Willoughby Hedge, Nr Mere, Wiltshire. Reported 8th May.

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Willoughby Hedge: a Bug in Our Ears? 

This initial formation of the spring reminds me of the ‘water strider’, also known as the ‘Jesus bug’. A harmless but useful creature in that it eats other insects, the Aquaris remigis of the family Gerridae must have some other fascinating messages for us as an opening act! Could they be related to the fact that this insect actually walks on water? Is their ability to walk on water a clue for us to begin using our knowledge of natural phenomena and their workings as the basis for sustainable development and growth on the planet? 

Whatever the message, these little creatures are amazing to watch as they skate and dance over the water’s surface! A delight!


Michelle Jennings


Carbon (6 protons + 6 electrons + 6 neutrons), by the electronic arrangement 4-4 in the last layer of atom, becomes the foundation of Organic Life. Hence, he is the builder of the diamond and the forms of life in our world, and the Flower of Life would have to be a perfect hexagon in his memory.

Another important relation appears with the Carbon atom, which has four free electrons in the last layer, and its four sp3 orbitals, on Sigma bonds, form these double-arc patterns according to the illustration of the "insect", which has two  orbitals complete and four in half, totaling (2 + 4/2) = 2 + 2 = 4 orbitals. And the "broken" orbitals of the crop circle would then represent the Carbon cycle itself in Nature in its ceaseless molecular permutations.

In the landscape of the Crop Circle, we see two circles, one with a tree, and the other, empty. As if representing the Carbon Cycle in nature in two words: Life and Death. Or, the molecular polarizations (+) (-) in the structures of organic life. As well as the complex transformations of the larva until arriving at the butterfly (or other insects), which is also birth, death and rebirth. Because all life begins and ends in the Carbon, to start over again! Out of the waters and dissolving in the waters of chaos ...


Communication codes. An insect floating on the water reminds us of an interesting analogy. The astral world is the "aquatic" psyche of the Subconscious. To dream means to be immersed in these waters of Sleep, but the Astral Journey means to float on the waters, with consciousness, thus closing the process of the dream. Sleep is the sea, to dream is to be submerged in the own mental images, memories and desires reflected in the dream, but to float above the waters means to wake up in the Dream and see the landscapes above and beyond sleep, in the conscious astral world above the murky waters of imprecise common dreams. Jesus himself, when he walked on the water, suggested that the Apostle Peter do the same, and as he doubted, he began to sink, when Jesus said, "You are a man of little faith!" Which means that the astral key is simply one: FAITH! This faith that is less than a mustard seed and is inside our heart, waiting to wake up from sleep to move mountains ahead!

"Floating in Sleep ... and waking from the Dream!"

The Expansion of Life

From the "Snow Circle" in the Czech Republic in the shape of a Larva, mid-19.2.2018, until this new crop circle of WilloughbyHedge, 8.5.2018, a larval process was suggested, and the metamorphosis was completed.

In the vertical, the body of the insect (which resembles the body of a butterfly) is complete, but horizontally, there appear to be two cocoons that were opened, cut in half, then forming the hexagonal pattern (Flower of Life) of the image, suggesting then the butterfly exit from its cocoon, from the larva.

Life is a gregarious and collective phenomenon. The tissue of a beehive, the water molecules in the geometry of the snowflake, finally hexagonal carbon (6) molecules and other substances forming cells, forming tissues, forming organs, forming living bodies ... from the heart, the whole nucleus life that associates with other lives and forms lives in more and more complex and elevated patterns!

Detail: 9 months after the crop circle of the crowned Indian, on 7.8.2017, before the same pattern of trees, a living tree and another dead. The rebirth is the main argument of this new crop circle 2018! Broken cocoons, open sepulchres, 11-11, resurrection ... I said a lot about it in 2017! And now, pick up the same point!

'What breaks out on May 14, 2018?

Look at the crop circle of May 8. He is a model of hexagon geometry (6): May 8 + 6 days = May 14, 2018. On this day, Israel turns 70, under the tremendous prophecies of Matthew 24 (2 + 4 = 6, and 8+ 5 + 2 + 1 + 8 = 24). On this day, Uranus enters Taurus, after spending seven years in the sign of Aries (and when he entered Aries, seven years ago on 11.3.2011),  a powerful Tsunami struck Japan.

