Belmore Lane, Nr Owslebury, Hampshire. Reported 11th June

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Eleven years after a famous “wind power” crop picture appeared at Watchfield Wind Farm in 2008, we can see on June 11, 2019 a very-similar field image drawn near Owslebury. It seemingly advises us once again to turn away from coal, to wind or other clean ways of making electricity. 

On February 2, 2019, we saw the clever image of a “snow owl” drawn in freshly-fallen snow at Oliver’s Castle (see snow owl 2019  ). Each of that bird’s “large eyes” were represented there by a “16-part grooved disc”, as shown in the slide below at upper right: 

Now on June 11, 2019 at Belmore Lane near Owslebury, we can see (at the centre of a large green image on the left) a similar “grooved disc”, except with 8-fold rather than 16-fold symmetry. Perhaps that field image of a “snow owl” was meant to be an artistic metaphor, for some unseen artist who made both field pictures?  

Around the outside of this new “8-grooved disc” at Owslebury, we can see 8 other large, curved shapes. They seem to resemble part of a “bucket-wheel extractor” as used for coal mining: 

A similar “bucket-wheel extractor” was drawn next to several wind-power rotors, in a famous crop picture which appeared at Watchfield Windfarm on August 1, 2008 (please see or or Watch field 2008l): 

A “grooved disc” naturally resembles certain kinds of AC generator or “alternator”, which were used by great scientists such as Nicola Tesla or Alexanderson in the late 19th or early 20th centuries (see alternating-electric-current-generator or  High_Frequency_Alternator or Alexanderson_rotor_closeup). 

What is going on here? Perhaps that unseen crop artist (or “snow owl”) is advising us to turn away from coal to wind, or to other clean ways of making electricity? It would certainly seem possible! Anyone with a modicum of intelligence should be able to understand his non-verbal, pictorial, field messages quite clearly.  

When studied using Google Earth, we can see that a large landscape feature, which lies very close to this new crop picture, shows 8 long, rectangular “grooves”. Those 8 “grooves” could hypothetically be wrapped into the shape of a “circular disc”, so as to form the “8-grooved disc” which was drawn nearby in crops.                                                          

We can also see in the landscape at Belmore Lane the image of an “ouroborous”. It suggests that we should indeed wrap those 8 rectangular landscape “grooves” into the form of a circle, just as a “snake” might curve around to “bite its own tail”! There is even the large landscape image of a “heart” to signify “love”. For more information about these interesting landscape features, please see other slides which will be added below.  

The beautiful crop picture at Belmore Lane on June 12, 2019: are they trying to teach us about a new kind of “copper disc” wind-turbine generator, which might help us to avert a climate-change crisis, caused by burning too much oil and gas?  

Quite amazingly, the new crop picture at Belmore Lane on June 12, 2019 fits over another “wind farm” crop picture from August 1, 2008 in a highly precise fashion. We should therefore try to study both crop pictures together as a matched-pair, as well as studying each one separately:  

A “combined blueprint” for some new kind of electromagnetic device?  

The E.T. crop artists seem to be showing us a “combined blueprint” for some new kind of electromagnetic device. It may help to overcome our present dependence on oil and gas as means of generating electricity. This particular device seems to consist partly of a small, central “circular disc” with 8 pie-slices (shown above on the left). It may be “spinning clockwise”. Just below that disc, a series of 14 small, dot-like “magnets” may likewise be “spinning clockwise” (shown above on the right).  

One of these two crop pictures appeared at Watchfield Wind Farm on August 1, 2008, and pointed there toward a spinning wind-turbine rotor. Could that “ring of small magnets” be turning as part of a wind turbine, which is meant to generate electricity? We can see 8 large “fan blades” just outside of a central pie-shaped disc (above on the left). A ring of small magnets is located just below that disc (on the right), while 18 other “fan blades” also seem to be spinning rapidly, further from the centre.  

