Stroud Green, Nr Hawkwell, Essex. Reported 21st July.

Map Ref: TQ857907

Updated  Monday 31st August 2015


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A brilliant and clever “visual puzzle” was drawn at Stroud Green on
July 22, 2015 concerning spacetime physics

A new crop picture at Stroud Green on July 22, 2015 seems to have little or no meaning on its own, as it was drawn in the field. Yet once we spilt the crop picture into two mirror-halves, using Photoshop, then reconstruct a complete image from each half (left or right) separately, we can see two distinct and clear images, as shown in the slide below 

One side of this crop picture, after reconstruction, shows a “worm with two eyes” emerging from a spacetime “white hole”: 

The other side of this crop picture, after reconstruction, shows the “back of a man’s head”, as he is passing through the event horizon of a spacetime “black hole”.  

Both sides of the reconstructed crop picture show “kite” geometries, as were used at Newton Barrow on June 15, 2015, or at The Avenue on June 23, 2015.  

This mirror-plane method of reconstruction was the same as that used to study a “rabbit” or “hare” at Alton Barnes on July 14, 2015. The underlying message of that crop picture was equally humorous: “black holes have no hare!” 

Most people do not know about “white holes” or “black holes”, so it seems useful to show two explanatory movies below.  

This first movie shows the bipartite geometry of a “white hole”, along whose vertical rotation axis a “worm with two eyes” is emerging: 

This second movie shows the spherical geometry of a “black hole”, into which our friend seems to be falling, so that we can only see the “back of his head”:  

These descriptions are not precisely accurate in a technical sense, but help us to understand what the crop artist is trying to say.  

When we looked in the landscape (using Google Earth) to see where this crop picture was drawn, we saw a large white symbol for “pi” nearby, consistent with its date of appearance as 22 / 7 (which approximates pi).  

We could also see the humorous landscape image of a “horned serpent”, who is passing through this series of spacetime wormholes, in order to strike a “fat man” in the stomach with his snout!  

Will we see a real “horned serpent” pass through a black hole soon, in order to reach Earth, then emerge from a white hole on the other side? If such a miraculous event does happen, you heard about it here first on Crop Circle Connector. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Tixeire Luc

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Artwork WJ

Giving birth to the year zero on March 1, 2016 

The binary ASCII code 

The formation contains several hidden binary codes, known as ASCII. A letter in ASCII consists of 8 digital digits (0 or 1). However, in standard ASCII, the leading digit is always 0, thus there are only 7 significant digits. Referring to an ASCII-table, the following figure shows the results:

The outer part reads a letter I.

The centre part reads a letter m.

This produces the result “I’m” or “I am”.

Note that each letter at the same time represents a word. The square in connection with two additional lines (almost merged together) that cross the centre and start from and end on the same point, seem to produce an additional character (or word?). However, there are only six lines of approximately equal length; these lines correspond with six, instead of seven digits. This problem can be solved, when we realize that the digits are fully symmetrical (like is the case for the letter I). This means that there is not only an additional leading 0 (like all characters in standard ASCII), but also an additional trailing 0; the leading and trailing 0 are also represented by the two circles in the centre of the formation. The result produces the letter Z. As the Z is connected with the circle and in this formation, each set of digital digits seems to represent a word, the Z very likely refers to Zero.

There are more hidden characters in the formation, which can be found by splitting up the circle. This results in two times four bits:

However, there are theoretically four possibilities, that are dependent on the fact whether we read clockwise or counter clockwise and whether we read first the inside and then the outside, or the other way around. One possibility can be left out of consideration, because this starts with a 1, while standard ASCII characters always start with a 0. The result leads to the possible letters g, v and n. This result is very illuminating when we realize that all these possibilities should be combined, while the fact that there is no vowel is simply solved by the realization that the formation only produces one vowel, namely the I. This results in the word giving

Combining the results: I am giving birth to the year zero (March 1, 2016) 

Hence, we found: “I am”, “Zero” and “giving”. When we combine these results, we get a sentence like: I am giving Zero. However, this is a literal “translation”. If we realize that the zero symbolizes nothingness out of which everything is born and to which everything returns, it is clear that the true meaning is:

I am giving birth” or “I am giving birth to zero” or “I am giving birth to the year zero”.

In case that you think that this is still speculative, it is noteworthy to realize that the formation was found at a cemetery, which symbolizes death and (re)birth!

The square within the circle represents the four seasons of the year. The meteorological spring starts on March 1 and the two circles within the square and circle represent the months of January and February. In other words, the birth of the year zero does not start on January 1, but March 1, 2016, after the leap day. This is fully in line with the information of other crop circles this year. 

The formation creation date 

The formation was reported on Tuesday, July 21. This is in line with the square and 7 or 8 bits of ASCII, because this date fell exactly 4 × 8 weeks before Tuesday, March 1, 2016, the start of the year zero. There is also a connection with the triple 1 around the edge of the circle, because the creation date also fell exactly 3 × 4 × 7 weeks before the end of the year zero on February 28, 2017. 

Marc Smulders




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