Sutton Hall, Nr Rochford, Essex. Reported 22nd July

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Updated Wednesday 25th  July 2018


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It is not easy to decipher such scattered symbols so we need to rely on existing elements. The first reference is the Sutton Hall CC 1 on June 30 last, its FoJ symbol, the letter S, three circles and the image of a broken structure with various interpretations, from the Earth cracking up to a secret model of the Sirius 3 system, 22 days ago (11-11) and on a day 22 (11-11)!

Secondly, on 7.22.2018, the Sun entered the sign of Leo, an argument for the Solar Flower of Life - since the Sun is our source of life, the first "astronomical" concept we have of the Flower of Life. Six petals and it is no accident that in Kabbalah the number of the Sun is just 6, Tiphereth, beauty, Life!

And this flower was made with "radiation" in the crop circle, appearing even a "solar flower".

Another detail is the number of date: 7.22.2018. First, because 22/7 is approximately the value of Pi (3.1416) and second, because it forms the pattern 11-11 (722 - 218 = 11 : 11).

So this crop circle brought the Picto 11-11 back in 1990!  And the clock seems to dial 11 hours!

The JoF Signature is there, in "parts," alongside other symbols.  I see a watch. The pointer points to the letter J in a circle with three rays (Sirius System, 3 stars, according to the Dogons).

The top pictogram seems to confirm my theory of "astronomical markers" for all of them. In other postings, I understood that the main astronomical connection represented by such recurrent pictograms was between the binary Sun system and the trinary Sirius system, which justifies in a simple way the central structure of them: a circle with two bars connected to another circle with three bars. And if the clock is inserted in the pictogram, it is because the TIME of something to happen, something that has been announced by all the pictograms from the beginning, is about to arrive. Perhaps the Contact with the Sirians, the greater intelligence behind the crop circles. The connection with Venusians is also suggested in a second plane, because there is a letter V and a symbol similar to him. Venus in the pictograms and pentagrams. And a winged disk too.  The second Sun?

This is a preliminary line of interpretation. There are other details on the field that expect better images!


Looking at the modern and ancient pictograms, I noticed that this category of pictograms from Sutton Hall 2, on 22nd July, has one thing that others do not have:

They are broken, cut in half, both the astronomical marker and the signature FoJ. Why?

Now, what does it mean to BREAK THE CODE?
Interpret it, right? For that is what they mean, these codes are being BROKEN, interpreted, which opens space for them to manifest themselves, since I have stated that the major intelligences behind the crop circles from the beginning are Sirian. support of Venusians.

And this theory is confirmed every day, every new Stargate, vortex and repeated signature.

These pictograms consist of several information: Stargates and connections Sun (2)-Sirius (3), symbol and letter V, Venus, the clock (the time arrives), the winged disk (Sun binary, second Sun), and signature FoJ, the key of the sky and fishermen of Sirius, the star of the Fish, according to the Dogons and the occult symbols of the Bible.

Look at a group of pictograms from 2016, which were constructed in 3 stages between July 24 and 27, precisely the annual period of Sirius' heliacal rising, representing stargates, wormholes and moving objects (UFOs) within these Ufo-roads.

Will there still be any doubt that the code has even been "broken"?


Many are the signs that, since the 1990 pictograms, are identifying the Sirius-3 system. The simplest of them is that trident, a symbol common throughout our ancient and modern culture. And that represents the strength of the divine trinity and, by connection with the Mother Star, the Sirius-3 system. In addition to it, often the letter S appears in crop circles. I highlighted some models among several. The beautiful SERPENT CC, of July 29, 2011. The Serpent forms the letter S, and its tongue forms the trident.

In addition, it is intersecting (letter X) with a 3 circles axis (the Sirius System 3). Other superficial interpretations were given at the time, but we must rescue all this.

Note that the same year, in 2011, a Letter S consisting of two serpents crossing the letter X appeared: note that the Dogon symbol for Sirius is exactly a letter X within a circle. So this is clear to understand.

Did they know that Isis, the Egyptian goddess of Sirius, also had a serpent symbol, and that the Egyptian Sirius name also begins with the letter S? Sopdet, Sothis, Sirius (greek). In addition, there is the relationship with the Hebrew letter Shin, which has sound of X and S at the same time! And it is worth 21 (7+7+7): code 777 of the portals and Stargates.

And more: Shin means TOOTH in hebrew. And according to Robert Temple (the Mystery of Sirius) the hieroglyph for the goddess ISIS also another meaning: THE TOOTH OF THE SERPENT!

Notice the two 1999 models: one of them has a three-circle system (Sirius 3), with the letter SHIN and the letter Reish (hebrew to R) that were SR (Sirius). The other model shows a seven-branched candlestick in front of a system of connected circles. Arcane 17, Seven smaller stars, one larger star. The arcanum of Sirius, the Mother Star of our civilization. That's a small sample, there are many other crop circle models with the same repeated message! Without the right knowledge it is not possible to decipher the messages!




e have a supposed description here of the alien activity required to bring into reality the new plant species represented by the 6-petaled flower on the left, covering the Earth (as seen at night). Six comets are needed to do this. First, the Sun comet is shown in three stages: first with a coma and rotational adjustment, second, with a fragment and growing larger, with two arcs connecting it to the Sun, and finally the trajectory of the impact on the Sun. The Sun is always shown in crop circles by a thick ring. Next to the Sun Comet Comet B appears with a coma and five of the final 10 major fragments. After B, a non-identified comet is shown with one fragment, perhaps the Warning Comet

Under the Sun Comet is a comet with two fragments, perhaps A. This comet possesses three velocity adjustments plus the indicated trajectory around the Sun before final impact. One of the fragments possesses four rotational adjustments. There are two other adjustments shown which arenít clearly connected with the comet or its fragments.

Next to the right is a comet with velocity and one rotational adjustments. Finally, on the extreme right is another comet with a reversal bar prohibiting its movement, with perhaps two fragments not conclusively belonging to it or the comet directly above.

If the comets were depicted correctly, Comet A would have a coma, along with the Warning Comet, which both impact before the Sun Comet and B. The crop circle looks suspiciously man-made.

Kenneth Heck

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