Scrubbs Lane, Nr Bishops Sutton, Hampshire. Reported 29th June.

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Depictions of a circle with two smaller circles on either side is a standard theme since crop circles began appearing in noticeable numbers in the eighties. This is Comet A, the first comet to strike within the next few years. The crop circle is a simplified version of the May 22nd  example, also in the UK.  The ring in this instance represents the circle of damage the nucleus of the comet will cause upon impact. The major fragments impact at the ring, and would have their own circles of damage, but they are not shown in this crop circle.  

 Kenneth Heck



Scrubbs Lane, Nr Bishops Sutton, Hampshire. Reported 29th June/19.

A clear sign of the existence of another planet behind the Sun, at the same distance as the Earth,  but diametrically opposite it. There are several agro-glyphs that signal this same type of message, and this has intensified from the year 2016. This fact corroborates my analysis of the Milk Hill agro-glyph of August 12, 2001, where it is made explicit that every same evolutionary condition of the Earth is expected to find another planet more primitive than it.  I understand that the astronomical services should dedicate themselves to this research.

Scrubbs 2019l

Note that the 2 "worlds" are situated in the third circle, in a clear connotation that they occupy the third orbit or habitable zone of the solar system. We see that there are 5 circles in an allusion to the world of 5th category, and if we count 3 major central circles plus two "halves" we have a total of 7 elements or a reference to the seventh world.  So it is clear here that there is a relationship of fundamental exopolitics and of greater importance between a world of 5th category and one of 7th category or primitive. The Earth is moving into the dense world category or 5th category.

Carlos Alberto Yates

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2019 eclipses coordinates in crops circles

In one of the first crop circles of this weak 2019 season, on May 22 (the first was the Horton Egg on March 2), a simple diagram of 3 circles aligned within a large ring appeared in a basic representation of eclipses involving Sun , Moon and Earth when aligned in the orbital plane of the Earth.

The day was 22 (11-11), and in the end circles, we discovered a trait discontinuity, graphically plotting the 11-11 in the two.

If 11-11, since the 1990 pictograms and their astronomical markers represent energy connections between two systems, dimensions, or connected / aligned entities, then this 11-11 pattern argument is being used here with this proposal.
And also as showing the rupture of the old structures before the energy of renewal entering the system through the door of alignments.

The other crop circles were repeating this theme, when we evaluated the set of images.

For example, on June 3, a beautiful triangular formation appeared, with the same 3 objects, Sun, Moon and Earth, but now not in line, but in triangle, to represent the fusion and generation of great energy produced in the meeting of the themselves. This triangular model was even repeated in the recent model of France, on June 26, in the center of the mandala that illustrated the great alignment of July.

On June 11, Roda appeared in motion, with eight spokes, turning clockwise. Wheel, something that suggests movement or vortex generated by energies that hatch.

Notice the recurrence of numbers 11 and 22. We had the crop circle on the 22nd, and now this, on the 11th, and on the 11th day after this, on June 21, Solstice, the beautiful crop circle of the ant, which also brought the disc of the sun eclipsed!

Finally, on the 29th, in England appears another crop circle, simple, a model that repeats SOl, Moon and Earth aligned in the eclipse. He picks up the May 22 model again, emphasizing all this.

And at the beginning of all, in the same England, when the fields were still covered with snow, appeared on the day 2.2 (22) the face of the owl, which also had the axis of three objects aligned, in the symmetry of the two eyes and Moon) and the beak (Earth), this in the form of a bowl, as a recipient vessel of all these energies of alignments and synthesis happening in the said period of July.

The owl of February 2 showed itself five exact months behind the count of the solar eclipse of July, 2.

And if a new crop circle appears there, I think they should extend it further on the subject.

Somehow, as 100 years ago the eclipse of May 29, 1919 changed the life of Einstein and Physics forever, I foresee that this new eclipse, during and after, will change the energy pattern of the Earth.

At least, this is the overall analysis of the crop circles 2019 season (and many other seasons that, like this one, celebrated the eclipses that took place in their designated periods).

