Ackling Dyke, Nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset. Reported 4th June.

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A familiar, initiatory, alchemical pattern that speaks of transformations. Alchemy of the seven metals, the Alchemy of the Seven Angels in the Apocalypse of the Earth. We can see the representation of Seven Angels here, with 14 compartments containing spirals of 4 turns. Revelation 14: 4! And look at the little hill, Mount Sion before the 144 000! Revelation 7, the Seal of the 144 000. The seven trumpets have already begun to sound. At first glance, a symbol of the current global process, transformations accelerating, given the prophetic date, May 14, 21 days ago (3x7 = 21)! The aerial map shows a symbol similar to a tie (authority) and the CC appears at the intersection of two highways, A354 and B3081. Cross,  Stamp, Signal in hand and forehead. Rounding. The work of the seven Angels, the Star of Bitterness upon the world. Vortices with four laps, four days, the fourth day will be June 7. Another Seven. Let's see the continuation of this message.


First of all, it is important to know that the seven-pointed star, other than the eight-pointed star, is an initiatory symbol of antiquity, because the number seven was consecrated to God, to the spiritual, and is a number of totality: Seven Days of Creation, Seven Angels, Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets and Seven Bowls of the Apocalypse, Seven Churches and Seven Stars in the Lord's Hand, etc. And in the physical world, seven colors, seven musical notes, seven days of the week, seven metals of alchemy, seven planets, etc. 

Note the prophetic day of Israel, May 14. The Star is enveloped by 14 compartments, and the separate image of each circle and two waves seems to suggest an Angel: the Seven Angels in action in the Alchemy of Planetary Transformation known by the name of APOCALYPSE!

Other crop circles with the Setenary Star have appeared before, and with important messages, I highlighted some models in the Slide.

 Interestingly, last year at Boreham Wood, July, a cube in process of alchemy appeared within the Setenary Star, and today, this symbol seems to me the end result of that process. The spirit rises. Earth is reborn. Codes of Life and rebirth everywhere, insects coming out of the larva, the Flower of Life, the very ARISE code of the 5-pointed star in 2013 (Silbury Hill and the tomb of the divine king) etc ..

The star Sirius has a strong symbolic connection with this septenary symbol. Star of the gods, sign of Light, of Isis, Toth and the Enlightened, the Star of "Bethlehem" who guides the birth of the divine kings on Earth, etc.

The constellation of Orion, with its seven main stars, is one of the constellations representing the ancient gods reborn in the Initiation, and it is now elevated to the Middle of the sky, along with the Sun, at its highest point: get up

The Ackling Dike Star picks up something of the symbolism of that Pentagram-Sun-Moon of 2014, and it represents the sum of two complete aspects (7 + 7), which means complete Alchemy!

The 14 pieces of the body of Osiris that resurrects!

These seven circles on the edges seem to me a reference to the motions of the Moon in the sky in certain positions.

We see 14 sectors at the edges with a 4-turn spiral, and it represents time scale: 4 days, 4 months, 4 years.

Four days, 7 or 8 June.

Four months, October 2018.

Four years, 2022.

There is also an important date: July 13, 2018: Solar Eclipse near the Star Sirius in the sky. And then there will be another eclipse of Blood Moon on July 27!

Apocalyptic signs, and the Spirit of the Lord rises!

And the Apocalypse of the Seven Angels is already happening on the planet, to turn it into cosmic Alchemy!

VIEWING BETTER the Planetary Alchemy of the Apocalypse

Seven Angels around the Earth. Crop Circle June 4th. The Rainbow in the lunar Halo of May 29 in England (Full Moon day)  reported in a crop circle on 2 June. The Earth will accelerate its transformations. Date May 14, 2018, prophetic reference. This Seven Star also seems to represent that humanity has entered the famous Seven Years of Final Transformations!


Looking again at the beautiful Crop Circle Ackling Dike, I recall that I had already spoken about Uranus's seven years on Earth from May 14, 2018, changing sign (from Aries to Taurus), a great coincidence with the prophetic date of Israel and the 70 years of that nation

So I came back to the subject. We know that the URANUS planet moves in each sign in the seven year period, and that, to complete the total cycle of the twelve signs, it takes 84 years (12 x 7). A strong indicator of this number appears in the crop circle. If we look at the 14 compartments better, we will see that each of them has a spiral (symbol of ancient cultures for TIME) and this spiral has 6 total turns (considering the separation sides).

And if we make the simple count 14 x 6, we will obtain the same result of 12 x 7, that is, 84 (years), the period of Uranus. This means that this crop circle associates the influence of the planet Uranus in Taurus to the processes of the Apocalypse (planetary Transformations) associated with the Seven Angels, the protagonists of the Transformation, in the period that goes from 2018 until 2025/6. That is, this crop circle made a combination between the two lines of interpretation, Astrological and Apocalyptic, in a final conception that really points to the accelerated processes that are already happening on the planet on a global scale, and we have all witnessed!


Reviewing the beautiful crop circle of Ackling Dike, on the 4th of June last, we discovered another fantastic Venusian signature. And it begins with the detection of the ornament in the ring of the crop circle, Aztec style, and exactly like the model of some statues of the Aztec god XOCHIPILLI, whose name means THE PRINCE OF FLOWERS.

