White Way, Nr Baunton, Gloucestershire. Reported 2nd June

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The astronomical vision of this beautiful crop circle! And as I said before, the Moon is always being highlighted! The representation of the full moon came, delayed, as I said before. She entered the FULL phase on May 29, and here, 3 days later, there seems to be a HALO around her. And this image also remembers the planet Saturn and its rings, seen from above (poles).

And the most incurable, just today, at dawn, the Full Moon came into exact conjunction with SATURN in the constellation of Sagittarius! And that representation also sounds like a Wormhole linking Earth to some planet ... the tunnels where UFOs travel, of course.

And you want to hear a tremendous synchronicity?

On the 29th, last day of Full Moon, a beautiful HALO appeared around her and was observed in UK, yes, the land of crop circles! On the slide, the Lunar Halo in Isle of Wight, one of several places in the UK where he appeared, painting the sky with true WHITE WAYS, which is the name of the region where the crop circle appeared? White Way!

You understand?


The White Way aerial image itself shows, near the new crop circle, an exact Crescent (or Waning) lunar formation, suggesting the date of June 6, when the Waning Moon occurs, as if the full Moon were heading for it, within of the monthly calendar of lunations.

On May 26 we had the Star (Asterisk 8) with Sun-Moon patterns in crop circle, a diagram of lunations and star conjunctions, and the expected date of June 13, New Moon and conjunction with the Crab Nebula, Zeta Tauri Star. And now, on this Full Moon with Halo, joined to Saturn in the sky on June 2, an area indication for the next waning moon on June 6.

Why are Aliens marking the lunar routes so much?

White Way, the White Moon Road ... and again, the crop circle appeared next to towers in the landscape ... the sign of the Moon, the call of the Moon, and so on... signals?

Lunar bases? This is because the crop circle appeared near Cirencester, further south, by the access of the White Way highway.

Cirencester (in Latin, Corinium) is a market town strongly associated with the ancient Romans, who built there a fort and a civil settlement.

Cirencester is the center of a major road network with important routes to Gloucester (A417), Cheltenham (A435), Leamington Spa (A429), Oxford (A40 via B4425), Wantage (A417), Swindon (A419), Chippenham ), Bristol, Bath (A433) and Stroud (A419). Another indication of lunar routes, and of the White Way, which takes me the vision of a wormhole (UFO Routes) in front of the lunar face.


Outstanding Moon! And the first cc on 8 May is on Crescent Moon! And the second CC, May 26, with lunar symbols and lunations, and the third CC, June 2, the Full Moon with the Halo around!

First, looking at the central circle of the formation, note the clear braided texture, like a Full Moon face, and with an appearance suggesting craters and irregularities of the lunar surface ... and the surrounding HALO, with the external main strip containing seven stripes, levels, like the rainbow he is! Rainbow, Ring, Alliance. Noah and the Flood. The Crowned Angel of Revelation 10. The Lord of the Merkabah of Ezekiel crowned with the Rainbow!

The dark level, seems to me to make a connection with the profile of the rings of Saturn, because of the alignment between the 1 and 2 of June, of the Full Moon and Saturn, in the stars of Sagittarius.

Similarity of dates. The numbers 8 and 26 (2 + 6 = 8)

Up to this crop circle of the full moon, we had three crop circles on 5/8, 5/26 and 6/2. And from 5/8 to 6/2 are 26 days. Day 5/26 and octagonal crop circle (8): 5/26 + 8 days = 6/2, the crop circle date Full Moon. An interesting arrangement between numbers 8 and 26. Dates and events braided like the bundles of wheat inside the crop circle!

Similarity of objects.

The crop circle of 5/26 is similar to the model of Ackling Dike, 2014, day 6/29. And the crop circle White Way, very similar to two other models the same year, 2014, in The Ridgeway, 8/6 and Trodd's Copse, 8/4. And Ackling Dike returns to show a crop circle recently, the Star of the Apocalypse and the planetary Alchemy of the 7 Angels, on June 4, reinforcing the bond between the seasons CC 2014 and 2018! There in the first slides I talked about the parallel Ackling Dike, and now, this beautiful CC appears! Why are these current crop circles evoking the memory of the 2014 season? What is the message of 2014 that you want to return to the fields?

Jonas Passos

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2018-06-04 - White Way, Nr Baunton, Gloucestershire. Reported 2nd June 

Hello again dear readers and writers, this crop circle is a somewhat fast reply which even I have not expected to get so fast -  please look into my last report written on 2018-06-03 (scroll down to the last report): bucklanddown comments

At first, before going on I want to send my big thanks to NICK BULL - the master photographer - and I assume he is a drone pilot, right? I want to ask you here, dear Nick, maybe you can make some clear shots from the centre circle, because the special depiction..... would be really great!

So, let's go on now. When I saw the images, I recognised some special 'marks' in just a moment. Of what I speak about? As you can see too, there are some deviations in the kind of 'drawing' that crop circle. And it appears as if the creators of this image wanted to send a fast reply in first priority - at the expense of losing accuracy. I have drawn some lines into the image to show the deviations and point out the centre circle.

The arrangement of image itself shows a very simple message, which tells 'a cell with a brain' = a (any) human. Okay, a next principle image which tells it exactly I show you here:

it is this crop circle: 2017-07-01_Boreham Wood, Nr Lockeridge, Wiltshire. Reported 1st July

By comparing these two images you see the meaning in principal, the some additional lines can be disregarded because the meaning remains the same: A cell with a brain.