Volcanoes, earthquakes, cracks and craters everywhere, Earth seems to be in trance ...about to... On June 15, New Moon, enters the month SIVAN in Israel, which means the time or the harvest season. Pentecost will be on May 20, the spiritual harvest. Seven years of the last week of Daniel 9 will now begin?

The insect floats on the water. Daniel prophet spoke of four beasts or animals that would rise from the sea and stand above the sea in a great war. Revelation 13 speaks the same. The insect touches four points of the imaginary liquid ... the larva has broken and the insect has risen to the surface ... could a crop circle appear on this day to fix this prophetic date in our time as a warning? The Star of Israel is a hexagonal model.
Last year, Merkaba 8 (2018?) Appeared in the fields.

Matthew 24 speaks of the Son of Man on the clouds in his Merkabah. Figueira has matured. What will happen in 2018?

What will come on the clouds... Watch the signs!'

The Vibration Phone

Insect with four paws on the water, and if they vibrate, they create concentric circular waves, whose final result, with the process of wave interference, draws the geometric model of the Flower of Life where the body of the insect is in this crop circle ... just a little bit of Oscillation Physics ...

The human heart has four chambers which, in addition to carrying the blood to the body, support the vibrations of the heart muscle that are spread throughout all cells, organs, body and thought. By knowing the vibration of resonance of the heart in the human vocal range, we can amplify all this and obtain a contact with other "flowers of life" (other consciousnesses) because of the geometric expansion of the hexagonal model.
Many crop circles have been repeating this key.

The famous CC of California, USA, 29.12.2013, illustrated the number 192 in three ways: on the date (29.12), the 3 circles around the crop circle, on a disc of twelve positions, and in Braille numbers on what appeared to be an analogy to CHIP.

Chip, telephone, the idea is the same, the conversion of sound waves into electromagnetic fields to communicate information. Among other things, this insect represents our heart vibrating, our Flower of Life integrating with the rest of the Universe via resonance, establishing CONTACT, perhaps, with the authors of the crop circles?

Curiosity: The heart chakra has 12 petals (Hindu representation) and the chakra of the larynx, 16 petals. Interacting with each other, we have 12x16 = 192! Because the known power of the throat is in expanding the vibrations of the heart!

Jonas Passos

Answer given to the topic published about the crossing of universes.

Fernando Ortolá


Bombs No More !!

Crop circle from 8 May 2018 at WilloughbyHedge, nr Mere, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin,
8 May 2018 is a day with the Solar Seal White Dog and with Tone 12, in the White Castle with major energy Yellow Warrior, in the Yellow Crystal Seed Year (26 July 2017 – 25 July 2018).

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed
Red Earth – the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Seed
White Worldbridger – the Challenge of the Yellow Warrior

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
White Worldbridger – Equalize, Death, Opportunity

The big outer circle represents the Earth and symbolize the energy RED EARTH.

The 4 small circles on the surface of the Earth depict 4 “Seeds” and symbolize the energy YELLOW SEED – Solar Seal No. 4.

The big circle is divided in 6 parts through 6 radial elements. The number 6 symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger – Solar Seal No. 6.

The 4 Seeds are connected through bonds in form of bridges, which again symbolize the energy White Worldbridger.  In the center the bonds form a strong knot.

The figure AB depicts a bomb. The four bonds-bridges strike through the bomb.

The authors of the formation appeal to the humankind to abolish the bombs. We have already to be wise enough to solve our conflicts without wars.

The crop circle makers propose us to visualize that the people on the Earth unite themselves, build bridges to each other and achieve together the abolition of the bombs.

The Supporting energy in the Yellow Crystal Seed Year is the Blue Crystal Eagle. We can use this powerful energy of Visualization. Besides, we can use the power of Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of Cooperation.

And in the White Castle we can imagine that with the help of the White Worldbridger we “put to death” the bombs, the aggression.

We can use the energy of the Yellow Seed to Target our thoughts more often on the achievement of Peace on the Earth.

In the Yellow Crystal Seed Year our thoughts are Seeds, which we plant now on the Earth and which shall grow and flower in the next three years.

I express my deep gratitude to the authors of this formation and to the photographer Jane Barford!

