Rue De Mieraville, Nr Nielles-lès-Ardres, Pas-de-Calais, France. Reported 30th June.

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The Spear of Longinus and the Sacred Chalice in the last crop circle of France

This was the French crop circle of the Alignments style stranger to me. He repeats the model of the first French crop circle in Notre Dame de France on June 1, and this one closes in June because it appeared on the 30th in Rue de Mieraville.

Something like the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last: and the latter repeats the model of the first.

Apart from the other elements of the crop circle, those strange figures in the center, arranged within a hexagonal distribution, made me clearly associate one axis with a spear and the other with a cup or chalice. The Father and the Mother (IOD-VAV).

And the Child? The result of this Union. Sacred Child, Revelation 12, Eggs, Flower of Life, finally, is within the Pattern, and again repeats the Hexagon, the Flower of Life and the Star of DAVID: I am the Root (Alpha, the First) and the Generation (Omega, the last), said Jesus, Son of David.

In addition to all the other symbols of the Duality, such as the Yang-Yin, this one presents a new version, with sacred symbols of ancient Christianity, closely related to the sacred sites of England and France.

Another crop circle, then, with a Christic sign, because the upper triangle represents the Spear, and the triangle facing down, the bowl. The masculine and the feminine.

Some kind of cosmic and spiritual Yang-Yin being generated in the flow of these July alignments, heralded the entire month by 10 French crop circles.

In England and France, scenes of the crop circles, there are legends and sacred sites that evoke the Spear of Longinus (which pierced the flank of Christ on the Cross) and the Holy Grail (where Jesus drank wine at the Last Supper with the Twelve) .

And here, both sacred symbols united in a clipping of Star of David can only be repeating all the same that I have been speaking: a sacred generation, Revelation 12.

And the main detail that this crop circle seems to send to me: its key is directly related to the mystery of France, which I am about to publish here in the next few days.

They are reading my mind, but I read theirs too !!!

Jonas Passos (02.07.2019)

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Starting from the left, we see the Warning Comet close to the sun, apparently travelling around it before heading toward earth encounter. Next, Comet B is shown simultaneously with some interesting (if authentic) details: on the bottom left, a major out gassing event that resembles a small tail; on the upper right a smaller out gassing - these can start as soon as the comet starts to warm up; on the upper left a fragment has heated enough to create another smaller fragment; additionally there are two smaller fragments to complete the picture. The location of Comet B must be in the outer solar system at this time. Next Comet B is shown as smaller and further into its trajectory toward the sun, but without detail except for a bow shock. Comet B becomes even smaller as it continues toward the sun and with what could be a greater bow shock, but the form actually resembles a large coma developing on the sun side of the comet. Perhaps bow shocks do precede coma development. On the extreme right Comet B has changed form into an elliptical shape - perhaps as a prelude to the anticipated split of its nucleus into two parts (which other crop circles suggest may occur after leaving Jupiter's orbit).

Kenneth Heck

Crop circle "Rue De Mieraville, Nr Nielles-lès-Ardres, Pas-de-Calais, France. Reported 30th June" is considered to be a fake

Maybe you remember our group of 4 German people, who had visited the English crop circle last year and reported to you some new detail to Waden Hill. This year we are actually making a round trip in France to visit the French crop circle. 

Some crop circles we could "read" again because of their energies, with somewhat different topics than the English ones. So far a crop circle has turned out to be a fake, a deception - made by humans, no energy to feel - a long detour for us: Rue De Mieraville, Nr Nielles-lès-Ardres, Pas-de-Calais, France. Reported 30th June. (in the meantime it has been mown too).

Paul from Witold, Petra, Heike, Olaf !







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