In addition to this spiral ornament (containing 3.5 laps on each side, joining the seventh upper bar - we have other flowers stylized in the body of the god, in the form of rosettes (flowers of five petals), all representing the planet Venus, which not only for the Aztecs and Mayans, but for the Old World sages, was the symbol of the synodic cycle of Venus in the heavens, every 5 full years on Earth (8 for Venus) when then a rose-pentagram was drawn, with Venus returning to its position.

And at the base of the statue, along with the spiral ornament, is this rosette of five petals, representing then this interesting phenomenon of the planet Venus in relation to Earth, a fundamental base of the Mesoamerican calendar count.

In this crop circle of Ackling Dike, I had seen a format relationship with SEVEN ANGELS, and this comes up again, because the Aztec god XOCHIPILLI, god of music, art, love and beauty, is a perfect replica of ANAEL, Angel of Kabbalah, or CUPID, and Anael-Cupid is precisely the ANGEL associated with the planet VENUS!

Another detail: we have a seven-pointed star, and on the Tree of Life (or Sephiroth) Venus is in the seventh Sephira, called Netsah, the Victory! Many crop circles have inlaid Venusian signatures, demonstrating the origin of the messages!

Tomorrow, 17, Lamat-Venus, Sunday, Lord's Day, a great day for a beautiful Venusian pentagram in the fields ...


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Tixeire Luc

Hi again, could not stop wondering about the recent crop circles and spent the night trying to find some connections. I noticed that the the first and second are apart approximately 24 miles. The third and fourth are also apart approximately 24 miles. Then, the fourth and first are apart approximately 24 miles as well ! Only the fifth is 14 miles from the first, making a possibility that the next one could be just 14 miles apart from any of them. As an example , I suppose that if it is around a triangle between the first and the fifth, then the sixth could well be around the Old Sarum! Other interesting aspects is that the first 3 were connected geographically with electricity poles and towers and the next 2 just by ancient sites. The diameter of the outer ring on Bishop's Cannings Down is similar to the diameter of the circle which appears close to the top of the hill, an unknown ancient site? Finally the magic of the heptagram! Thanks.

Newton Rampasso.


Here are the seven comets destined to strike Earth during the transition phase from our present age to the new age. Each comet is associated with two spirals, probably representing the major and minor fragments accompanying the comet. The spirals are rectangular (also shown in prior crop circles) for ease in creating the crop circle. Spiralling is discussed in Section 7, page 60, of my free e-book. The seven-pointed star represents the debris trails of the comets as the trails become larger when the comets plough through the atmosphere before final impact. It also suggests the violent nature of the impacts. The impact area can be seen in the centre in the Crop Circle Connector photos. The Warning Comet doesn’t impact, but its large major fragment impacts in the Atlantic Ocean.

Kenneth Heck


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Frank Thom

Hello again dear readers and writers,

I have read all of your comments. Many personal views were reported. Here I want to invite you to take a little more deeper view into it.

In my last reports I wrote about a possible 'dialogue' between 'Extraterrestrials' and 'Earth humans' - to exchange the former 'monologue' into an active 'dialogue'. Therefore I've sent out the message 'to need more evidence'. The answer, if we can call it an answer, after some strange circles, was a new crop circle, which by the way is same confusing likewise as the first one. 

Then - so suddenly - there appeared this 'seven spark star' - as to see. And everyone is confused what it is shown here - Seven worlds, seven sisters (Pleiades) and what else - connected with the number seven. Was it been sent as a 'reply' to my former question, then it is clear what's to see. As usual, 'they' act in the knowledge of 'non intervention' - showing a symbolic message instead of a clear message, because following these rules.

So in 'their' view they have sent a very unexpected image - a star with seven spikes, surrounded by signs as 'holy barrier' which on the outer diameter shows seven little circles. But there is much more meaning into the outer little circles. What is it? Look at the whole image, then look the seven outer 'filled' circles: What do you see? It may appear to you as a bit 'strange' because the missing 'sense' of it, but it would be clearly if you would be able to see it with your 'Emotional intelligence' - which I reminded you so often. However, there is no sense to discuss your 'views' unimportant how strange they may appear. So let's focus onto what we have. 

We have a ring with special symbols which are drawn around the star in the centre. But we have too seven little circles outside that 'border' of signs. Try now to see it as ONE. It is clear that the inner seven spike star represents 'something'. Because it is connected with the seven outside 'circles' - by pointing to them. The meaning you ask? Maybe I'm wrong but it is undoubtedly a picture of something 'higher' - or bigger.

The literally translation is this:

"You see a circle with its holy borders. That's the realm of the 'higher council - depicted on the outside of the circle by seven filled circles, each one is depicted by an 'uprising flame' in the middle to show you the real wise and lovely being which is into it. Those beings are not lawyers nor dictators and have nothing to do with something like 'religions'. They act as wise mentors to tell the star people what would be best in any sense to do next. The star people do follow their advices in all ways because they have realised that the advice is always wise and the best......."

