Fastovetskaya, Tikhoretsk, Russia. Reported 19th June.

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Updated Saturday 29th June 2019


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Until 29 June 2019: time for most active visioning!

Formation from 19 June 2019 at village Fastovetskaya, Tikhoretsk district, Krasnodar region, Russia

Photos and videos can be found on this link:

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar, 19 June 2019 is a day with the Solar Seal Red Earth with Tone 3, this is the 3rd day of the Blue Eagle wavespell.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies

Red Earth Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Tone 3 the Electric Tone of Service
Blue Eagle Creativity, Vision, Mind, Planetary consciousness
Yellow Seed Targeting, Awareness, Flowering

The big circle Е represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy Red Earth.

The 3 smaller circles on the right depict Tone 3.

Besides, the two circles
А depict two Eyes and symbolize the energy Blue Eagle the energy of Vision.

The circle Т depicts the Third Eye. The energy of the Blue Eagle helps us for opening of the Third Eye and for developing of our telepathic abilities.

The eyes are positioned high above the Earth the Blue Eagle invites us to rise high in the sky in order to see the global picture. This helps us to create a better vision for the future.

The three small circles depict also Seeds and symbolize the energy Yellow Seed, which is the Analog of the Blue Eagle and the Occult Teacher of the Red Earth.

Here the three Seeds symbolize the Humanity we the people are Seeds of Consciousness, planted on Earth.

On the formation are shown that the energy Blue Eagle connects the Seeds (the people) with each other and connects them with the Earth to a common Planetary Consciousness.

The Blue Eagle wavespell is the second last wavespell in Tzolkin. The Blue Eagle reminds us that now is the time to visualize the future, which we want for the humanity and for the Earth. We are the visionaries of the Earth!

The Third Eye is our direct connection with the Source. The visions and visualizations which we create in our inner vision, in the Third Eye, are received through the Source and It helps us for the realization of our visions.

The visions, which we create in the Blue Eagle wavespell, are also the Seeds which we plant in the crystal grid of the Earth (in the Noosphere). They shall germinate in the first castle of the new Tzolkin module, which begins on 13 July 2019. From these Seeds our new reality shall grow.

The Blue Eagle wavespell continues until 29 June 2019. May we until then visualize a better future for the Earth and for the humanity, a life in peace, love and harmony! May we spend time to visualize most detailed the positive changes, which we want to see in our life!

Heartfelt thanks to the authors of this meaningful formation and to the Russian photographer!

Maya Todorova



Russia crop circle and the June solstice


Each of the two dates of the year in which the sun reaches the highest degree of angular distance from the equator in its apparent movement in the sky, and which are 21 or 23 June (winter solstice in the southern hemisphere and summer in the northern hemisphere ) and December 21 or 23 (summer solstice in the southern hemisphere and winter in the northern hemisphere).

In addition to the other planned alignments for July (the two solar-total and lunar-partial eclipses) and some planets aligned in the solar system, these models may also be representing the June Solstice, which happens tomorrow, June 21, when the "Car of Helios" (the Sun) reaches its highest degree of estrangement in its apparent movement in the sky.

Note the crop circle of Russia, placing the Sun and Earth at both ends of the alignment (the two solstices) and at the indicated solstice of June, an arc appears, with a small dot at its end, which can represent the Moon, in the proposition of the symbol.

But ... and that big circle, bigger circle, next to the Sun-Earth-Moon axis on the solstice? What would that mean? We can not stop thinking about the second Sun and the hidden increase of energy in terms of alignments happening in this period ...

We are likely to have a beautiful crop circle "in England" tomorrow, June 21, marking this phenomenon of the Solstice, which is also an alignment. Or even in France, following all these messages.

Because, if China's ice circle (April 12) is correct, that 70 number set to the "car" symbol, counting 70 days from now, will reach tomorrow, Solstice day and "parking" the car of the Sun at this special point of the Zodiac, marking the "sacred day" for all ancient cultures of the Northern Hemisphere, the longest day of the year, ie the "day of light"



Solar Eclipse 02.07.2019 data

The total solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019 will have its apex at 19:33:57 UTC and its point will be projected in the South Pacific Ocean, coordinates latitude 17.39 South and longitude 109 West .

The antipodean point will be in the Arabian Sea, Indian coast, near the city of Bombay (latitude 17.39 North and longitude 71 East)

It is interesting to pay attention in the next few days to the regions around this axis, and although the regions affected by the earthquakes are quite indeterminate, this axis will be the one by which the load of the gravitational wave of the alignments will be transported.

This model of the shaft is very reminiscent of the design of Rusia's crop circle on 19 June, which shows an axis with two ends, a central nucleus and a larger "up" object, such as triggering the trigger (a small arc in one of the extremities).

This great object can be the disc of the eclipse itself, or something that is not, for the moment, visible in the sky, only sensible.

I do not doubt anything if the dreaded mega-earthquake happens in this period.

Jonas Passos (28.06.2019)

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A comet with one major fragment here loses a small piece when the aliens change its direction a full ninety degrees (perhaps due to the strain of the tight manoeuvre). This phenomenon has been seen in prior circles. Major changes in velocity, direction or rotation will tend to throw off material from the comet. However, all comet trajectories are actually curved lines. The circle makers create crop circles this way for simplicity, and to minimize expenditure of energy in their creation.

Kenneth Heck




News about the symbols on the fields in Russia

By the way, on June 19, 2019, exactly one year later, a new symbol appeared in the Krasnodar Territory. An article about this: krugi-na-polyax-v-rajone-tixorecka-ot-19-iyunya-2019-goda 

Dmitry and Elena


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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike