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Updated Tuesday, 10. October 2017 12:30:01

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Zollikofen, Switzerland. Reported 1st October 2017

A Grass Pattern

Horace R.Drew alerts us to this grass circle reported on the 1st of October, 2017, at Zollikofen in Switzerland. Check out the short video within this article in German. (Freeze frame from the video):

Monarch's Way, Nr Wootton Waven, Warwickshire. Reported 7th August.

Map Ref:- SP1648463299

There is a circle at Wooton Waven near Stratford. About a 100ft across, funky lay and it interacts with the tree.


'Blue dot. No ground photo's sorry.

Rising to New Heights: The Anthem Corn Maze

Un mystérieux crop circle apparaît dans un champ du Val-de-Ruz

Google Translated.

Unusual - Did the Martians choose the Vaudruzian lands for the holidays? Extraterrestrials or not, an unusual phenomenon called "crop circle" appeared on Sunday in a field of wheat, towards Fontaines. 

Sunday evening, a resident of Val-de-Ruz made a mysterious discovery while walking his doggie in the vicinity of Fontaines. A crop circle, for a circle of cultivation, has curiously appeared in a field of wheat. If the ears were laid in a circular and precise manner, on the other hand, its shape is very approximate. 

"Something strange caught my eye in this field." The Vaudruzien then approached and as incredible as it seems, he saw the enormous geometric pattern, also called agroglyph. "My dog ​​reacted oddly, it was all agitated."

Act of vandalism 

Manifestation of the afterlife or agro-artistic hoax? The fact remains that the cereal operator who operates the land did not know this Tuesday morning. It cannot be explained why a crop circle more than 35 meters in diameter has landed in its field. In his eyes, it is nothing more or less than an act of vandalism. "More than 900 square meters of damn wheat," laments the farmer. 

According to the communications officer of the Neuchâtel police, Georges Lozouet, the most likely explanation lies in the clandestine visit of jokers during the night. That said, if no complaint is filed, the case will remain without action on the part of the police. 

And to point out that at the end of June, a crop circle appeared in a field in the canton of Friborg. Much more complex than that at Val-de-Ruz, it had the shape of a hand spinner. Perhaps the beginning of a series of agroglyphs in French-speaking Switzerland?

Plethora of theories 

The first agroglyphs were observed in the late 1960s in Anglo-Saxon countries. Plethora of theories have been elaborated to explain the presence of these unusual figures. Natural origin of the kind of wind swirls or lightning in ball. Not to mention the extraterrestrial hypothesis that inspired directors. 

The most rational explanation, however, is that crop circles are human creations, which are either jokes or Land art.

I have worked as a psychiatric nurse for the past 48 years and I'm currently working at Langdon Hospital, Dawlish, Devon. (EX7 0NR) For the past several weeks as I drive to work on Exeter Rd, I observe a crop circle right next to the road, about a quarter mile from the hospital entrance. I'm wondering if there has been any awareness/photo's of this crop circle. I haven't been able to find any news or photo's of it at all, but would love to do so.

Colin McCarthy

My husband and I went to Dawlish and tried to take some photos of the rumoured cc. It was quite over grown and 'scruffy' looking with no clean lines. There did feel like there was some energy in  the part we managed to go into and my pendulum responded thus.I have attached the photos that we managed to take, I would be curious to see it from above. I have also taken some pictures of the sign posts around for positioning.

Lisa Gatt.


UPDATED:- 03/06/2017

Piero Odetto's farm, Scalenghe, Italy. Reported 28th  May 2017

Copyright: facebook/Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

Madron Holy Well, Cornwall. Reported 28th April 2017

Grass Pattern

Diagram Copyright 2017

Carmen de Areco, Argentina. Reported 11th March 2017

Luis Delgado Salez posted to  us this update on the recent crop circles in Carmen de Areco, Argentina with this article in Spanish with photos within it:…/carmen-areco-convulsionada-supuesta…

Irene Carmen Bugarin posted to us news of a new crop circle formation in Carmen de Areco, Argentina. Reported on the 11th of March, 2017. The article is in Spanish with photos and a video within it:…/ovnis-en-carmen-de-areco-el-int…

Three brown circles were found in natural grass at the end of an airplane club landing strip, near Carmen de Areco in Argentina on March 17, 2017: the Roerich “Banner of Peace”?  

Three brown circles were drawn (or appeared) in natural grass, close to the end of a grass landing strip for a local airplane club, 5 km southwest of Carmen de Areco in Argentina on March 17, 2017.  

Those three circles were located on the northern side of the Route 7 motorway, or at the southwest end of that grass landing strip, near latitude 34.420o South and longitude 59.875o West:  

For more information, please see crop-circle-mystery-stirs-sleepy-argentine-farm-town or

The relative simplicity of form, for these three circles, suggests that they may have been made by local humans rather than by visiting extra-terrestrials? Yet in either case, they seem to show the famous Roerich “Banner of Peace”:  

That ringed, three-circle image has been a favourite symbol of “peace” or “UFO” activists in South America recently, for example of Paola Harris and friends in Argentina during 2014:  

A possible symbolic implication of these “three circles”, drawn at one end of an airplane club landing strip, might be that friendly extra-terrestrials will “land soon” and “bring peace”.

One might wonder why this three-circled Roerich “Banner of Peace” was drawn slightly offset by 30o anti-clockwise, from the length of the grass runway where it was found? When we study its field location using Google Earth, we find that the offset alignment of those “three grass circles” matches approximately the triangular shape of three large clumps of trees further to the left in the landscape, marked with white outlines in a slide below:  

All of these white “landscape” or yellow “grass runway” circles seem to lie within the outlines of a much larger “coiled serpent” shape, which may be seen using Google Earth, just south of the town of Carmen de Areco, after rotating the map clockwise by 90o.


Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

A new advertisement for “Asashi” beer in South Australia! How long and how many people did it take to create this large but simple crop picture, while working in broad daylight?  


Answer: it took a professional team of 40 surveyors or other experts one full week, working in daylight, to create this advertisement for Japanese “Asashi” beer in barley. They used tractors and drones and paint, as well as GPS and strings and stakes and planks.  


Such efforts are admirable, but would certainly seem to set a much-lower limit on what could be achieved, silently in darkness over a few hours, by a small group of men with planks in the fields of England in mid-summer.  

In other words, such manual efforts, however expert, cannot possibly be responsible for many large and complex crop pictures which have appeared silently in England or Europe, in darkness over just a few hours, with no humans seen in the those fields or nearby. The experiment has been done (please see also fringe2013s).  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)




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