Cherhill White Horse, Nr Calne, Wiltshire. Reported 16th April.

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Tick, tock, the “swinging pendulum of a clock”: how much longer will it be until we see a metaphorical “white horse” in Earth’s skies?  

The unseen crop artists, whether human or otherwise, may have had a definite intent when they drew a crop picture in yellow oilseed rape near the Cherhill White Horse on April 17, 2017 (see or or or  

What could that enigmatic field image be trying to tell us? Several different interpretations (involving astronomy or optics) have been considered and discussed. Yet we feel now that the best and most accurate interpretation of that new crop picture might be as the “swinging pendulum of a clock”: 


Indeed, a small, ringed circle near the top of that crop picture was drawn slightly offset to the right, relative to several long vertical lines in its centre, or relative to a small standing tuft (marked with a white dashed line), which defines the centre of another symmetric circle which might have been drawn there.  

Such an offset circle gives the visual impression of “rotary motion” around that small standing tuft, which is also the motion of a “swinging pendulum” within a clock:   

There now seems to be widespread agreement in the crop-circle community that this is the most plausible interpretation of that Cherhill crop picture from April 17, 2017.  

How did those crop artists get the idea of drawing a “pendulum” in that particular field, notably one which points in the landscape (see cherhill comments) towards a nearby Cherhill “White Horse”?  

We cannot know for sure, but may plausibly speculate that they noticed a large monument on the hill behind (see Lansdowne_Monument) which resembles the shape of a “pendulum”. It shows a long thin tower and a broad, heavy concrete base:  

A small standing tuft near the top of this crop picture lines up with that “pendulum shaped” monument on top of the hill behind. Meanwhile a much larger set of circles (and a “lunar crescent”) near the bottom of this crop picture line up with the Cherhill White Horse, close to the top of another hill on the left.  

“Tick, tock, a horse ran up the clock”  

Perhaps that “swinging pendulum of a clock” is now counting time until some important event in the near future on Earth? How much longer will it be until we see a metaphorical “white horse” come to our rescue in Earth’s skies?  

Another small crop picture near Tarlton in Gloucestershire on April 18 shows the same “lunar crescent” motif which was drawn at Cherhill on April 17, and shows no mechanical damage whatsoever within its patterned crop 

As I write this, another small crop picture has appeared in yellow oilseed rape near Tarlton in Gloucestershire (see or Tarlton). Part of this new crop picture is shown in a photograph below, courtesy of Mr. Gyro:  

This new crop picture near Tarlton on April 18 shows essentially the same “lunar crescent” motif which was drawn at Cherhill on April 17. Furthermore, it shows no mechanical damage whatsoever within its patterned crop. Mr. Gyro comments privately as an eyewitness observer: “Nothing seems to be damaged or broken. It seems to have no damage at all. It is as if the pattern has been grown into the crop.”  

Given the close similarity of these two field images, which appeared 30 km away from one another in Gloucestershire or Wiltshire on almost the same day, and a complete absence of mechanically-damaged crop in the field image near Tarlton (while the other field image near Cherhill shows many uncrushed yellow flowers, yet has not been inspected closely by a wide range of independent observers), one might conclude logically that both field images could be “paranormally real”, even if some debunkers and/or sceptics choose to argue otherwise.                                                                                                                                 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. Many thanks to Hugh Newman, Matthew Williams and Mr. Gyro for aerial photographs of the two crop pictures shown, and to Alberto Nardin or Clare Kingston for suggesting the interpretative concept of a “pendulum”.





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