Woolstone Hill, Nr Ashbury, Oxfordshire. Reported 4th June.

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By combining the images from two different crop pictures at Woolstone Hill on June 4, 2017, or at Fonthill Down on May 30, 2017, then by rotating one image gradually past the other, we can see many different “stages” of a total solar eclipse  

Six large circles along the outside of this new crop picture at Woolstone Hill seem to represent our “Sun”, in six different orbital locations during a solar year. This would be just like for another astronomical diagram which was drawn in crops at Summers Hill on May 28, 2017. Six other large circles along the inside may represent our “Earth”. Six small circles at intermediate distances from the centre may represent our “Moon”.  

This new crop picture is meant to be viewed as “rotating slowly” anti-clockwise, if we follow the visual instructions of a “coiled serpent” motif at its very centre. A similar “spinning flower”, which was drawn in crops at Fonthill Down on May 30, 2017, also appears to be “rotating” anti-clockwise.  

When we look at the large and colourful slide shown above, we may imagine that our “Earth” and “Moon” (two sets of six circles near the centre) are rotating together in an anti-clockwise sense. They will come into alignment with our “Sun” (one set of six circles along the outside) after they rotate by 30o, 90o, 150o and so on. As our Moon comes into alignment with our Sun, as viewed from Earth, we may see many different “stages” of a solar eclipse, some of which were shown above on the left or right.  

Now if we go one step further, and overlap those two crop pictures from Woolstone Hill on June 4, or Fonthill Down on May 30, with one another, then rotate one image gradually past the other, we find a remarkable result.  

Such overlapped images, when coloured blue, seem to show a grey “Moon” moving slowly across the face of a blue “Earth”, as might be seen from the Sun: 

The sense of rotation has been changed here to clockwise, in order to match other clockwise-arranged images from another slide which may be seen at the top of this page. Near the stage of complete Earth-Moon overlap or “eclipse totality” (shown at lower left), we can see a beautiful “six-petalled flower” surrounded by a faint “Seed of Life”.  

Alternatively such overlapped images, when coloured yellow, seem to show a grey-purple “Moon” moving slowly across the face of a yellow “Sun”, as will be seen from Earth on August 21, 2017:  


Again near the stage of complete Sun-Moon overlap or “eclipse totality” (at lower left), we can see a beautiful “six-petalled flower” surrounded by a faint “Seed of Life”.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

This is my interpretation of formation of June 4th at Woolstone hill

This formation represent an orb. But not a regular orb. Outer beings are entering earth since long time ago and during the last ten years they've been arriving using this ORBS transportations that looks like green fireballs. When Green fireball land, large amount of orbs of different sizes are expelled, and every one of them is a different being. I had photograph these orbs in the past and you can find extensive information at youtu.be  Attach is my diagram of the formation where different sizes orbs can be seen.


 Pablo Olivares


Two prior circles are similar to this one (GBR (03/06/15), pg. 93, and GBR (04/07/13), pg. 268 of my free ebook) in depicting three different fragment size levels, each with six fragments. But those circles indicate that the smallest fragments will impact closest to the nucleus. This discrepancy, plus the geometrical imprecision of the present circle, suggests it is possibly man-made. The outer ring is the ring or circle of destruction for Comet E.  The small inner rings are then circles of destruction for the fragments.

Ken Heck 

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We join hands and live in Unity and Cooperation

Crop circle from 4
th June at Woolstone Hill, nr Ashway, Oxfordshire, UK 

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 4th June 2017 is a day with the Solar Seal Yellow Human and with Tone 12, in the Red Dragon Wavespell, in the Red Castle with major energy Yellow Seed.

According to the 13-Moon calendar, this is a day of the 12th Lunar month or 12th Crystal Moon with Tone 12 - the Crystal Tone of Cooperation. The 12th Crystal Moon continues fro 30th May until 26th June 2017.

On 4th June 2017 we have a day with Tone 12 in a Lunar month with Tone 12. Such a day, when the Tone of the day coincides with the Tone of the Lunar month, is called Day of the Magic Turtle. On such a day the power of the Tone is double.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed
Red Dragon
Yellow Human
White Worldbridger
Tone 12
Red Earth - the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Seed
White Wind - the Challenging energy of the Yellow Human

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Seed - Flowering, Targets, Awareness
Red Dragon - Birth, Nurturing, Existence, Memory
Yellow Human - Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
White Worldbridger - Equalize, Death, Opportunity
Tone 12 - the Crystal Tone of Cooperation
Red Earth - Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
White Wind - Spirit, Breathe, Connection, Communication

The circle “D” in the center of the formation symbolizes the energy RED DRAGON - Solar Seal No. 1 - the feminine aspect of the Source, the Cosmic Mother. Probably it is no coincidence, that the formation is situated near a small hill named Dragon Hill!

All other circles on the formation depict Seeds and symbolize the eergy YELLOW SEED. The Yellow Seeds are we, the people on the Earth. In the first castle of the Tzolkin Module we begin as new Yellow Seeds to learn and assimilate the cosmic energies, which help us do develop our Consciousness.

The whole crop circle represents the Earth, symbolizing the energy RED EARTH. The 6 circles “Н” on the outer periphery look like Seeds, which are planted in the Earth, they lie under the Earth’s surface.

From the Source D emerges a spiral of White energy, symbolizing the energy WHITE WIND - the Energy of Spirit, of Connection. This energy encompasses each Seed, it inspires the Seeds and connects them.

On a hill nearby can be seen the figure of a White Horse. This is already a third formation in this year, which is located near a depiction of a White Horse. In all three cases on the crop circles is depicted the energy White Wind. Obviously, the authors of the formations see a relation between the energy White Wind and a White Horse. The White Horse is a wonderful symbol for the energy White Wind! Poetically we can say, that the horse runs like the wind, and vice versa, the Wind runs like a horse ;-). 

The Seeds are of two different sizes. The bigger Seeds vom type  “Н” are 12: 6 on the periphery and 6 round the center D. The number 12 symbolizes Tone 12 and the energy YELLOW HUMAN - Solar Seal No. 12.

The smaller Seeds of type “W” are 6. The number 6 symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger - Solar Seal No. 6.

The 6 circles “Н” round the center “D” and the 6 circles “W” depict human figures: the circle “W” is the head and the circle “Н” is the body. The humans stay hand in hand, united through the energies White Wind, White Worldbridger and Tone 12 - the Crystal Tone of Cooperation. The arms of the people look like Bridges, which the people have build to each other. So united, the people form an amazing Flower! What a wonderful vision!!

The authors of this formation propose us on this day with Tone 12 and during the 12
th Crystal Moon of Cooperation to visualize that we, the people on the Earth, join hands, build bridges to each other, live in Unity and Cooperation and so achieve Prosperity (Florescence)!

Deep gratitude to the authors of this inspiring formation and to the photographers of www.cropcircleconnector.com !!

Maya Todorova 







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