And therefore this crop circle was sent to Earth humans for to get an 'inside view' how the whole cosmos really works. Sure - it will be very strange and unimaginable for the living humans, but it doesn't matter at all. It is a sent message to YOU to understand the 'higher mechanics' so to say.

You have no idea, do not understand, even deny this so 'strange' message? Okay, it is YOUR choice due to your Free Will, but obviously you have neither understood the heavenly gift of Free Will nor the responsibility connected with it. In other 'realms' - worlds - there IS a council working, not telling orders how to behave, but telling recommendations for the best outcome, usually NOT grounded in materially greed as it is existent here on Earth.

Have you now understood the message, even when you were unable to 'accept' it? See it as a mirror, which reflects your so poor efforts to get more and more money because your so big and in same time likewise tiny ego, which makes you totally indifferent to facts of dying Earth, the Mother - with all its indescribable BEAUTY. - YOUR choice........the most bad you could chose ever.....YOUR choice - and nobodies else.

The crop circle shows beings of high consciousness, here depicted as 'Seven Wisest' who have their hands into the many WORLDS. Honoured by the countless 'Star people' living beings as you and me, they have realised the wise ness of those beings and following their advices.

And that is it what is shown in this very remarkable crop circle. 

However, I wish you a good time, take care....... 

Gerd E.


On 4th June, 2018 a 7-pointed star crop circle was reported at Ackling Dyke, Nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset. Then, on 13 July, an accident happened in a 4-star hotel Latina, south of Rome, Italy, when a 13-year old girl was sucked in a 20 cm. wide suction pipe drain on the floor (red circle) of the hotel’s swimming pool. She died in the presence of her mother who could not do anything at all to save her. The same star was depicted near the place where she was sucked in. Now is that a mere coincidence given that the 7-pointed star can have many esoteric meanings and is used as a decorative sign in many places elsewhere, or could it be argued that such an emotional event was felt or sensitized by premonitory beings who went public some six weeks before?

Victor Cauchi  Malta

Time for Attunement to the Source

Crop circle at Ackling Dyke, nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, UK. Reported 4th June 2018

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 4 June 2018 is a day with the Solar Seal Red Earth with Tone 13, in the Blue Castle with major energy Yellow Star, in the Yellow Crystal Seed Year (26 July 2017 – 25 July 2018).

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed
Yellow Star
Red Earth
White Wind – the Supporting energy of the Red Earth
Blue Hand - the Challenging energy of the Red Earth

These energies have following qualities

Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Yellow Star – Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
White Wind – Spirit, Breathe, Connection, Communication
Blue Hand – Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing

The Star in the center symbolizes the energy Yellow STAR.

The big outer circle represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH.

In the current Yellow Crystal Seed Year, the Red Earth is the Occult Teacher and rules the period of the last three months of the year: from 5 April until 25 July 2018.

The 7 small circles on the surface of the Earth depict Seeds and symbolize the energy YELLOW SEED.

The 7 Seeds symbolize the humanity. We the people are Seeds of Consciousness, “planted” on the Earth.

The spirals in the boxes on the surface of the Earth depict spirals of Evolution and symbolize again the energy Red Earth – the Energy of Evolution.

Each spiral consists of 4 elements (in darker color on the image), which depict the 4 steps of each evolutionary cycle: Beginning – Refining – Transformation – Ripening.

There are 14 boxes with spirals in total: 7 groups of 2 boxes.
Here the number 7 symbolizes the energy BLUE HAND – Solar Seal No. 7.
The number 2 symbolizes the energy WHITE WIND – Solar Seal No. 2.

Besides, exactly 7 days later, 11 June 2018 is a day with the Solar Seal Yellow Seed with Tone 7, in the 7th column of Tzolkin (the Central Mystic Column).

The circle in the center of the Star symbolizes the Source.
In this circle we can see the depiction of a spiral – like on the Mayan depiction of the Source (Hunab Ku).

The crop circle is a harbinger of the coming energetically most powerful days in the Tzolkin calendar: the 20 days of the Central Mystic Column. This is the 7th column in Tzolkin and corresponds with Tone 7 – the Resonant Tone of Attunement.
In these days we have direct and very strong connection with the Source.

On the formation this is shown as each of the 7 rays of the star points directly to a Seed. As if the energy of the Source pours to each Seed (to each human on the Earth) through the rays of the Yellow Star. This is a great opportunity for each human to achieve progress in his own spiritual evolution!

The authors of the formation have intentionally disposed it near the corner of the field, where a natural depiction of an Eye has been formed. It reminds us of the All Seeing Eye, i.e. of God. This is another way to attract our attention to the coming period, when we have extraordinary strong connection to the Source.

The 20 days of the Central Mystic column are time for resonant Attunement to the Source. It is advisable to take more time for meditation, to connect with the Source for Attunement – to receive codes, help for spiritual development etc.

We can use following affirmations:

I attune myself to the Source.
I attune myself to All That Is.
I synchronize myself with the Source.

The Central Mystic column began on 8 June and continues until 27 June 2018.

I express my deep gratitude to the authors of this magnificent formation and to the photographers of   !!

Maya Todorova




Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike