Waden Hill, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd April.

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Was a hint of “extra dimensions” drawn in crops at Waden Hill on April 22, 2017? And why was it drawn so as to point at Avebury Ring, not far away?  

A new crop picture which appeared near the top of Waden Hill on April 22, 2017 shows a small “cube” at its centre, plus six “lunar crescents” which swirl anti-clockwise around the outside. These two motifs together provide a visual impression of some “extra dimension”, into which that small “cube” might be falling (see www.youtube.com or www.youtube.com or www.youtube.com).  

But why was this crop picture drawn so as to point at Avebury Ring, not far away? As shown in the slide below, an upper “edge” of that small “cube” points in the landscape toward the very centre of Avebury, an alignment which has been marked using a white dashed line:  

This is a question which we will explore further below. First we need to look for evidence as to whether the new crop picture at Waden Hill was made by unseen visitors from some other space, time or “dimension”, or rather by local people on the ground.  

Was the new crop picture at Waden Hill made using “patterned energies” or by “rope and boards”?  

The lay of fallen oilseed rape plants in aerial photographs of Waden Hill seems somewhat less tidy, than in aerial photographs of two crop pictures which appeared previously near Cherhill on April 17 or Tarlton on April 18. How can we judge whether this new crop picture at Waden Hill might have been made using “paranormal energies”, or rather by “rope and boards”?  

One good way to decide upon the authenticity of a crop picture made in April is to examine, closely on the ground, how those tall, thick stems of yellow oilseed rape were actually flattened. Ground photos taken by a local investigator, Clare Kingston, do not seem to support a “rope and boards” hypothesis in this case (see wadenhill groundshots). She commented privately: “I went there this morning, and the lay of fallen plants was fairly flat near the ground. Yet I saw no breakages at the bases of plant stems. This is the best example I have seen in oilseed rape.”  

Another experienced investigator, Gary King, has made an excellent video concerning the ground lay of oilseed rape plants at Waden Hill (see time 4:30 onward of www.youtube.com). He comments: “The first stems I look at are not broken at their bases, and there are no discernible ‘scrape marks’ to be found, anywhere up the stems. When we look across at other stems, we can see that those stems are not broken at their bases either. They are kind of ‘bent over’ into a curved shape. There are no ‘scrape marks’ or ‘crushing marks’ on those plant stems, that you would normally associate with pressing down by a board.” 

This crop picture was drawn along the side of a steep hill, which is uncommon for man-made fakes. Also its central “cube edge” aligns precisely with a small, permanent ground feature of Waden Hill, which is located just behind the crop picture (as seen from Avebury Ring) at latitude 51.4218o N, longitude 1.8521o W. That ground feature (which may be seen easily in the drone videos linked above, or by using Google Earth) lies directly along an extension of that white, dashed line, shown in a slide above.  

Given such compelling (although indirect) evidence that the new crop picture at Waden Hill on April 22 may have been made using “patterned energies”, rather than by “rope and boards”, we will proceed to study it further in symbolic terms. What are the crop artists trying to say?  

The hint of a “cube” passing into or out of “extra dimensions”  

Six swirling “crescents”, drawn around the outside of this new crop picture at Waden Hill, help to provide a visual impression that the small “cube” might be “sinking into”, or else “emerging from”, an unseen portal or “wormhole” to other dimensions (see Is-universe-littered-WORMHOLES-Supermassive-black-holes-laced-dark-matter-produce-tunnels-space):  

One of my friends (B.H.) commented using a metaphor from the TV series “Star Trek”:  

“The new crop picture looks like a ‘Borg cube’ coming out of a wormhole!” 

Why should the small “cube” from this crop picture point toward the centre of Avebury Ring nearby?  

Did those unseen crop artists point their new field diagram toward Avebury Ring nearby, in order to suggest that they intend to arrive soon near Avebury, or somewhere in southern England, by means of a spacetime wormhole? Or alternatively, did they point their new crop picture toward Avebury, in order to get us thinking about “four-dimensional cubes” and “extra dimensions”?  

When we look down on the new crop picture from above, we can see the “vertex” of a three-dimensional cube, which is shown in the top part of a slide below. Each vertex of a three-dimensional cube contains three lines, which protrude at 120o angles in this perspective away from a common centre:

Now when we look down on Avebury Ring from above, which is where the small “cube” in this crop picture points, we can see a complex arrangement of four small, white roads, which lead in or out of the town centre. These are shown in the bottom part of a slide above.  

Those four roads seem to resemble the vertex of a four-dimensional cube, which contains four lines that protrude at tetrahedral angles in this perspective away from a common centre (see www.urticator.net/maze/note-tess2).   

A very similar crop picture appeared on top of Waden Hill in April of 2008 

A very similar crop picture was drawn in yellow oilseed rape near the top of Waden Hill on April 19, 2008. There it showed a small “circle” rather than a small “cube” at its centre. Six “lunar crescents” rotated clockwise, rather than anticlockwise around the outside (see www.lucypringle.co.uk).  

Both crop pictures were centred on the same tramline, as three inward from the closest edge of the field. Both crop pictures were of the same size, or slightly more than two tramlines wide. Those two crop pictures were drawn in slightly different places along the third tramline, so the 2008 version looks almost like a “mirror image” of 2017.  

Are “crop circles” being sent to us as “messages” by advanced species who live in other dimensions than our own?  

Many different crop pictures have shown images related to “extra dimensions” (see fringe2013b). Perhaps such extra dimensions of space and/or time really exist?  

If certain advanced species, who live in another space or time than our own, have developed “wormhole” technologies which make it possible for them to send “messages” across to other dimensions (see www.youtube.com), might such a theory explain the mysterious “crop circles”?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)   

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