If we look closely at an aerial photograph of the 2019 crop picture at Belmore Lane, shown in green at the top of this page, we can see that its “light” or crop-flattened regions resemble an 8-armed “pinwheel”, which seems to be spinning by wind power under a round “ring” or “disc”.  

Why have the crop artists shown us a “pie-shaped” circular disc?  

Anyone knows how to make a ring of small magnets. Yet how might we construct a pie-shaped disc, say out of copper or aluminium, to help their suggested device function properly? A flat, uncut disc made of copper would be of little use as part of an efficient electrical generator, because of its short conductive paths and high eddy currents. Why do the E.T. crop artists ask us to build a “pie-shaped” disc instead?  

8 rectangular “grooves” in the landscape match 8 circular pie-slices at the centre of the Belmore Lane crop picture  

As a possible answer to this question, we can see in the landscape along Longwood Road, just next to the new crop picture at Belmore Lane, a series of 8 long, rectangular “grooves”, each being a separate residential property. Those “grooves” have been denoted in the slide below by a series of 8 white boxes:  

The crop artists seem to be asking us to wrap those 8 rectangular landscape “grooves” into the more-compact form of a circular disc with 8 “pie shapes” (as shown on the right above). Such a clever message suggests that their “circular disc” might resemble one used in Nicola Tesla’s “alternating current electric generator” from 1891 (U.S. patent 447,921). 

Other “disc generators” were drawn in crops during 2012 or 2011 

A crop picture which appeared at Stone Pit Hill on August 11, 2012 showed a “circular disc” with 16 pie-slices (see bishops-cannings-crop circle 2-2012). Another crop picture, which appeared on the next day at Devil’s Den, showed an “oscilloscope trace” with “8 step-like currents in”, and then presumably another “8 currents out” (see fyfield-crop circle-2012).  

Such an alternating flow of voltage and current might be produced by wiring 16 pie-slices together as “in-out” in series, all around a circular disc. This scheme would provide a natural “return path” (to the centre or edge) for any magnetically-induced currents in the round disc, and would also make the conductive path longer, with fewer eddy currents.  

A large crop picture which appeared near Stonehenge on July 11, 2011 showed a “circular disc” and 12 pie-slices. There we could see 3 large, round magnets spinning just above a pie-shaped disc, with the possible intent to produce electricity (see stonehenge 3-cropcircle-2011). Six thin, curved regions of standing crop around its outer perimeter suggest (in part) how those 12 internal pie-slices may be connected electrically to one another.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. Many thanks to Nick Bull and The Hampshire Flyer for excellent aerial-drone photography.

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This crop circle reiterates information given in previous years. The outer ring indicates the full extent of the damage done by this comet. The thicker inner ring is where most of the damage will occur. The eight  half circles are eight days. It will take eight days for the nucleus, the major  fragments, and the minor and spiralling fragments to finally impact. Some  gas and dust may take longer, and perhaps never fall to the ground. Also,  a small portion of the comet may continue on in space without being caught  up in the Earth's gravity.  The eight spokes in the centre mean that there are eight different zones  in the impact areas which will suffer or not suffer from the impacts. It  should be kept in mind that fragments may be widely scattered over the  globe. This concept is covered in more detail in my free e-book on pages  101 to 105. Why don't the spokes go all the way to the outer ring? The  aliens are willing to leave out all lines they consider not truly necessary.

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Three prior examples of the eight spokes:

Czech Republic, June 28, 2008, page 104

Spain, July 1, 2008, page 104

England, April 14, 2009, page 104

Three examples of the eight-day-night period:

England, June 29, 2011 page 136

The full impact of the comet on the left (one half of B’s nucleus) will take eight nights for spiraling fragments to completely settle. Eight fragments or gas molecules accompany the eight nights.

Germany, June 7, 2007, page 135

The damage or destruction caused during the eight days needed for all comet material to settle is limited to a defined area indicated by the rope-like figure surrounding the interior.

Germany, July 21, 2007, page 135

This comet, probably B, will take eight days and nights for all the fragments and particulate matter to settle to Earth, but the dust and gases will continue to obscure the Sun and Moon.

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