Monarch's Way, Nr Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire. Reported 13th August.

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(The  rectangular area in the field are plot trials, to analyze difference strains of plants by the Farmer) ED

For the first time in a crop circle in UK, a clock with an hour to be interpreted, and next to it, also a crop circle (?) similar to the watchband, or to a bar code (coded information) or the grids of a prison, which has a road access at the top, meaning freedom. The hour of freedom ... freedom from what?

It is only to compare with the crop circle of Monarch's Way of 2017, on August 7, in the same region, repeating the "face of the Indian" crop circle of 2009. There was also a path marked by 13 points, and it led to the Tree of Life (compared to the tree dead from the field, on the right)! And what day is it today? Day 13? Death that is the Door of immortality, in the Tarot (Arcanum 13), as I have commented.

E 13/8 = 1.625, Phi, the Number of Life!  And Sutton Hall 2, on July 22, Sun in Leo sign?

It shows the Flower of Life and we have a clock in the middle of the pictograms: the Hour of Life. Freedom Hour of Death. This all sounds like prophecy of Christ's return and the promise of resurrection (John 6). Suttol Hall 1 (June 30) showed elements of death, and then he brought elements of life. And now, this watch paralleled the crop circle of last year. The time of the arrival of the "Indian", the Pahana of Venus, the Brother of the stars? Or the high Sirians, since we have three rounds in the clockwise gear? There is much to be said about this double crop circle.

We have to calculate what time this is and make the projection on the day of the equivalent year in progress. And we have to do the exact reading of the bar code! And he takes us to the divine symbols of the Kabbalah, Flower of Life, Tree of Life and Merkabah, all coming out of the Cube of Metatron and speaking the same as ever: life and consciousness that comes from God and the stars!

It's Almost half past three!

Generally, in the pointer clocks, the smaller pointer is what marks the hour, and the longer, seconds. The middle pointer marks the minutes. In this model crop circle clock, we have a reference in the landscape: by the image, it seems that the larger pointer (seconds) points to a local tower, besides the road (A303), although there may be other references in the field farther to be investigated where those pointers are pointing.

Well, if that pointer aligns on marker 12, then a pattern on the clock appears: almost half past three (something around 3:28, which adds 3 + 2 + 8 = 13). Remembering that Jesus died on the cross at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and that he was taken down from the cross after that hour. And there is a literature that speaks at three o'clock in the morning as a schedule of spiritual energies in circulation, especially at 3:33 as a mystical timetable for opening dimensional portals.

Even if it is a human work, the crop circle was placed next to "bar code" purposely, so I believe that yes, this enclosed area should be included in the interpretation, like those two trees involved in the crop circle of Monarch's Way, year past.  Anyway, looking at the mysterious "bar code" next to the crop circle, it standardized " II II " bars in series, and that, not considering the cut made by the tractor track, I counted twenty-two (22) paired bars right side, next to the access road. Joining these elements and schedules, 11:11 and the synchronicities with parallel planes, and the mystical hour 3, or the so-called Ninth Hour, hour of portals and manifestations of other dimensions and beings, these elements seem to be purposely associated.

Astrological Pattern

Morning of August 13, angular crop circle Jupiter (Scorpio) and Uranus (Taurus) almost opposite, Mars (Aquarius) in quadrature.

SIX ... again!

Definitely, this is the "Master Geometry" of the 2018 season, coming to an end, near the time of harvest.

The first formation, on May 8, and the wingless insect, was programmed into the Flower of Life geometry (6), and now, for the seventh time, in this clock somewhat "misaligned" in relation to the outer markers, we see the geometric matrix six inside him! Six axes aligned, with the quadrangles misaligned. Imagine these two rings of markers as two different clocks that need to be aligned! Two watches I mean, two times! I'll talk about it later ... Now, look, before the clock appears to mark the hour, a Door in the sky opened, bringing the star Mother (Sirius) beyond the Sun, as we studied before ... And doing the accounts, July 23 (Sun in Leo sign ) on August 13, we counted 22 days, or 11-11 days! Look again at our watch. Notice that there are misaligned double bars in both marker circles. It will all be a matter of aligning the bars so that, vertically, they form 11-11 on each axis of the clock.

