Devil's Den, Nr Clatford, Wiltshire. Reported 20th June.

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Updated  Saturday 30th  June 2018


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Frank Thom


This crop circle seems to me to be the continuation of that earlier, seven-pointed star in Ackling Dike, June 4, 16 days ago (1 + 6 = 7). And if that first one showed Seven Angels sounding seven trumpets, this one seems to show seven bowls in the geometry of the inner cross curves.

And the name of the place where it appeared (DEVIL'S DEN) !!! does not seem to sound like a good omen.

Revelation 16: 1 "And I heard a great voice coming from the Temple that said to the Seven Angels: Go and pour out the Seven Bowls of the Justice of the Lord upon the Earth!"

Like Seven powerful volcanoes pouring red lava of fire on Earth! Continues the language of SEVEN, Planetary Alchemy, Global Transformation, the transition from darkness to light!

But I still expect a positive message today, the Solstice of June, 21! A message of LIGHT and Hope!


The seven triangles at the edge of this new Seven-pointed Star are very reminiscent of the shape of the Great Pyramid, and the 360 ​​° / 7 division is closest to the inner angle of the Khufu Pyramid!

Seven Pyramids, and the Pyramid, greek term, means FIRE IN THE MIDDLE. The inner curves look like bowls, and candle flames, or even fish ... the game of parallel images, shapes, and connected messages is incredible. Also, if we regress in time, in ancient cultures, Pyramids were associated with the resurrection of the gods (Egypt, Mexico, etc.). And Fish, too! The first thing Jesus ate after he was resurrected was bread and fish, when the apostles appeared on the beach. Five Breads and two Fish, that adds seven, the food of the resurrection. Seven angels, seven gods, seven Flame Spirits rising in the world. The flame, the pyramid, the fish. Seven Angels before the Christ. Times of Revelation is fulfilled.

The Seven Pyramids represent ALL THE PYRAMIDS OF THE EARTH ENTERING ACTIVITY ... seven is number that means totality. It is another message of resurrection, of great transformation, as if all the pyramids of the world were built before to filter energies of the Cosmos now, realizing the Great planetary Transmutation! A perfect Alchemy symbol in the vast symbology of the Seven! The Apocalypse is based on the language of SEVEN and therefore speaks of the great transformation of the Earth and humanity, from darkness to light, from death to eternal Life! Therefore, the golden number of Life and Venus is embedded in the angle of the Great Pyramid!

(1 / cos 51.85 = Fi = 1.618!) The eternal life of the god pharaoh to the stars ... by the power of the Seven flames of the candlestick lit on the spine (7 chakras)!


Exploring the geometry of this Heptagram, its intersections and internal points, I counted 42 points marked on the five geometric levels of mandala 7. And to my surprise, I remembered that 42 is the number of Judges of Maat, the Goddess of Truth, before the Court of Osiris (Egypt). A pentagram is found in the marked sectors, and that strange symbol, which resembles a spear, exists even in papyrus of ancient Egypt, as a decoration. Notice the papyrus below. The Judgment hall of Osiris, the Great Father, who decided the fates of the souls of the dead, would rise to the new life or fall into the Abyss. Well, above the 42 judges, we see seven and seven figures of Anubis in the Sphinx form, another Seven according to the Crop Circle of the seven pyramids. And above these 14 Anubis, we see objects, about 80 or 81 objects, which look like spears but which may represent THE SARCOPHAGES of the mummies destined for the resurrection, a role fulfilled by Anubis.

And this symbol is exactly the same that appears at the intersection of the curves of the Crop circle of the Seven Pyramids. The same judgment found in Revelation 20 (and the crop circle is from the 20th) and speaks of the resurrection of the saved and the lost.

What confirms my suspicion: Pyramids were thought of as machines of resurrection and ascension of the chosen souls to the upper worlds of the stars ... Pharaoh's journey!


Compared with Boreham Wood crop circle, July 1, 2017, last year, it has a similar external shape (seven pyramids) and the current crop circle has internally drawn a lotus model with seven petals (the Lotus petal is that one) . Yesterday, 20th, the Moon entered the crescent phase, and as I said in previous slides, in this period, in the sky, three planets would be to the left, and three to the right, and between the constellations of Gemini and Capricorn: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. And the crop circle has seven petals, with the Moon in the center, and growing, like a Lotus that opens and grows the Sunshine of the Solstice. Initiation and Buddhist symbols of Lotus 7.. The transforming (Cube) matter (last year) now becomes a seven-petalled flower, and it opened to the smile of the Crescent Moon on June 20, when this Crop circle appeared, Seven Petals, Seven Planets, and the Moon in the center, crescent!



Combining the crop circles of Switzerland (June 4) and the Netherlands (June 16) and identifying them as astronomical markers, behold they announced to look at the sky on Solstice day, just before him, the 20th, when the Moon entered the Crescent phase. And this new crop circle 7, Devil's Den, on the day of the crescent moon, when the configuration of the SEVEN PLANETS formed in the sky, confirms this call: Look at the sky! Look at the Moon! Because it would be at the exact center of the distribution of the seven "planets" of Astrology, as in the Alchemy Star: to the right and left of the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter, Saturn, Mars. A rare setting coming along with the Solstice, incidentally, the crop circle of Switzerland, June 4, appeared on the same day as the seven-pointed star of Ackling Dike. And the astronomical model of Switzerland, at two angles of perspective, shows the eye observing the motion of the Sun (or moon), whether it is rising in the maximum declination, or entering the new season (Summer, Northern Hemisphere) near the Aphelion. The Dutch pictogram shows the same planetary arrangement 7, centering the Moon and, at the base, a circle surrounded by 10 points, meaning the distribution of the 10 planets around the Earth on the day of the crescent Moon (including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto at seven ).

All these crop circles are saying: LOOK AT THE MOON!





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ZA GBR (18/06/20) The geometrical irregularities for this crop circle imply a man-made origin. The outer ring is the Earth. Seven space vehicles will be used for the seven comets (the center is the conglomerate area of impact for the seven). The partial arcs represent  circles of destruction for the seven comets. The interesting idea here is that each comet will involve two of the space vehicles, rather than only one.

Man-made circles can be surprisingly intuitive, but there is no guarantee they will be precisely correct. Other circles such as GBR (05/07/19), pg. 22, of my free e-book indicate that space vehicles will come in three different sizes, each performing a different function – only one of each size is needed per comet or major fragment. According to USA (04/08/10), pg. 30, and T678, pg. 50, each vehicle will be concerned with three bodies, either nuclei or fragments, from two comets. Download the free e-book at



The seven pointed star is a mystical sign of the Zuni, Hopi, Cherokee, and others of Native America. The Hopi knowledge and prophesies are important in understanding today's world.

Cherokee Medicine wheel

Bear Healing Drum, Cherokee

Sir Joseph Lake Research

Magical connection to the Source

Crop circle at the Devil's Den, near Clatford, Wiltshire, UK. Reported on 20 June 2018

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 20 June 2018 is a day with the Solar Seal Red Skywalker with Tone 3, in the Blue Monkey wavespell, in the Blue Castle with major energy Yellow Star.

Besides, 20 June 2018 is a day of the Central Mystic column in the Tzolkin calendar, this is the 7th column of Tzolkin

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Red Dragon
Red Skywalker
Tone 3
Red Earth – the Guide of the Red Skywalker with Tone 3
Blue Night – the Challenge of the Red Skywalker
Yellow Star – the Occult Teacher of the Red Skywalker
White Worldbridger – the Supporting energy of the Red Skywalker
Blue Monkey

These energies have following qualities:

Red Dragon – Birth, Nurturing, Existence
Red Skywalker – Explore, Space, Wakefulness
Tone 3 – the Electric Tone of Service
Red Earth – Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Blue Night – Dreams, Intuition, Abundance
Yellow Star – Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony
White Worldbridger – Equalize, Death, Opportunity
Blue Monkey – Play, Magic, Illusion

The big outer circle represents the Earth and symbolizes the energy RED EARTH.

The small circle in the very center of the formation represents the Source.

The central figure on the formation is a 7-pointed star, which represents the energy YELLOW STAR.

The star consists of 7 triangles. Each triangle has 3 sides, so the total number of all sides is 21.

The number 7 symbolizes the 7th column of Tzolkin – the Central Mystic column.

The number 3 symbolizes Tone 3 and the energy BLUE NIGHT – Solar Seal No. 3.

The number 21 symbolizes the energy RED DRAGON. Kin 21 in Tzolkin is Red Galactic Dragon.
Red Dragon represents the feminine aspect of the Source, the Cosmic Mother, which “births” all in the Universe.
In the 7 triangles we see bright spots, which give us the impression of stars. So we can say that the 7 triangles depict cosmic spaces which represent the Universe.

The triangles (the cosmic worlds) are connected with each other through bridges, which depict the energy White Worldbridger.

On the day of the Red Skywalker we can walk on these bridges from one cosmic world to the other ;-).

Our mission as Red Skywalkers is to bring Heaven to Earth (i.e. to create on the Earth a beautiful and harmonic world). This is depicted very impressive on the formation: the whole Universe with its cosmic worlds is brought on the Earth!!

All bridges which connect the 7 triangles of the Star (the cosmic worlds), in fact connect these cosmic worlds also to the central Source. On this way is depicted the main task of the Central Mystic Column of Tzolkin: in the 20 days of this column are built channels for direct connection to the Source, these are lines for Attunement to the Source and to All That Is.

When we look at the crop circle under specific angle and by specific light, the bright spots in the 7 triangles of the Star create special, magical visual effects: the figure looks like a sparkling Star! These effects are best to watch at 3:01 – 3:09 minutes of this video by Nick Bull:

Through these amazing magical effects is featured the energy BLUE MONKEY – the Energy of Magic!

In fact, the biggest Magic is Tone 7 itself – the Energy that creates channels for direct connection to the Source. For us, it is wisely to use this magical possibility in order to connect to the Source (to God), to Attune ourselves to the Source. So when we are in sync with the Divine Will, we feel Resonance and Inspiration.

On a day with Tone 3 we try to identify our Service. And the Red Skywalker reminds us, that we are “pillars of the invisible temple which connects Heaven with the Earth”, i.e. we are the living connection between Heaven and Earth. We are channels for the Divine Spirit to influence the Matter. 

I express my deepest gratitude to the authors of this brilliant formation, to the photographers of    and to
Nick Bull for the amazing video!

Maya Todorova


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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike