Between Březina and Osek Municipalities, Rokycany District, Pilsen Region, Czech Republic. Reported  5th July.

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The Conception of Time

Remember that it is not the crop circle that is irregular, but looking well, the entire plantation has irregularities, and in effect, the crop circle appears with flaws - already existing in that field.

I perceive some symbols, and make a meeting: Spiral in the Eye form of Horus, an egg hatching, like the others that appeared in the 2019 season (example, Cherteston Farm, 25.05).

The Spiral speaks of time, it is the energy of time in movement, conceiving consciousness (Eye of Horus, and we can associate this spiral with kundalini, since another snake stands out in the bottom of the crop circle.

A kind of serpent, or ripple of energy attached to the current alignment (some circles follow the sine wave) and which may also allude to the sense of conception - like a spermatozoon.

The same senoid appeared in the crop circle France of Menetou Salon, in June, associated with the alignments.

The serpent's head also resembles a hand, open palm of the hand, and the symbol that crosses it, is called KANAGA, a Dogon symbol associated with the people of Sirius!

The most important letter of the Hebrew Kabbalah is Iod (value 10), and its name relates to the term Iad, which means Hand. The Hand of God in action in the energy of time at this precise moment on Earth.

From the serpent's mouth come two circles, symbol of a duality linked by energy. Something like the double wave, yang-yin and other codes that have appeared this year, many associated with alignments as well.

General analysis: the energy of time, the second birth, conception of cosmic energy, light of Sirius, Kanaga, Dogons, the Mother Star of the galaxy, Revelation 12, etc.

On July 5, the Sun approached the zodiacal alignment with Sirius, and this detail is significant within this obvious symbology.

And that the Czech Republic has been a target of the crop circles for decades, every year, which reinforces the validity of this new object.

Czech Republic and patterns

I note a gathering of crop circle patterns in this cryptic message from the Czech Republic, the most puzzling of all, in my view, given the interesting collection of symbols and patterns from other crop circles, again related to planetary alignments and the cosmology of a spiritual birth and awakening of consciousness.

In fact, it is in the Czech Republic that crop circles related to the theme of the "Third Eye", Pineal Gland and the like appear, which reinforces this message continued in 2019.

I see the combined Spiral Eye style of Horus, the energy of time and the cosmic emanations promoting a new awakening in our present moment.

The alignment energies sinusoid (circles along the ripples) first appeared in Menetou Salon and Saulx-Marchais, June, in France.

Even the hatching Egg, which appeared on May 25, England, repeats itself in this image, reinforcing the theory of cosmology that combines the energy of the stars with the awakening of a new life and consciousness, this argument has been repeated a lot in the 2019 season .

Finally, we have this sine wave in the form of a serpent (or spermatozoon) crossed on the axis by the Kanaga symbol of the Dogons, associated with Sirius Star, which is another confirmation of the line exposed so far: I mentioned that, in the July every year, the Sun aligns with Sirius in the Zodiac (the star of Bethlehem), and this July 5 formation with a Sirian symbol is a welcome confirmation of what was announced.

The cosmology of the Star of Bethlehem takes us directly to the birth of Jesus Christ, which, transposed to our time, is echoed in Revelation 12, when planetary and stellar alignments (a great sign in heaven) were associated with the birth of the Child of prophecy, This child symbolizes a new life and consciousness on a planetary scale to all who are ready to resonate with it within themselves.

Only with the analysis together can we detect the patterns that lead us to the correct interpretation.

Czech Republic and the Third Eye

This country has always been on the route of magnificent crop circles for decades, and in some seasons an interesting message related to the development of the Third Eye has appeared.

In two seasons, 2014 and 2018, we clearly see the profile of a head or skull traced by circles of different sizes, highlighting the position of the third Eye, be the forehead chakra (Ajna), or the pineal gland, at the top of the head , and it is as if it awakens and emanates energy and waves of thought connected with the Universe.

So, this data is aligned with the fact that the spiral of this new crop circle of the Czech Republic reminds the style of the Eye of Horus, and the head of the "serpent" also remember an Eye format, all of which is born from an Egg and a cosmology of energies of the sky in favour of a collective awakening in our time.

Revelation 12.

Jonas Passos (13.07.2019)



This crop circle is so degraded it is difficult to see what should be and should not be considered part of the circle. The central elliptical figure with a tail represents a sperm cell swimming toward an egg cell - in other words a comet moving toward earth impact. The analogy between the two is surprisingly close - and both even display light at final impact. The comet in this case appears to be A. On the left side of the comet are two impact craters for the two major fragments. The three parallel lines represent the trajectories of A and its two fragments. They come in at night from the northwest and strike in the Atlantic. No crater is shown for Comet A itself. 

The perpendicular line is the trajectory of the Warning Comet as it passes from the south west on the night side of earth, travelling up to and around the North Polar Region for its major fragment to finally impact in the Central Pacific near daybreak. The Warning Comet itself continues on without striking the earth. The half circles each represent a quarter of a day - this is the timing indication for before and after the closest approach of the Warning Comet to the earth (the perpendicular line inside the sperm). We discover the comet is approaching only about six hours before it ploughs through the atmosphere. The horizontal straight lines of the half circles give us an idea of how  far the comet travels in a quarter of a day. However, timing indications in the prior crop circles haven't been quite as useful as I would have hoped.

At the top left the spiral is a reminder that not all cometary material can be part of the sperm-egg analogy.  Dust and small particles associated with the comet's tail and coma may spiral around the earth a number of times before finally falling to the surface. Depending on its weight, gas may never descend. On the extreme right  Comet A is close to and may be rounding the sun before heading toward earth. There appear to be two circles within the tail of the sperm cell and one circle within it.

These should represent A and its fragments, but it isn't certain due to the odd triangular figure just below the sun; perhaps it is one of the alien space vehicles- they are always depicted as triangles.

Kenneth Heck

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