Bishop's Cannings Down, Nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire. Reported 3rd June.

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A combined narrative for three crop pictures near White Way on June 2, 2018, Bishops Cannings Down on June 3, 2018, and Buckland Down on May 26, 2018: we seem to have been given some important moral and spiritual messages, which are meant for everyone on Earth 

Here we will present a clear and combined narrative concerning three important (although simple) crop pictures which appeared in southern England during late May or early June of 2018, near White Way on June 2, Bishops Cannings Down on June 3, or Buckland Down (Cerne Abbas) on May 26. What might they trying to tell us in a moral or spiritual sense?  

Concerning two simple, ring-like crop pictures which appeared on June 2 at White Way or June 3 at Bishops Cannings Down, it seems as if higher spiritual powers are warning us about living life on Earth too recklessly or too fast. This can only lead to us “hitting a bump” or “wall” in the near future, and having a painful “crash” afterwards. Please see and decide for yourselves what was drawn there!  

Humans on Earth today are like “children”, who rush along very fast and dangerously on their hoverboards  

The first of these three crop pictures, which appeared near White Way on June 2, showed the ring-like image of a “fast-spinning wheel”, or perhaps even the spinning wheel from a toy hoverboard, which is favoured by young children:  

We are going to metaphorically “hit a bump” or “wall” soon, and there will be a painful “crash”  

In the landscape near White Way where this crop picture was drawn, we can see the humorous image of a “man hitting a round bump” below his feet, which causes him to lose control of his hoverboard and crash into a “wall”:  

When we hit that “wall”, it is going to hurt (“Much pain but still time”, 2002) 

This upcoming crash will be very painful indeed, as suggested by some “injury marks” on the back of that landscape man’s “head”. Similar markings were made at the centre of this crop picture, using a clever “woven lay” of fallen green plants:  

The crop artists actually advised us previously, way back in 2002 near Crabwood Farmhouse, “Much pain but still time” using computer binary-ASCII code.  

Is there some sadness in heaven at what might happen soon on Earth?  

Then in their next crop picture at Bishops Cannings Down on June 3, we can see in the landscape a “tall man with a halo”, who is consoling a sad “bird-priest”. The latter image reminds us of a “bird-priest” which was drawn in crops near Uffcott Down in 2015:  


For this simple crop picture which appeared on June 3, a nested set of “four rings” which were drawn there seem to represent the tall man’s “angelic halo”.  

Both of these two crop pictures from June 2 or 3, 2018 were very simple in design and construction: how can we know whether or not they might be paranormally real?  

Were these two, fairly-simple crop pictures which appeared near White Way on June 2, then Bishops Cannings Down on June 3, paranormally real? Please look at the next slide shown below, then you can decide:  

Those two crop pictures fit together perfectly, just like for a “hand” fitting into a “glove”. Even after we superimpose one crop picture onto the other, the only differences of appearance lie at their very centres, where two “small rings” from the second crop picture have been laid over a “highly woven lay” from the first. Please see whiteway 2018l   or whiteway videol   or whiteway groundshotsl   or bishops cannings down 2018l   or   for the actual aerial photographs or videos.

It is hard to know how these two crop pictures should be scaled to one another on an absolute scale, because they were drawn in widely different fields. Yet the geometry of overlap shown in the slide above seems satisfactory. Finally, both crop pictures show large amounts of green crop still standing within otherwise-flattened regions, especially along crop tramlines as Paul Jacobs’s “energy leak”. This would seem fully consistent with two possible paranormal origins. A highly-woven lay of fallen plants, seen at the centre of White Way on June 2, seems especially convincing as visible evidence for a non-human origin.                                                                                                   

Were there any previous crop pictures in 2017 or 2018, which might support or extend the scope of these new spiritual messages?  

Many different messages are given in crops each summer, but here we will restrict ourselves to studying just those crop pictures which appeared in late May or early June, at about the same time as White Way and Bishops Canning Down on June 2 and 3, in the current year of 2018 or one year earlier in 2017.  

The crop picture most relevant to our enquires appeared one week earlier on May 26, 2018, next to a tall broadcast antenna in a field at Buckland Down, slightly west of Cerne Abbas (see buckland down 2018  ). It is shown in the upper-left part of a slide below: 

This 2018 crop picture matches in style another picture which appeared near Winchester Science Centre, exactly one year earlier on May 25, 2017, as shown in the lower-left part of the slide above (see space science centre 2016l  ). Their two-way overlap is shown in a much larger, semi-transparent diagram on the right.  

Where did these two related crop pictures come from? What do they mean? If you are a technical person who understands physics, you will be able to see right away that the crop artists first drew on May 25, 2017, near Winchester Science Centre, the image of a "rotating magnetic field" as taken from Nicola Tesla’s earliest two-phase induction motor. That 2017 crop picture may be seen in the lower-left part of the slide above. In Tesla’s first motor, an invisible magnetic field “rotates clockwise” in four discrete steps, as shown by a small movie provided below:  

Almost exactly one year later on May 26, 2018, the crop artists next drew the four-fold symmetric image of a "rotating dish antenna" in a field at Buckland Down near Cerne Abbas, next to a real broadcast antenna. This was to suggest that they wish to “communicate” with us. Their 2018 crop picture may be seen in the upper-left part of a slide above 

Both field images from 2017 or 2018 fit over one another nicely, and thereby confirm an intention by the crop artists to say that their “dish antenna” is “rotating”, just like for any download of information from an orbiting satellite link, in the same fashion that Tesla’s earliest two-phase induction motor “rotated” with four-fold symmetry. Pretty clever, huh? 