It seems that crop circle authors take these cosmic phenomena very seriously. Maybe they know the laws involved that explain why so much energy is generated in these periods.

This is something that modern science still ignores ... and even ridicules.

Jonas Passos (30.06.2019)


Events tagged in Eclipse

A simple crop circle at Scrubbs Lane on June 28 shows a simple alignment of 3 objects, which repeats the formation of Norridge Wood, May 22, 38 days ago. A simple model of the Sun, Moon and Earth aligned in the period of the eclipses of July.
The detail is that, near the central circle, there is a small point inserted, that can represent, at first sight, a UFO visiting the eclipse, as, indeed, usually happens in events of this type.

I always remember an interesting training in Mexico, in Tlapanaloya, on 23-11-2011, which I highlight among others.

We see a beautiful six-pointed star, and above it, the formation of an eclipse and, next to the eclipse, an object that, at first glance, may represent an asteroid (collision course?) And also a UFO - since ufological events are quite common in periods of eclipse until near the eclipse, like the famous event of the eclipse of 11.07.1991, that shook the Mexican nation with hundreds of witnesses.

Near the eclipse, we have two white circles, which can represent two planets.
In this eclipse of July 2, the planets Mercury, Mars and Venus will be close, and Venus will be closer still in an arc of about 10 of separation.

Could this great star represent Venus, or some strange manifestation in the sky?

The fact is that eclipses usually happen every year because the Sun-Moon-Earth alignment phenomenon is cyclical.

However, some eclipses are prophetic: like the eclipse of August 11, 1999 (Nostradamus) or the eclipses that fit the prophecies of the Apocalypse and the Old Testament, especially those of the blood moon.

And this year, the cycle of seven Blood Moons, since 2014, has been completed, with the seventh Blood Moon going on 21.01.2019.
And with full force, the crop circle 2019 series took up the theme ECLIPSE.

Can these July eclipses have any different impact on Earth?
Because crop circles have always emphasized eclipses, practically every year.

But somehow, there is one or more of an eclipses that seem to be associated with a true revolution of planetary energies.

There are even Mayan prophecies that speak of eclipses of this category, with power to change heaven and earth, and awaken the sleeping gods.
Something not unlike what Apocalypse says in millennia of history.

It may be that UFOs are seen during the eclipse in various parts of the world, marking a presence in this new prophecy indicated by the astronomical markers, the most perfect cosmic clock that exists.


France, Russia, Holland and England marking the same standards crop circle

Almost all the crop circles of this year, 2019, in the countries where they have appeared, mainly in France, and then in England, and also in Russia and the Netherlands, seem to insist on a diversity of models that argue about planetary alignments and arrangements of the month of July.

A heatwave has already invaded the planet, not only in the Northern Hemisphere, but you can see here in Brazil and Latin America an atypical winter, very hot by the way, with an average temperature of one or two degrees above normal!

Scientists only talk about El Nino or global warming, but these are also effects of an earlier cause.
Note that in the two models of Russia, a more distant object is detached, like the second sun!

And in the recent model of 23.06, this second Sun seems to shoot a pointed ray well in the direction of the solar eclipse in the centre represented.

The other two models from England repeated the same theme, the single axis of the three Eclipse objects in line,

And in France, so far, eight crop circles, and among eight, seven of them talk about alignments.

It is clear that the pattern of energies has changed since June. And energy impacts are already covering the Earth.

The heat is increasing severely on the planet.
Particularly in France, where the greatest number of crop circles (alerts) appeared.

And in Russia, two major earthquakes (so far), where two crop circles appeared.

Is it happening, and the origin of all this?
Neither global warming nor El Nino.

But the mechanics of the stars in gravitational alignments that, reaching the Sun, fall into our Earth core as a stimulator of internal energies, in addition to the energies generated in the nucleus of the Sun and its explosions.

Can humans continue to claim that these formations in the fields are their work?

Watch and pray.
Jonas Passos (01.07.2019)









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