Maya Todorova

I think that this crop circle has been made by the ET aliens who are opposed to the very dangerous pro-Jesus ET invaders directed by the Gray Jesus omega, the New messiah of the Christians. This crop circle is like a water strider without some organs : paws, antennas, wings:- Willoughby Hedge 2018

The interplanetary Gray alliance abducts a lot of people, kills some people and kills some animals (cattles for example), harasses some people in their head when they sleep : see www.ufonut.com  , cero-france.com  and Russia's Roswell incident, a book of Paul Stonehill and Philip Mantle roswellbooks.com  for example.

I have learned by a letter of my mother on September 2018, that my father Gérard Bourquin died on 6th August, 2018 (my father is at left on the photography, 2014) : gerard-bourquin-et-guy-roy

I have recently understood that the crop circle near Mere has made allusion to the disease of my father on one side and to the symbolic stone of the house of my parents at Dasle, in France. The mayor of the village has copied this stone for the coat of arms :

The insect in the crop circle is a member of the Gerridae. An anagram of this name is Gerardie like Gérard/die ! The drawing of the insect may be inspired by the symbolic stone of the house of my parents. This animal lives on water and the stone comprises two fishes ! Strangely, GERRIDAE (75999415) = 49 = 7.7. My father died at 77 years !

I don't understand clearly why these ET aliens have done this. Personally, I strongly oppose all contacts with ET aliens.

More information on my blog OLCPIE olcpie.centerblog.net , my videos and my comments on your website. Strong encouragements for all !

Lille, France, 12th November, 2018. Jean-Charles Bourquin, Kalki

A warning from those in the heavens! The decoding is exact

The Crop Circle Date And Place Code
On Tuesday the eighth of May two thousand and eighteen at Willoughby Hedge Near Mere Wiltshire.

Its Decoded Message
Heed, heed!
Many global floods, the water shortage.
Wait, then huge tide!
Yeah, time is running out!

Global Floods
Google and then read, the “Guardian” March 2018, on flooding and heavy rains rise 50% worldwide. Or go on “You Tube” the “Two Preachers” as all the floods that occur worldwide are shown on that site. And also,

The Water Shortage
Google and then read, The “Daily Mirror” March 2018, on the water shortage crisis in London.

Lots of love to you all

From Helen

Dear readers and writers, 

After long time I'm back now. I looked the only one crop circle same as you did. And once more I took a look into the comments. They appear as if written a long time ago.  Obviously you keep on going with your interpretations as always, same as the teacher from older times shows you new images and you simply try to describe of what you see...

So in summary you all stay on your same and old views, your so called perception.

But time goes on and things can easily change into whatever. But you decided to remain in the same old 'views' - to not have learned even the change of times. 

We see an image of a - 'pond skater' - as it seems to be. it stands on four thin legs (shown as four little circles) at the surface of the water.

The pond skater's 'weight' is depicted in the bigger circle.

By the way, this image was been created a time before the actual photographing, because the grass grew longer between the lines.


Now its time to 'translate' this symbolic image:

- You are the 'pond skater' - just to run on the fragile surface of the water = Earth surface, ignoring the truth below the skin, just rejecting the realisation of truth with all its chaos.

It means the massive ignorance about the whole situation, which btw is a sad truth, just for the sake of holding your ego alive, meanwhile the whole nature goes down... 

Whatever the result may be, even when you dispute these clearly visible facts, the truth will remain - as it is so clearly visible with all its extinction, the dying of the marine wildlife, e.g. the Great Barrier Reef, caused by chemical pollution and micro plastic, the melting of glacier ice and more.   

So in short:
"May you feel yourself so safe when walking on your so well known and wrong ways, in every moment you destroy the world more and more.
Therefore we show you the tiny animal called 'pond skater' as it is a typical living insect in your world, in a situation in which everything seems to go fine - at least due to your claims - but lying the truth.
So even the pond skater is threatened by extinction, same as bees, caused by your pollution of environment.
And no any one of you have just eyes for a simple insect called pond skater.
The truth is just in front of your eyes, but you ignore all this.

So what's about the pond skater, what's about yourself in the future?" 

Yes, it tells a lot, this simple image of the pond skater. And tomorrow it can be you, who no longer will be able to walk on Mother Earth's surface, because you will have destroyed it, too.

A tiny pond skater - like a mirror of yourself - that's the message. It seems that nobody wants to just realise this so simple message. 

