Sokolovskoe, Nr  Gulkevich, Krasnodar, Russia. Reported Reported 23rd June

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Reported by Denis Ovsyannikov

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Unexplained circles appeared on the fields of Krasnodar

The network got frames and videos of unusual circles that appeared on one of the fields of the Krasnodar Territory. New circles are located not far from the village of Gulkevich of the Gulkevichy district. They were first seen on June 23, which suggests that their appearance is dated to either 22 or June 23 of this year. The circles were discovered by a group of enthusiasts monitoring the fields along the Moscow-Baku highway. This place became the real Mecca for researchers of paranormal phenomena, since in June this kind of activity was repeatedly noted. In 2018, the correspondents of our online publication have already visited the place where circles appeared, which were similar in their design elements to the current ones. Earlier this year, close to where the current circles appeared, other similar objects had already been noticed. For inexplicable reasons, they were destroyed (cereal crops around them were mowed down), they could not get a clear explanation of this fact from the owner of the land plot, but it is puzzling why everything was destroyed in such a short time after detection.

In the near future, our film crew plans to fly to the epicentre of events in order to assess the circles that have appeared, and also to determine their natural, and not artificial origin.

The extraterrestrial origin of crop circles in Krasnodar will be proved by scientific methods

The manmade circles on the fields, which previously wrote our online publication , will be proved by scientific methods. This was stated by a researcher and journalist  Denis Ovsyannikov during his trip to the place of the appearance of unusual "drawings". As OVideo.Ru reported earlier, crop circles appeared from June 22 to June 23 near the village of Gulkevich in a wheat field. Immediately after the appearance of information about these objects, not only researchers studying circles but ordinary people who had harmed the objects under study came to the scene - the shape of the central funnel was broken, where some artifacts could be found, as well as traces of the origin of the “drawings” .

“This year the appearance of two crop circles in the Krasnodar Territory was recorded, ” says Denis Ovsyannikov. - The first one in the Tikhoretsk district was mowed by a farmer, who motivated it by the fact that if the circle was saved, the field would be trampled. According to him, the circle was fake, but it is not possible to verify this for certain. The second circle was discovered not far from the village of Sokolovskoye, which is located along the federal highway Moscow - Baku, and it was already managed to “investigate” it fairly. Denis Ovsyannikov also shared information from the scene, where he urgently flew for research.  It is worth saying that the wheat on the field is dry, and it cannot be laid using primitive means, because the stalks will simply be broken. The setting circle, with the help of which the “newcomer” was found, is under electrical wires, and if, according to a number of researchers, the impact was from above, then he clearly doesn’t care for our modern achievements.


The group of objects located 200-300 meters from the road resembles in its pattern the circles found by us in 2018, but here there is a pronounced center - a notch-recess of about 30 cm with melted edges. To prove the miraculous ness of the circles that appeared, it was decided to collect material from the place where objects appeared: soil samples were taken, as well as wheat grains - from the epicentre, along the edges of the circle, and also control - samples from an impressive distance from the scene. All this was delivered to Moscow for laboratory research. In parallel with this, a request will be made to Roskosmos in order to obtain images of the location from satellites that can shed light on what happened.  












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