Ipuaçu (2), SC, Brazil. Reported 26th October.

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At first glance, this year theme is repeated from 2011. This is probably a cosmic event that is not yet ???

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This Crop Circle refers to Antares Rocket Explosion and Black hole:- cenuitica.blogspot.nl

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Two new crop pictures near Ipuacu, Brazil on October 26, 2014: the “marks” made by time travellers to help them navigate through many universes of space and time? 

Modern crop pictures remain a mystery, however one favoured theory has always been that other advanced species (or humans from our own future) may create them as “aids to navigation” through many universes of space and time (see for example www.remoteviewing.com). Let us suppose that you are a human time traveller from 8100 AD, and wish to go back in time by 6000 years to observe 21st century Earth (see fringe2014e). You may have the technology to travel through both space and time, but there is one problem: when you get there, which “universe” have you travelled to?  

In modern theories of physics, there may be “many universes” (see Many-worlds_interpretation) or even “many interacting universes” (see www.universetoday.com). This idea is in good accord with Jacques Vallee’s theory of “other dimensions” for the origin of both ancient and modern UFOs (see /Jacques_Vall or www.youtube.com). In science-fiction TV shows such as “Fringe”, the time travellers send a “beacon” to wherever and whenever they wish to travel, then follow it to some desired destination, just like a sailor using a lighthouse to enter a harbour from out at sea!  

A more practical and plausible mechanism is provided by “crop circles”. Those time travellers might arrive at some possible destination, not entirely certain that they have followed a correct “timeline” back into the past? So having arrived, they inspect certain “pictures” which have been laid down temporarily in agricultural crops. Such “marks in the landscape” (easily seen from space) may help the time travellers to verify that they have arrived in the correct place. The ideal subject for such “marks” would be non-regular or unexpected astronomical events, which might take place in one universe but not another on some certain date, and would not be influenced by human free will.  

Two new crop pictures appeared near Ipuacu, Brazil on October 26, 2014, just three days after a partial solar eclipse on October 23, 2014. Solar eclipses may happen several times each year, so that is not unusual. What was unusual about this particular solar eclipse, is that the shadow of our Moon “touched” a giant sunspot AR2192 in the middle of the eclipse, as seen from Earth. Sunspot AR2192 was the largest to be observed in 25 years (see www.washingtonpost.com or apod.nasa.gov or


One of those crop pictures in Brazil showed what appears to be a schematic diagram of the partial solar eclipse, which happened three days earlier on October 23, 2014:  

At lower left in the slide above, you can see the shadow of our Moon “touch” a giant sunspot which lies near the centre of our Sun when the eclipse was at its maximum. A large open circle in the crop diagram matches where this huge sunspot cluster would be located.  

The second of two crop pictures in Brazil then showed what appears to be a close-up view of sunspot AR2192, which looked like a “giant triangle” on October 23 during the eclipse:  

This second crop picture was never photographed properly from the air, because a local farmer destroyed it soon after it was found. You can see in the slide above an approximate triangular shape for sunspot AR2192 on October 23, 2014, which matches a similar group of three circles laid out around the edges of a triangle, when drawn in crops.  

One could hardly imagine a more distinctive image for time travellers to draw in crops, than an image of the partial solar eclipse on October 23 and its huge “triangular” sunspot! “Yes, we are here, guys! Look at the Sun, then look at the crops! Such a rare alignment of some giant sunspot with the Moon’s shadow will not happen again for 1000 years, and also it is not affected by human free will.”  

Were these two Brazilian crop pictures designed to be “seen from space”? Yes, and in a very playful sense indeed! When we study the first Brazilian crop picture using Google Earth, we can see that it was drawn in the landscape as if our “Sun” and “Moon” were two “bubbles” floating up from a “fish’s mouth”:  

When we study the second Brazilian crop picture using Google Earth, we can see that it was drawn in the landscape near a triangle of clustered trees, while two “serpents” look on from the left:  

The orientation of this second crop picture is not known as well, because the farmer cut it out quickly, before good photographs could be taken. 

In summary, two new crop pictures near Ipuacu, Brazil on October 26, 2014 seem to show schematic images of a partial solar eclipse and sunspot AR2192 from three days earlier. Such “astronomical” images have been drawn quite often in English or European crop pictures. In general, they might all represent “marks for navigation” created by time travellers?  

We are unable to know whether any local people in rural Brazil might have fabricated such images using rope and boards. However they would have had to do so without the permission of the farmer, while not being seen in two different sloping locations near Ipuacu on the same night.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. Many thanks to A.J. Gevaerd and his colleagues for excellent aerial photographs and field reports concerning these two new crop pictures.

I am offering the following on first energy read-out of what this might symbolize. We are still not quite merged with complete zero-point but the even-closer position of Nibiru to our earth is contributing to that space/time collapse. Is the closest position of Nibiru almost on top of us?  We could be seeing what linearly looks like an overlapping of two trajectories or timelines, Nibiru's and ours, as we proceed quite rapidly now toward our cosmic moment of complete zero-time, also known as the null time. A voidance or doorway between two cycles of evolution!

Barbara Tomczyk




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