Piero Odetto's Farm, Scalenghe, Italy. Reported 28th May.

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Ground photographs show a severely crushed lay of fallen plants within the new crop picture in Piedmont south of Turin on May 28, 2017, as compared with a largely-uncrushed lay from a stylistically-related crop picture near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015, where most small, green plants were left undamaged and completely standing  

A reliable source informs us that this new crop picture in Piedmont was made by Francesco Grassi, along with approximately two dozen workers, after making a contract with the farmer for use of his land. This would be close to the large financial scale of an “Asashi beer” advertisement in south Australia, described elsewhere on “Rumours” 2017.  

As shown in ground photographs posted below, the soft green plants in this new crop picture were severely crushed downward by the forces of wooden planks and/or heavy pairs of footsteps. There seem to be no “woven” patterns in its fallen lay. We can only see an overall outline of “standing crop versus fallen crop” from the air:  

By contrast, most of the small green plants were still left undamaged within a stylistically-related crop picture near Torino Airport on June 23.2015. The fallen brown wheat there was also swirled into attractive patterns (see Aeroporto groundshotsl or Aeroporto field reports).  

Some parts of that 2015 crop picture showed symbols where no one could possibly have walked, for example 50 “small triangles” within standing crop around its inner two “rings” (see Aeroporto 2015). The new crop picture in 2017 shows no symbols where human plankers could not have easily walked. Three “small triangles” close to its centre were drawn next to large open spaces of fallen crop.  

Ground photographs taken by Steven Grant, at Summers Hill in England on the same day of May 28, 2017, illustrate the difference between a “real” crop picture and a human-made “fake”. No one walked on the crop at Summers Hill, where many stems or heads of soft green barley have been left delicately standing:    

Finally, this new crop picture in Italy on May 28, 2017 shows a message in 8-bit ASCII code which is purely meant to debunk many real, non-human-made crop pictures, which have appeared elsewhere across Italy or Europe:  

“This is not a circlE!”  

Those 17 letters may be read in circular form as: “This is not a circle ET!” 

Although some people might be misled by the stylistic similarity of those two crop pictures near Turin in 2015 or 2017, to assume that the “same artist” made both of them, the detailed facts tell a different story. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



"This event would be TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to construct IN REALITY whether at night or in the day within the described time parameters if attempted by humans. Please believe me when I say these 'human' claims are not based on grounded reality and the people involved have to be either ill-informed, have not done their homework or have agenda..logic, known science, math and common sense dictate this...not just my opinion. These claimers/reporters offer no proof to substantiate their position in any way; they are just expecting the world to merely believe them on face value.

Note the beautiful ground lay of the crop, especially in the 3-fold, curve-edged triangle  elements...as good as I've seen!


 Please read my 'Professionally Prepared Report' article   that substantiates my position. I do not submit opinions as they are subjective and of no value in a research setting. Just to say, I live in the real world not one of speculation and fantasy! 

Also read: 'Witnessed Event...' article.   The first report references the objective professional judgement/view of a large company of Chartered Surveyors I personally commissioned to make a report on the construction of a large hypothetical complex pattern on the ground. They make it quite clear just how challenging such constructional tasks would be in reality describing the process necessary using high-tech apparatus (TST) which is the only way possible to sensibly attempt such tasks. 

The second article recalls my witnessing and documenting of a rare human CF event in Salthrop, Wiltshire, made for a debunking documentary. As said, humanly instigated events are extremely rare in truth. 

This latest Italian event is clearly the most significant and important one of the season so far. It is linked to  others in Italy, also of major importance. The formation of Torino, 2015 attached, decoded to: "Beware ET bearing gifts" is very similar, from the same 'family' ".


Thank you for reading. 

Paul Jacobs. https://www.coregroupinitiative.com/home

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