...

Many coincidences or ... convergences to a key point of definition of purpose for all of this?
Jonas Passos (01.07.2019)

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At the bottom of this crop circle we have the earth displaying one Van Allen Belt. Next above is an s-figure which indicates rotation of a comet (in this case the Warning Comet) surrounded by a disk of dust and small particles. The crop circle of July 8, 2008 shown below is a realistic example:


The rotating Warning Comet is seen in both front and back sides. At the top is the earth again, but the Van Allen Belt is on the opposite side of the globe. Inside there is also a deep crater which four comets are in the process of striking. Ordinarily a crater isn't depicted as this deep - more on the order of this example of July, 2007:




These four must be the Chastising comets which will strike on the other side of the globe from the Warning Comet. These comets are intended to chastise humanity with their destructive potential. 

Kenneth Heck









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