Sparticles Wood, nr Netherme-on-the-Hill, Surrey. Reported 21st June

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Modern crop pictures, such as the one which just appeared at Sparticles Wood on June 21, 2019, seem to be messages from another universe, parallel or “twin” to our own, and made perhaps of “shadow particles” or “sparticles” 

A beautiful crop picture which appeared at Sparticles Woods on June 21 provides a message which seems quite humorous at first glance. Thus the daily temperature has been increasing lately in England, as mid-summer comes on, and the “ants” are “coming out of their holes”:  

This new picture of an “ant” appeared almost-exactly where another interesting crop picture, which suggested “shadow particles” or “sparticles”, appeared on August 3, 2016 (see sparticles wood articlesl  ):  

Those two crop pictures were drawn in such a way that their schematic images were seemingly meant to be overlapped and compared. We now provide the suggested overlap as shown below:  

After studying these two field images in overlap, it seems possible that the “hole” (which that “ant” came out of) may be meant to represent some kind of portal between dimensions or “spacetime wormhole”.  

What exactly are those mysterious crop-artists trying to tell us here? Why draw an “ant” coming out of a “spacetime wormhole” on June 21, 2019?   

Well, just 11 days later, there will be a total solar eclipse over Chile and parts of the southern Pacific Ocean on July 2, 2019. That solar eclipse of July 2, 2019 will reach totality in the constellation of Gemini, commonly known as the “two twins”:  

Perhaps they are trying to tell us that such field messages are coming from another universe which is the “twin” or parallel of our own? Another universe which is made from what we would call “sparticles” or “shadow particles”?  

Here on Earth, in our universe, we often draw the image of an “ant”, crawling along a Mobius strip, to describe how two different spacetimes can be connected and continuous, yet still separate from one another.  

Our physicists here on Earth today (in our universe) remain perplexed by the phenomenon of “dark matter”. Perhaps forces such as “gravity” work across a barrier between our two universes, so that we can measure “forces of gravity” pulling objects in space together, even though there is no visible mass there?  

Landscape features near the crop picture at Sparticles Wood in 2016 showed the humorous mage of an “explorer”, looking through his “telescope”, at the image of a person made from “dark matter” some distance away (see halfway down on sparticles wood articles  ).  

This new “ant” crop picture in 2019 was perhaps inspired by a schematic image of the “head of ant” with two “antennae”, crawling up-and-out of a “diamond” shape in the landscape, where both 2019 and 2016 crop circles were drawn. If you are interested, please use Google Earth to see this feature at latitude 51.2843o N, longitude 0.1472o W, with north-northwest “up”. 

Another crop picture of similar style to the 2019 “ant” appeared at Atherington on July 19, 2017, but had there a different symbolic meaning (see atherington articles  ).  

Stories about another universe, parallel to our own, have often been the subject of science-fiction (see or or A few physicists have theorized about them (see or  

Now there seems to be increasing evidence that we are receiving pictorial images in agricultural fields, from a team of artists and scientists who live in another universe which is parallel or “twin” to our own, as the mysterious “crop circles” worldwide (please see also  

The detailed lay of fallen plants. within certain parts of this new “ant” crop picture at Sparticles Wood on June 21, 2019 was incredibly complex. It would have required unseen fakers to carefully fold thousands of different sections of barley using their hands, not rope and boards (please see times 1:35 or 3:10 or others from 

Such hypothetical fakers (think “Easter Bunny”) would have had to do this in the middle of the night during a summer solstice in England, in less than four hours of darkness, without making any mistakes, being seen by anyone nearby, or being caught by the farmer who would have had them arrested. No one has ever made such large, incredibly-perfect, complex lays of fallen crop by hand, even while working say for a week in daylight with large team. Those are the facts. Nullius in verba. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to Nick Bull and The Hampshire Flyer for excellent aerial-drone photography.

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Perhaps they are telling us at Sparticles Wood in 2019 not about “ants”, but jokingly that “sparticles” or “dark shadow particles” are made of anti-matter?  

It took me a while to understand this nerdy “science joke”, which was drawn in crops at Sparticles Wood on June 21, 2019. Then I watched a new movie about Bob Lazar and element 115 on Netflix. Why did the Feds raid Bob’s house and lab recently, to look for any small amounts of element 115 which he may have removed from Area 51 / S4? Does anti-matter (or “anty-matter”) produce the mysterious anti-gravity propulsion of UFOs?  

And could part of the missing “dark matter”, which our astronomers keep looking for, be made of shadow-particles or “sparticles”? Michio Kaku explains his understanding of dark-matter as it relates to two parallel-universes here (see /Dark-matter-breakthrough-CERN-experiment-dark-photos-dark-matter-particles).  

Dear Michio, perhaps you might forget about unseen men with “microwave ovens and GPS”, especially since five mysterious and unexplained crop circles just appeared in France, and take a closer look at “crop circles” please?  

“Shadow civilizations could exist in dark matter” says another physicist (see dark-matter-shadow-civilisations-dmitry-levkov-science-news). Perhaps we are a “shadow civilization” to them? How can they make contact between the two universes? If they came here and “landed on the White House lawn”, there would be a huge explosion! Are “crop circles” the safest way?  

Everything becomes obvious in retrospect. These particular crop artists seem somewhat like “Sheldon Cooper” on the “Big Bang Theory”, regarding their nerdy sense of humour. It did however get our attention.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)









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