If you want to write your comments, then please email me:


Gerd E.- 2018-05-18


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Michelle Jennings’ insightful comments always cause me to think, as they have again this time.  But before remarking on them, I’d first like to spend a little time with the observations of Red Collie (Dr. Horace Drew), who cogently noted that the latest crop circle at Willoughby Hedge bears an uncanny resemblance to one laid down at Wooten Wawen, last year.  But ‘why,’ one may ask?  Why have the circle-makers reprised at Willoughby Hedge the triangular symmetry of Wooten Wawen?  Did we miss something the first time?  Certainly, it’s no accident. 

This year’s crop circle at Willoughby Hedge lies adjacent to a living tree (the “tree of life?”) and what appears to be a utility pole; or put another way, a dead tree that however different in purpose and appearance is nonetheless dead(?)  Before dismissing this notion out of hand, recall that the third field element at Wooten Wawen was unquestionably a dead tree.  So, let’s not be hasty. 

Christian symbolism is readily apparent at Willoughby Hedge: the water strider, affectionately known as the “Jesus bug,” enables the viewer to make out, quite readily, the Chi-Rho formed by the body and legs, sacred geometry that also harkens to the seed of life.  And so, return with me, please, to the dead tree/utility pole; is further Christian symbolism to be found here?  If taken as a metaphor for the crucifixion of Christ, or the crucifix itself, how might it speak to us?  Could it be that human ingenuity, bred of hubris, and metaphorically represented by the dead tree/utility pole, has given rise to technological developments that are the antithesis of life-affirming? 

It’s a stretch, perhaps; but to the extent valid, there is reason to think that the circle-makers, in their gentle way, have called attention, yet again, to the stark choice before us: suspend the further development of exploitive, unsustainable technologies—energy consumption and transmission, in particular—that are out of synch with the life-affirming precepts of our planet and Mother Nature, or turn a blind-eye to the clear and present danger (self-inflicted though it is) and risk all.  Furthermore, if we place our faith in the humane precepts we know to be true, then there is cause for hope; but not otherwise; that way lies death and destruction without hope of salvation or spiritual redemption and rebirth.  And if we missed this point at Wooten Wawen, perhaps it’s because the dead tree standing in the field was just that, a dead tree, vice a metaphor for technological crucifixion (which could well explain the circle-makers’ having a second go at it; but I digress.) 

Admittedly, my take on Willoughby Hedge lacks the joyful optimism of Michelle Jennings, who delights in the water strider, and the miracle it represents; even so, her position is remarkably similar in the end; “Would it be reasonable for us as a species that has moved itself so far away from Nature, to now study and try to imitate it in order to achieve results that would support our continued habitation of this planet, yet complement natural processes rather than interfere with them?”  Curiously, it’s as if we reached similar destinations by different routes. 

So, allow me to sharpen the differences just a bit more if I may.  As I see it, the circle-makers have commended an important idea for our joint and individual consideration; not once but twice: to imitate and work in harmony with Nature (dharma) may well lead to salvation, redemption and rebirth—enabling humanity to walk upon waters that would otherwise drown us—whereas, failure to do so will, inevitably, lead to karma of a different kind; the just deserts of hubris. 

John DelCampo Falls Church, Virginia

This crop circle indicates that the two largest comets directed by aliens to strike the earth will possess over two, possibly three, times as much brightness or radiation as seen from the earth as any of the other four comets shown. 

The usual brightness indication is a lens (see GBR (10/08/03), page 177 of my ebook). The brightness increases until it declines as impact approaches.  As is typical for crop circles, the aliens are always economical in their efforts, using as few lines as necessary. 

The four arcs of the four smaller comets are partial lenses employed to show that these comets give off less light than the two largest ones. The straight lines are the comets' trajectories. The actual impact points are shown in the four small outside rings each with a central point. They are outside the largest ring representing the earth since they are located on the non-visible side of the earth. 

The two lenses are composed of two of the smaller arcs (plus trajectory line), plus a space in  between them, signifying a brightness over two times that of any of the smaller comets. 

Starting at the top  the comets are, in clockwise order, E, A, C, B, the Warning comet, and last, D.  

The combined impact area for E and B in the centre of the circle obscures the fact that E actually  hits near the Black Sea and B hits in the Barents Sea in the Arctic. 

Ken Heck



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike