Buckle Street, nr Pebworth, Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 26th May.

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Updated Monday 2nd June  2014


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Two different symbolisms appear in a crop picture from Buckle Street on May 26, 2014: the imagery of a “Boeing airplane wheel”, and the imagery of a “star extractor” 

A small and somewhat untidy crop picture appeared in young barley near Buckle Street in Worcestershire on May 26, 2014. It is fairly simple in form, and could be a human-made fake. Yet even human crop artists can have intellectual intent! Thus it might be worthwhile to ask what we can learn by studying it?  

Its primary symbolism seems to be that of an “landing wheel” from a Boeing 737 airplane. Two thin circles near the centre match two equivalent circles from the wheel of a 737, while outside we can see eight “ball bearings” in various states of motion:

The unequal angular spacing for some of these “ball bearings” could be due to human error when laying the crop picture down in a field. Alternatively, they could be intended to represent “circular motion” as suggested by the movie below:  

A second and entirely different interpretation was suggested by George Freund (see www.conspiracy-cafe.com). He suggests that this new crop picture may represent the “star extractor” from a revolver:  


These two interpretations may not be entirely exclusive. Could the crop artist be an “extractor” from the “stars”? (ha ha)  

In order to gain more insight into this simple but enigmatic crop picture, we studied its landscape imagery using Google Earth. Quite remarkably, it was drawn in the field just below a “large bird” in the landscape:  


When we look further away, we can see Long Marston Airfield, from which this “bird-airplane” seems to have taken off:  


In summary, the new crop picture at Buckle Street resembles both an “airplane wheel” with moving bearings, and also the “star extractor” from a revolver. It was drawn just below a “large bird” in the landscape (consistent with the “landing wheel” of an airplane”), and not far from a local airport. Once further crop pictures appear, we may be able to say more.                                                                                                                         

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Buckle Street Crop Circle

May 30, 2014

I awoke with the message. It was EJECT or better understood as STOP. The first was pre 9/11. People were on the wrong track. They are again. They thought we would understand. We missed it. They chose old number 1 the serial number of the rare gun so there would be no doubt. Don't let it happen again. EJECT your bullets. Don't fight. They don't understand how we master arms and don't recognize the significance of their parts. The message was very clear to me. My colleague last night is an ex cop too. He is a top philosophy student as well. He saw the extractor star right away. The money power establishment want to get us in a war. The aliens say don't do it. 

I'm not normally a crop circle kind of guy. However, I do have eyes to see and I am an authority on firearms. In these two crop circles photographed in the UK I can pretty much assure you that you are looking at star extractors for a revolver. The latest one is very rare and unique because it looks like a 16 shooter.

We'll start with the older one from Bishop's Sutton. The above picture is a star extractor from a revolver. The cartridges rest atop them so that they may be ejected quickly. It is a six shooter like the crop circle.

This image shows you how the extractor sits in a revolver cylinder. 

The next one is very unique. It may even be a one of a kind. You will notice the Buckle Street crop circle has eight holes inside another eight holes like our H. D. H. Belgian revolver . The edges of the outer ring are open while the inner are not. Analysts have assumed the crop circle was a gear, but I disagree. I feel the best explanation is the star extractor. 

Here is another view where you get the appreciation of what I'm talking about. There can be little doubt that this is the best example of what we're seeing here. The million dollar question is of course WHY? Is there a plot afoot? Will a WWIII be set up with an assassination like WWI? This is a deep burning issue. 


I had the fortune of working with a former policeman last night who is devoted to books and learning like myself. He concurred with my interpretation of the object straight away. When you have handled revolvers there is no mistake at what is you're looking at. I arose this morning with the meaning to the message. Maybe that's why it was shared with me in the first place. The extractor star has a very special purpose it removes the bullets from the gun. That is the message. We should not fight or on a deeper plane make war. The first crop circle was from the year 2000. It was a pre 9/11 world. The message was EJECT or STOP. DON'T DO IT. The present message is in the dawn of another era where troops are massing on a grander stage hence a bigger extractor star. It is the star from a very unique and rare revolver of which you see serial number 1 in the images above. They picked that one for a reason because we missed the last one. I hope we understand the message this time. In the dawn of the 100th anniversary of WWI don't shoot. Don't allow another assassination false flag like the one at Sarajevo in 1914.

George Freund Canada

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Donna Trousdale posts her geometric work regarding Buckle Street, near Pebworth, Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 26th May, 2014, with her covering text - 'Several months ago I began playing with the concept of the The tetractys which is a triangular figure consisting of ten points arranged in four rows: one, two, three, and four points in each row, which is the geometrical representation of the fourth triangular number. (As a mystical symbol, it was very important to the secret worship of the Pythagoreans--wikipedia). I began using it as a starting point when working with sacred geometry. This picture in the left bottom corner is a sketch I did with regards to this and it reminded me of this crop circle. I expanded on the sketch and found some amazing qualities. I began with an understanding that "e-base of the natural logarithm", which defines all continuously growing systems, is and must be the foundation of all measurement. All Timing and Spacing is governed by the base of "e." Furthermore, the fundamental halving ratio is 1.25. Using the natural log and the 1.25 ratio, I determined that the longest possible length of continuous continuity that can be generated using "e" as it grows from 1 to 90 is 318.125. I call 3.18125 (509:160) PI-SOLVED. When divided by 1.25 it equals what I call the the "e inverse squaring Ratio" of 2.545. I use 2.545 to convert back and forth between inches and cm. These numbers are the foundation of all my measurement. That said, I started with the tetractys is in the center and then doubled which creates two 16 counts minus one shared center for a total of 31nodes. I filled out the other sides for symmetry which adds 9*2 nodes (18) for a total of 49 nodes. If you start at the Center Node and spiral outward, it takes 48 turns. When you connect the nodes it creates a 36 square with diagonal of 6 counts in both directions. Measured linearly the diameter is 2-Pi-Solved (3.18125" cm or 2.5"). I then created 8 circles each with a diameter of 1-Pi-Solved (1.25") and radiated them outward making sure that there was a base of 1 square that separated them from the center circle that encloses the nodes. I then doubled the circles to 2-PI-Solved) so that everything was evenly spaced leaving 2 square bases between them. The red circles create a diameter of Pi-Solved^Squared at their center. Their outter most diameter is 5.25" (525 is sum of all the squares of 9; 525 times .8=420 which (2pi+1/pi)^pi--this is how much "compounded interest pi collects as it expands in accordance with the function of "e"). The Diameter of the blue circles is e^2 on the outside, e*2.545 on the inside and their outter most reaching diameter is 10.125" with is Pi-Solved squared as well as 81/8. In other words, this shows absolute perfect symmetry of circles radiating outward from a 36 Square base comprised of 7-squared nodes (49) (7/22 equals 3.1818--the reverse of "outdated" and irrational Pi.).'







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