Buckland Down, Nr Cerne Abbas, Dorset. Reported 26th May.

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Perhaps this new crop picture at Buckland Down, which was drawn next to a tall radio-TV antenna, shows a “rotating dish antenna” or “satellite dish”, which may be used for space-to-ground communications?  

Some people have suggested that the new crop picture at Buckland Down might represent an “eclipse diagram” or “lunar calendar”, because it shows four large “crescent” shapes which resemble our Moon. Yet since it was drawn directly next to a tall, radio-TV antenna, would it not seem more logical that the crop artists are trying to tell us about some kind of “antenna”?  

Their field drawing resembles the schematic image of a “rotating dish antenna” or “satellite dish”, which can rotate around its axis by 360o, so as to point in any of four different directions (say north, east, south or west):  

Perhaps the crop artists are showing us this image of a “rotating dish antenna”, because it is the kind of antenna which is used often for space-to-ground-to communications. Since it can track a moving satellite transmitter in orbit about the Earth, or a distant star as it shows apparent motion in the sky due to the Earth’s rotation? Indeed, might they be subtly informing us that their pictorial messages or “crop circles” are being sent to us from somewhere out in space?



Quite interestingly, this “communication” crop picture points along one of its four “dish antenna” arms toward the Cerne Abbas “Giant”, even though that striking landscape feature lies several kilometres away (see times 1:40 or 7:10 of a wonderful video by Matthew Williams www.youtube.com):  



Are they trying to tell us something about that “giant”? Or more plausibly, might they be trying to tell us that they can transmit messages (or field pictures) accurately over great distances of space: not just over a few kilometres past the town of Cerne Abbas to that “giant”, but also to planet Earth from the distant stars?  

“We can transmit pictorial images accurately across vast distances of space, and those are your ‘crop circles’.”  

SETI astronomers, please take note! Many lucid and informative messages already seem to be coming to Earth from space, but your pre-assumptions make you unable to “see” them (see www.youtube.com). The crop artists must use some kind of transmission method which allows for information to be sent almost in real-time, or much faster than light.

Landscape features near the new crop picture at Buckland Down in 2018  

One controversial feature of the new crop picture at Buckland Down is its close proximity to a small, rectangular wooded area, just to the south of where the crop picture appeared. A tall radio-TV antenna was located just to the west, while Cerne Abbas and its “Giant” were located several kilometres to the east.  

When we studied this small wooded area from above using Google Earth, or using aerial photographs provided by Matthew Williams, we saw right away that it resembles the “face” of a man or woman in profile, who seems to be “talking with us”:  

Might that nearby landscape feature really have been intended by the crop artists, to be the “face” of someone who is communicating with us from space, using a “rotating dish antenna” as drawn in crops just to the left? 

A nearby radio-TV antenna (close to the bottom-centre of the slide above) likewise suggests the idea of “communication over a distance”. Furthermore, this new crop picture points precisely to a hillside drawing of the Cerne Abbas “Giant”, several kilometres away to the east. Once again, they seem to be suggesting that their “rotating dish antenna” can “send pictures over a great distance”. 

Dr. Horace R. Drew (Red Collie)



As we begin the 2018 summer season, our crop-artist friends are “still communicating after all these years”!   

(see www.youtube.com/

The new crop picture was drawn next to a telecommunications tower 

It might represent a square array of four “radio dish antennas” 

Nearby in the landscape, we can see the “face” of an unknown “man” who seems to be “communicating” with us 

The same crop artists seem to be communicating with us in the summer of 2018, as in many previous years 

Nearby in the landscape, using Google Earth (with North up), we can see a large “bird” shape just to the right of where the crop picture was drawn. That “bird” seems to be “thinking about communicating with us”, perhaps by radio?  

Much further to the left in the landscape (again with North up), we can see another large “bird” shape. This second “bird” seems to be “looking at a small cross-shape” nearby, which seems similar in appearance to the “cross shape” drawn in crops.

A stylistically-related crop picture from 2014 

A stylistically-related crop picture appeared on June 29, 2014 near Sixpenny Handley at latitude 50.943o N, longitude 1.988o W (see  cropcircles.lucypringle.co.uk). It showed five-fold symmetry, rather than the four-fold symmetry drawn at Buckland Down in 2018. That 2014 crop picture seemed nevertheless to illustrate a similar theme: namely the “rotating nose radar” (see www.youtube.com or www.youtube.com) of a large “spaceplane” shape in the landscape there, which may be headed for Earth (seen easily using Google Earth). If that metaphor is true, then the rotating-nose-radar or their “spaceplane” might have the shape of a “dish antenna”, rather than the flat, round sheets of metal we use for radar in the “noses” of our airplanes here on Earth.  

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