Dondukovskoy, Adygea, Russia. Reported 7th June

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A new crop picture at Dondukovskaya in Russia on June 7, 2015 shows a triangular section from the “Golden Rectangle” of sacred geometry, as a right-angle triangle with three sides of relative length 2, the square root of 5, and 3. This special triangle resembles the landscape image nearby of a “man walking up stairs” to live on Earth, after landing in the near future. 

A new crop picture near Dondukovskaya in Adygea, Russia is very important, because it seems definitely not to have been made by local humans on the ground. Also it received widespread attention in the mainstream media worldwide (see crop-circles-drone-footage or or  

When we study this crop picture in a “direct overhead” view, which has been carefully adjusted to make all of its largest circles perfectly “round”, we can see the outline of a right-angle triangle from geometry. This right-angle triangle has three sides of relative length 2, the square root of 5, and 3, as determined by careful measurements from the aerial photograph as shown:  

After some study, we learned that this “triangle” forms part of the “golden rectangle” from sacred geometry (see Golden_rectangle):  

Several associated details of the crop picture support this interpretation. For example, one large circle on the left shows “2 rings” to restate the number “2”. Another large circle on the right shows “3 rings” to restate the number “3”. Its right-hand side shows “5 circles” in total to restate the number “5”.  

At the very centre of its largest circle (with 3 rings), a narrow hole was drilled into the ground about 18 inches deep. That “hole” lies exactly at the base of this right-angle triangle, where its 90o angle would be located (indicated in the slide above by a small “black dot”).  

Its right-hand side also shows 3 “internal dots”, as well as 3 “half waves”. These end with the humorous image on top of a “bird”, with its “beak” poked out to the left! What might such colourful imagery signify? It looks almost as if a “snake” is “slithering” up a “ladder”.   

In order to assess more accurately why this particular crop picture was drawn in this particular field, we studied its approximate field location using Google Earth. Our information about how this Russian crop picture fits into the local landscape remains limited. We can only estimate its approximate field location, while the latest images on Google Earth show most of this area covered in snow.  

Nevertheless, the image shown in this new crop picture does resemble another distinct landscape image nearby, of a “man walking up stairs” (formed by a long line of singly-planted trees):  


This man seems to be “walking up stairs” in order to leave his landed spacecraft, while leaving behind a quiet life of “books and computers” to live on Earth:  

Just below and to the left, we can see a landscape feature which resembles the “Pyramid of Kukulkan” in Chichen Itza, along with its famous “serpent”, which is “slithering down” some stairs on the left.  

When we flip this crop-landscape image over, we get a real surprise! Now we can see the humorous image of a “grey alien” who is walking down some stairs from his landed spacecraft, to “take over” planet Earth:  

Is the crop artist trying to show us two possible futures for planet Earth? In one possible future, that “man” will walk up stairs from his landed spacecraft, leaving behind books and computers, in order to enlighten us concerning topics such as “golden rectangles” or sacred geometry. In the other possible future, that man does not land: then planet Earth will be taken over by the “grey aliens”, who already have a foothold on this planet. Surely this man would be no other than “Kukulkan”, also known as “Quetzalcoatl” or “Pahana”?  

A similar “choice” was carved long ago by the Hopi people into their “Prophecy Rock” (see They are likewise waiting for Pahana, who will be their “True White Brother”.  

Or as “September” told “Walter” on the TV science-fiction show Fringe: “Various possible futures are happening simultaneously. I can tell you all of them, but I cannot tell you which one will come to pass” (see Which possible future will we choose?  

Many other clever landscape symbols may be seen close to this new Russian crop picture, by a careful study using Google Earth. One compares this “landing” to a radio broadcast by Orson Wells in 1938 at the Mercury Theatre, when he told a fictional story of “Martian invasion” which panicked millions of Americans, who took it seriously.  

Another landscape image shows a priest-like figure stretching out his arms, glad to be on Earth again, with a big letter “L” on his chest for “love”. Yet another image compares the grey aliens to “bandits”. We can also see two numbers “6” and “7” nearby in the landscape, as the date when it was made. Many other fields from the same area have a general shape of a “golden rectangle”.  

There does seem to be the possibility that some of these colourful images are not natural, but were patterned into the landscape last winter, in anticipation of making a wonderful “golden rectangle” crop circle on June 7, 2015.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



On the comments page of this Russian Crop Formation Dr. Horace R. Drew shows us that there is a man in the land that is walking up a ladder. So I decoded this and for those who are interested this is what is hidden within. <!--[endif]-->

This decoding is again exact as there is not one letter left over.

The Code

Why on Russian land is there this image of a man walking up a flight of stairs?

Its Decoded Message

In the sign is a mighty god.

It affirms a final usurp.

So earth shall now awaken.

All my love to you all

From Helen

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