The watch has twelve axes (twelve double hours). Six axes are aligned at 11-11, and six other axes, misaligned. Can you see that? The formation (made by humans) on the side of the crop circle is very suggestive if we consider the pattern 11 11 in the bars! Aligning 11-11 is not a question of synchronicities between two parallel times, which is to say ... Dimensional ports? How did Gurston Ashes crop circle show? All this means that the key 11-11 of the dimensional portals happens more intensely at 3:33!


Stellar patterns on the pointers of this watch remind us of the Orion belt and its three stars aligned with the arrangement of the three pyramids of Giza, with one detail: there is a fourth object before the three clock-pointers circles, and it represents the Great Sphinx in front of the middle pyramid, Khafre, which is the pyramid whose structure is totally harmonic, defined by the harmonic triangle of Pythagoras 3-4-5.

That said, I remembered Sutton Hall's crop circle, August 17, 2017, which I interpreted as key 11-11 (it has 22 compartments with symbols in a key model, among others) and among the symbols, I have identified similarities with the 3 pyramids, patterns of the Orion constellation, in addition to internal cameras being opened. And in one of the compartments, there is a symbol, a double bar, which is exactly the same that appears on the edges of this "misaligned" Monarch's Way clock, August 13, 2018, about the same time as Sutton Hall last year!

The hour of cosmic alignment is the hour of the opening of the portals, for 11:11 means, in our time scale, 3:33, the time when the dimensional doors to other planes are stronger at dawn!  The door was already presented on July 23, Gurston Ashes, 22 days before... now the clock that indicates the Path of the Monarch, of the coming King ... pyramids are dimensional bridges, they are stargates, they are portals synchronized with the parallel dimensions, hence these relations all!


In addition to the incredible similarity between the crop circle Monarch's Way August 13 and the constellation Canis Major that includes the star Alfa Sirius, pointed out by Игорь Дамаскин, I verified that the Sirius system, which is a trinitarian star, is identified in the central objects, and more, one of these stars has an object attached to it (in the central star, according to crop circle). Conveying all this to the Dogon cosmology, we know that they said that the Nommos, Instructors and Guardians of our world came from a planet that orbits Sirius B (Po Tolo), and that this planet may be precisely represented in that object in those stars highlighted .

Next, I tried to align the inner disk to the outer of the crop circle, and the maximum alignment I got was eleven (11) axes. Eleven again! Does not this ring look like the stylized entrance of a Wormhole, with the Sirius system in the background?  Hence the title, the Journey to Sirius. Synchronize the clocks (the two discs aligned) to 11-11 is the suggested key, parallel dimensions, aligned times, the Portal appears!

As for the bar code formation (made humans), it has a strange synchronized count of 28 bars (remembering that we have turned 28 years since the beginning of the intelligent messages in pictograms 1990). And on this bar, counting the days, from left to right, the days of August 18 and August 28 (which also form the numerical pattern 888) appear to end on September 9. I still await further conclusive messages from the Sirians about all this.


Another relationship with the stars discovered in the crop circle of Monarch's Way, August 13, after decoding of the letters W R in Braille.

W.R. abbreviation for the astronomical term Wolf Rayet. Wolf-Rayet stars, often abbreviated as WR stars, are a heterogeneous type of stars with abnormal spectra exhibiting intense and wide emission lines of helium and nitrogen (WN subtype) or helium, carbon and oxygen (WC and WO subtypes), in place of typical absorption lines of normal stars. This class of stars was discovered in 1867 by French astronomers Charles Wolf and Georges Rayet, who identified three stars with this spectral appearance in Cygnus.EZ Canis Majoris (also referred to as EZ CMa or WR 6)  is a Wolf-Rayet star in the constellation Canis Major. It is one of the ten brightest stars in the Wolf-Rayet class.  The crop circle has 6 alignment axes and the star EZ CMa is named WR6!  And the position of the star WR6 in the constellation is close to that side circle connected to the three circles on an almost vertical axis!

Wolf-Rayet is a normal stage in the evolution of massive stars. The final phase of the life of these stars is the most famous; is when they explode like a supernova, which has to do with the message of the crop circles Monarch's Way 2017 and 2018 and others, message of life, death and renewal! But, why Braille code? What are we still not seeing in the obvious messages of Sirius civilization?'
But, why Braille code? What are we still not seeing in the obvious messages of Sirius civilization?


And I will use the magnificent crop circle of August 13, Monarch's Way as a backdrop to this theme, not only because of the similarity with the clock time of 3:33 but also because of the similarity to the pattern stellar belt of Orion, and Sirius' group, and the connection with the Pyramids of Giza.

In order to understand what kind of mechanism is activated in the Ninth Hour (as it was formerly called the 3 o'clock, morning and afternoon) we have to analyze the Solar Map, which marks the four cardinal points of the Sun throughout the day:

Rising Sun, East (Six in the Morning), Zenith or Peak (Midday, the highest point), Sunset in the West (six in the afternoon) and Nadir (Midnight, the lowest point).

Now, divide the angles so as to obtain the Octagon-Star pattern (look at the star there). We will have the Compass Card, the map of the cardinal points. That being said, we know that the octagon's internal angles measure 45 ° (360/8). Well, what is the angle that the Sun in its apparent course will mark at 3:33 in the morning, knowing that at midnight is at zero point that a new day begins?
Just resort to a simple rule of three:

If six hours (60x6 = 360 minutes) are worth 90 °, how much will you measure the zero hour angle at 3:33, a period of 3 hours and 33 minutes, or 213 minutes? X = (90x213) / 360 = 53.25 °

This is surprising because this is the exact opening angle of the Pyramid of Khafre, the so-called Harmonic Pyramid of the Giza Site because it is in the architectural proportion of the Pythagorean triangle (3-4-5). And what was the purpose of the pyramids for the ancient Egyptians? Was it not to create a portal that would lead the souls of the pharaohs to the stars, especially to the Gate of Orion and Sirius, as pointed out by the air ducts of the Great Pyramid?

Pyramids were Stargates for the soul of the pharaohs in their travels to the stars. And it is exactly the angle of the Pyramid of Khafre that the time of 3:33 in the morning (and in the afternoon) recreates, in relation to the axis Noon and Midnight of the Sun! Moreover, in ancient Egyptian, the name Khafre means  "Get Up Ra" ou Get Up SUN! (Ra was the Sun God).

At Ninth Hour, Earth will be vibrating in the angular range of 53.25 degrees by replicating the angle of the harmonic Pyramid, Khafre, the one that has the guardian sphinx (the lion man and the feline connection with Sirius).
And the tangent of this angle is 1,333, which is the harmonic proportion of the musical note F (4/3), the Green Leap of Nature.

It is important to know that in the Ninth Hour band, the Earth vibrates at the same angle as the Pyramids (the Pyramid of Cheops has opening 51.51 °, close to 53.25) so that at that time daily these Pyramid Stargate energies are reproduced on Earth in their rotation.

That is, the pyramids were built with the opening angle that reproduces the angular position of the Earth in the band of the Ninth Hour, the hour that Christ died and his spirit was delivered to the Father at the age of 33!
It is a good time to try to connect with the higher worlds, knowing that similar attracts like, when someone label that time of "macabre" ... Portals are neutral, they will open in the direction of the values ??that are pulsating within each one, exerting the corresponding attraction. Although no one needs time x or y to attract entities ... they will come at any time of day and will accompany you, according to the magnetization with the values ??of our soul. They will be luminous or macabre according to what we have inside to exert external attraction.

Personally, at this time I see angels and doors facing the stars in my best dreams. It is a testimony that I leave to those who still have doubts.

But prayer, meditation, mantra, and other practices that elevate the energies of the mind are excellent tools to use at this key time of opening the parallel dimensions. Because the Earth's energy, at the Ninth Hour, enters the opening angular point of the pyramids, which will modulate the brain in the alignment frequencies on the way of the awakening and the contacts!

The same harmonic of the pyramids will sound in the form of powerful vibrations involving the whole planet, which makes many people wake up even in heavy sleep. The keys were given, that is used wisely




The crop circle reported at Monarch's Way near Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, 13th August 2018, has been made with an unknown technology by the alien invaders who are directed by the Gray beeing Jesus omega. His soul has been the one of Jesus. Their group is trying to end the apocalyptic plan of the prophet Jesus. I am convinced that this interplanetary alliance has given his support to Jesus. They want to control the humanity with a mondial theocracy ! Jesus omega is the new messiah for the Christian people and other people. I am convinced that they don't work for the true divine Source of the life. The Mother Universe and She condemn all aliens ET who are in the solar system of the Earth. The new messiah is "the King of the kings and the Lord of the lords" according saint John in his Apocalypse. That's why this crop circle has been made at Monarch's way. The big circle is in the axis of a long rectangle of cultivated plants along the road. From the sky, in plane, it is possible to see simply a big dot and a big dash:

monarchsway 2018   This gives the letters E. T. (extra-terrestrial) with the Morse code :  Morse_code

The circle (the big dot) contains a symbol of an unknown constellation at the centre. This disc is like a watch.

The alignment "dot"-"dash" suggests the summit of the royal observatory at Greenwich:- Royal_observatory_greenwich.jpg

and its meridian line:- Prime_meridian.jpg   The-Greenwich-Meridian-Line

The head of Jesus omega appeared in a crop circle at Reigate Hill 19th July 2016 : Reigate Hil 2016  

I hope that the English monarchy will refuse their deal ! They are very dangerous : they abduct people and animals (read John E. Mack for example), they kill some cattle in USA and other countries (see for example), they harass people in their heads when they sleep (I testify) etc. More information about the aliens "cold war" in my blog OLCPIE:- and in my videos.

Post Scriptum 14th August, 2018 :

I have discovered that the prince of Wales William wears Omega watches with dots and dashes (ET !) and equilateral triangles (UFOs !)   This is very interesting to compare the crop circle at Monarch's way 13th August, 2018 with this photography of the Omega constellation star special watch edition to support ORBIS international omega-constellation-star-special-watch-edition

Post scriptum 17th August 2018:

The crop circle reported at Monarch's way, Fonthill Bishop, 13th August 2018, has been made near an antenna which is on the other side of the road: monarchsway 2018l

Fonthill Bishop may suggest the words "telephone bishop" (This is not me, I have not the phone and I am not a bishop! However, I think that my soul has been the one of an important bishop in France: Saint_Remigius

Third August 2018, the ET authors have made a crop circle at Jesuino Marcondes, near Prudentopolis, in Brazil which shares similarities with their crop circle reported at Buckland down, near Cerne Abbas, 26th May 2018 near an antenna:buckland down 2018 

And 14th August 2018, the same group has made a second crop circle at Pirai do Sul, near Prudentopolis, which suggests a sign of radio communication with a big dot and three arcs of a circle: Pirai do Sul 2018l

When I replace the arcs of a circles with three dashes, I can read with the Morse code three letters in the following order: dit dah = A, dit dah dah = W, dit dah dah dah = J :-  Morse_code

The W may be compared with the minuscule Greek letter omega : ω.  Then, the ET message at Pirai do Sul is AWJ = Alpha-Omega Jesus. 

Pirai do Sul may give radio pl isu = radio pole iesu. Behind the man who speaks inside the crop circle in the video, there is a pole like a cross of Jesus-Christ near the road: 

Furthermore, dah dah dah = O. The second message of these invaders is Dad Origin, God the Father of the Christians! But I am convinced that the true divine Origin of the Universe is a Mother or a Mother-Father.

Finally, I have discovered that Jesus-christ in Welsh is Iesu Grist. In French, a Gray ET is an "ET Gris”!


Strong encouragements for all !  Jean-Charles Bourquin, Kalki

We are looking through a camera lens or large telescope at an event taking place in outer space. A comet has just lost a fragment in its journey to and around the Sun before passing Earth. This is probably the Warning Comet which, although coming very close to Earth, doesn’t strike it. The fragment may have been created by a hit from a nuclear-tipped missile intended to deflect the comet completely away from Earth. See T249, the crop circle with the bomb, on pg. 123 of my free ebook. This would explain why the telescopes, etc., are trained on the comet to observe the effect of the bomb. Unfortunately, it doesn’t deflect the comet, but creates a large fragment which strikes the Atlantic Ocean, causing a great tsunami, deaths, and much destruction. (Shades of "Salvation" on CBS!)

Ken Heck



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