But what is so special in this so overhasty reply (One day after my last published report)? It is the centre circle. It shows an arrangement of 'wavy lines' one next the other. And it makes the whole image special, because now it is no longer a message to 'any human' but a message to a special human.....ME!!!!! Why? See the patterns in the centre circle! Do they look like THIS ???

You see the wavy lines inside which refer to the 'flower of life' which I wear with a necklace? Therefore I asked the photographer to make some new photos from the centre circle for a better comparison...... In 2014 there appeared a similar crop circle and I have made an overlay depicting my amulet. It was this report: The Ridgeway (2), Nr Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, UK. Reported 6th August.

However, this actual crop circle is clearly a dialogue instead a monologue, because it was been sent only one day later as a 'super fast reply' and furthermore it contains the special centre image, which makes the whole crop circle unique and special. The big question is:
WHO is the sender of this 'quick note'? I'm pretty sure that it was not been sent by our benevolent brothers and sisters, because if they would send a message, it would be a very precise drawing and second they would place a (symbolic) message into it. So I see it as the overhasty reply from the 'other ones' - Greys. To say what? Very simple message with  a touch of 'intimidation' -  nice try, but senseless. So it says: "Sure we know you by person, we have recognised you as the author of your last report."

Really? Okay fine, you didn't tell me any news.... Nice image anyway, bye bye. I need more special evidence WHO was the real sender of this crop circle.

And that's me. So my hearty greetings to all the people here........

Gerd Estrup - 2018-06-04


More explanation at: Bewusstsein.xobor.de Ungewöhnliches » Kornkreise 2018

Link to: White-Way-Baunton-Gloucestershire

Willibald Limbrunner

Hello Avid Followers of these amazing glyphs appearing as "gifts from the gods" to edify, guide and provide insight to the human collective !

Offering yet another facet of possible meanings for this crop circle. Perhaps I am jumping the gun in the timeline, but my thoughts are seeing the massive flash of cosmic energy due to arrive on Planet Earth, forecast 4 months from now some time in October 2018 and it will involve the sun. The moment I saw this crop circle, I was drawn to the mandala-like design in the centre circle. To me, in light of the coming October event, the ripple patterns look like bubbling energy (the centre circle being the sun itself) --like magma in a caldera -- with the outer rings being energy bursts radiating outward from the sun. OUR FLOWER OF LIFE

Source of this information about a massive October cosmic energy event comes from Aluna Ash Clairvoyant 9D who is a human receptor of global and cosmic events, in continuous communion with all things "energy" no matter at what "reality" level or dimension they are occurring.

Summing up her most recent messages, she is seeing / feeling

- energy pulses at ocean bottoms
- more earth shifts, quakes in addition to Hawaii
- more water events as in floods, inundations

- energy waves hitting Earth gradually gathering momentum between now and October due to 3 eclipses (July 13; July 27-28; August 11),

leading to the Autumn Equinox, growing beyond into October when the biggest energy wave to sweep over us to date, will happen. Everyone will feel something, and the collective will experience a quantum awakening in consciousness.

However, though she senses October will be big, it is still not THE final super-massive wave/pulse concurrent with what is being called The Event,  still off in the future BUT definitely very much in our very NEAR future.

Each energy increment means another portal opens, another stargate, another layer in the plasma field that is recalibrating everything, imparting requisite light coding for the ascension (energetic transformation) of a planet and all life upon it.

Each increment in energy enables further crumbling of old systems that no longer serve humanity's highest good, making space for better ways of life and living to take their place. As Aluna Ash says, there is nothing to fear. This is the time for holding a high personal vibration and focusing on creating the new with open heart and mind. Most especially, with an abundance of LOVE.

The day of transformation is here, moving along rapidly according to perfect Divine Timing. And we are the lucky ones--we get to experience it all first hand and also create it each moment by uniting with these  great waves of incoming Light some would call Divine Love, and they'd be right !

B Tomczyk Canada


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The irregularity in the outer ring suggests man-made status for this crop circle. A thick outer ring represents the Sun. The inner circle is the expected area of impact of the Sun Comet. The two inner rings indicate the near and far effects of the comet impact (but not according to scale). 

Kenneth Heck

May we visualize the desired changes in our life!

Crop circle from 2 June 2018 at White Way, near Baunton, Gloucestershire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 2 June 2018 is a day with the Solar Seal “Blue Eagle” with Tone11, in the Yellow Crystal Seed Year (26 July 2017 – 25 July 2018).

In my opinion, on the formation is depicted the energy “Blue Eagle” which has following qualities:

Blue Eagle – Creativity, Vision, Mind

The crop circle depicts an eye and on this way is symbolized the energy BLUE EAGLE – the energy of Vision, of Visualization.

In the “apple of the eye” we see an amazing weave design. The authors of the formation remind us, that through our visualizations we ourselves create (weave) our own new reality!

The Tzolkin calendar is called also “weaving loom”. With the help of the energy tools, which are included in the calendar, we weave our new reality.

The Blue Eagle is the Supporting energy in the Yellow Crystal Seed Year. So until 25 July 2018 we can use the powerful energy of the Blue Eagle and visualize all we want to be manifested in the near future in our world.

May we use this wonderful possibility and visualize all changes in our life that we dream of!

Cordial thanks to the authors of this astonishing formation and to the photographers of  
www.cropcircleconnector.com   !

Maya Todorova



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike