The Sussex group have to be congratulated on becoming the most productive out of all the Circle groups at the moment.

The video documentary is just another string to their bow, following on from the impressive Newsletter and conferences they organise. Andy Thomas has compiled all of the 1993/94 Crop Circles formations in their region into a 30 minute film, which is professionally narrated by Paul Bura, who describes each pattern as they appear.

The Centre of Crop Circle Studies team are shown throughout the film, giving us an insight into how they take samples and measurements for analyse in Sussex which has to be commended for their time and effort. There are some excellent aerial and ground shots from 1993 and 1994, showing the complex lays and precision from the Southern Circle Makers. Probably the most impressive formations are from 1994 which include the huge Scorpion shapes at East Dean, but there were some interesting Celtic Crosses from 1993 which takes us back to the late eighties shapes in Wiltshire.

The music is an important part of the video and the group manage to capture the mystery of the Sussex season, with atmospheric shots of the Landscape within the formations with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure.

Overall I felt the video was very impressive considering a regional groups budget. It was very professional in the way it described the two seasons, with detailed narration from Paul Bura who is a member of the Sussex group.

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