Two important crop pictures near Cerne Abbas in May of 2018, or previously in May of 2017, seem to tell us: “You are free to choose what you wish, but we ask that you not follow the reckless way of life of a warlike man” 

Now what kind of message did they wish to communicate to us, after going to so much trouble? When we studied their field image of a “rotating dish antenna” closely, we found that pointed precisely in the distance, toward the well-known carving of a “war-like giant” on a hillside just east of Cerne Abbas (see buckland down articles   or two related slides below).  

Previously on May 22, 2017, they had drawn the beautiful image of a “risen Christ”, in a field not far from the same “Giant” (see cerne abbas 2017l  ). Yet their field image of the “risen Christ” pointed in another direction: not in this case towards the Cerne Abbas “Giant”, but rather toward a cross-shaped grouping of trees on another hill (please see the several of the last slides near the the bottom of  ).  

So what are they trying to say? It is very simple to understand, if you choose to open your minds and your hearts to their non-verbal forms of communication. First by drawing in 2017 a field image of the “risen Christ”, close to the Cerne Abbas “Giant”, but pointing in a different direction toward a “cross”, they seem to have been presenting us with a choice.  

“Which way of life will you choose, that of Christ or of a war-like giant?”  That choice is illustrated in the upper part of a slide below:  

The “vesical piscis” shape which surrounded their image of a “risen Christ” has two large lobes on left or right. So we can either go to the left and find Christ, or we can go to the right and behave like “warlike giants”. Such a two-lobed shape is called a “mandorla” in Christian religious art.  

Then one year later on May 26, 2018, they drew again near Cerne Abbas the clever image of a “rotating dish antenna”, next to a real broadcast antenna in the landscape there You can see this real broadcast antenna in the lower-right part of a slide posted just above.  

One of four “dish antenna” motifs from that 2018 crop picture pointed precisely toward the Cerne Abbas “Giant” on a hillside just east of the town (as shown also in the next slide below). Thus in 2018, they seem to be “communicating” to us, just like for any download from an orbiting satellite link, the dangers of becoming a “warlike man” with a “huge erection”, rather than following the more peaceful and spiritual path of a “risen Christ”.  

Other possible images of relevance in the broad landscape near Cerne Abbas: should we “walk away from” the life path of a “warlike man”?  

Some of the broad landscape imagery near Buckland Down (with North-Northwest or 340o up, seen using Google Earth) seems to show a large “bird” who is “walking to the left”, and carrying some kind of “rectangular computer device” under his arm: 

Their “radio dish” crop picture of May 26, 2018, and its nearby broadcast antenna, were located in a field just to the left of that bird’s “forehead” or “mind”, in the direction where he is walking. Far to the right, we can see the hillside location of that war-like Cerne Abbas “Giant”.  

One of four “radio dish” motifs from their 2018 crop picture pointed directly towards that “giant” across several kilometres (as indicated by a thin, yellow dashed line). The landscape “bird” (or “bird-priest”?) is advising us quite plainly to “walk away from” the Cerne Abbas “Giant”, or away from the life-path of a “warlike man” with a “huge and constant erection”. 

How could all of this possibly be an “accident”? Can unseen men with “rope and boards” create long-distance alignments in the landscape, which cannot be seen even by drone photography (easily anyway), but only by using Google Earth? Even a golden retriever or border collie could understand what their non-verbal messages mean! That large, metaphorical “bird” in the landscape is trying to communicate to us the dangers of becoming a “warlike man”. Instead we should follow the path of a “risen Christ”.  

Most humans on Earth today seem not to be able to understand non-verbal forms of communication 

Why can’t most humans on Earth today understand such a simple thing? I don’t know. We seem to have lost a lot of our non-verbal, intuitive communication skills through the process of “higher education” in schools, or by watching too much TV. Do not our dogs and cats speak to us by means of non-verbal messages? When a dog wags its tail high and sideways, back and forth from left to right, we know that it wants to be friendly. When a dog bares its teeth, we know that it does not wish to be friendly. “Crop circles” are no more difficult to understand than how we communicate non-verbally with our beloved pets.  

Just as another example, the first crop picture of 2018 appeared on May 8 near Willoughby Hedge. It showed the image of an insect “water strider”. This was apparently a subtle attempt to convey the Christian symbolism of Jesus, as someone who once “walked on water”. In the landscape there, we could see the large metaphorical image of a “water-strider insect” who is “feeding a lamb”. How hard is that to understand?  

Their next crop picture near Ackling Dyke on June 4, 2018 fits nicely over the shape of a crop picture drawn at White Way on June 2, 2018, just two days before 

Such important messages to the people of Earth continued by means of “crop circles” well after May 26, June 2 or June 4, or essentially all throughout the summer of 2018. And most of them seem to have been made by the same (or similar) unseen, paranormal crop artists. For example, their next crop picture near Ackling Dyke on June 4, 2018 (see ackling dyke 2018l  ) fits nicely over the ring-like crop picture which appeared at White Way on June 2, 2018 just two days before, as was discussed near the top of this article:  

Their next crop picture on June 4 near Ackling Dyke actually showed a clever kind of “clock”, which was based humorously on a recent science-fiction movie called “The Arrival”. And it seemed to suggest that the E.T. crop artists may arrive on Earth 3 or 4 years from now in our not-too-distant future. We will present and discuss the possible validity of those other important messages soon.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)







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