Berlin Brandenburg, Nr Berlin, Germany. Reported 8th June.

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Updated Thursday 11th June 2015


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A 12-pointed “star” was drawn in crops at Brandenberg on June 8, 2015, close to the landscape images of “12 white stripes”, a “pi serpent”, and our “Sun” on its summer or winter solstices. There will be 12 days from June 8 until the summer solstice of June 20, in accord with that 12-pointed “star” as a “clock”. Yet will we see a “pi serpent” on the winter solstice of 2015, during month 12 of December? 

There has been much speculation as to whether two recent crop pictures in Berlin were made by local artists on the ground, or by visiting artists from another space or time? These two crop pictures were small and simple, and not beyond the range of possible human construction. In either case, we will show below what the second of these two Berlin crop pictures, found on June 8, 2015, seems to imply. 

A 12-pointed “star” was drawn nicely in crops, just above the landscape images of “12 white stripes” and a “serpent”:  

There can be no doubt whether this 12-pointed crop “star” relates somehow to those “12 white stripes”. Yet how might a “serpent” be relevant to this new artistic image?  

When we flip the image over, we can see two different symbols for the mathematical constant “pi”, which make up the long “body” of that “serpent”:  

Three small red “boxes” make up its “tail” or “rattle”. The 12-fold “star” crop picture was drawn in neighbouring field just below.  

We can also see two small, circular symbols which have been marked with white arrows. These “circles” are either red or yellow. The red circle is higher and slightly larger than the yellow circle. The crop picture lines up approximately with both of these small, round symbols, so we need to figure out what they might mean?  

To me, these symbols suggest the twin appearances of our “Sun” as seen at noon in Earth’s sky, either on a summer solstice (June 20) or on a winter solstice (December 21): 

On any summer solstice of June 20, our Sun may be seen high in the sky at noon, where it appears large, bright and “red”. On any winter solstice of December 21, our Sun may be seen low in the sky at noon, where it appears small, dim and “yellow”.  

There were exactly 12 days from when this crop picture appeared as a 12-pointed “star” until the summer solstice of June 20, 2015. So this interpretation makes a lot of sense! In other words, someone drew a 12-pointed “star” on June 8, because there were only 12 days left until the summer solstice of June 20, when our Sun will appear high in the sky, bright and “red” around noon.  

With that idea in mind, we searched for an appropriate aerial photograph of the new crop picture in its surrounding landscape. We wished to ask whether the new crop picture, as a 12-pointed “star”, lines up more closely with the small “red” circular symbol for a summer solstice, or with the small “yellow” circular symbol for a winter solstice?  

The results of our inquiry are shown in a slide below. There we have drawn a thin, white, dashed line in order to connect the new crop picture with relevant parts of a “serpent” shape in the landscape nearby:  

We found in this way that the crop picture lines up almost exactly with a small, “yellow” circular symbol for a winter solstice on December 21, and then with the very end of that serpent’s “tail” or “rattle”. A small “red” circular symbol for the summer solstice lies slightly off to the left (near the top of the slide). 

These results still make sense in terms of a 12-pointed “star”, and 12 units of some kind for “time”. There were “12 days” between when the crop picture appeared on June 8, until a summer solstice on June 20, 2015. Likewise the winter solstice will take place in “month 12” or December of 2015.  

Might we see a “pi serpent” then? Only the real crop artist knows, while the rest of us will have to wait and see.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)





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