In the summers of 1992, a group of enthusiasts set out to prove the authenticity of the mysterious crop circle phenomenon by attempting to video a formation being created by non-human forces. Using psychics as their guide, they embarked on a four-year voyage of discovery, experiencing astonishing paranormal phenomena.

Crop circles appeared in uncanny circumstances, glowing lights in the sky were witnessed, a series of bizarre 'coincidences' was set into motion and remarkable visions and messages were received which would change the lives of all involved.

The team's work took them on a journey through ancient and famous landmarks of the beautiful Sussex landscape contacting enigmatic spiritual entities and culminating in an extraordinary experiment in which a crop formation was created with the power of thought.


QUEST FOR CONTACT tells the story of the hopes and dreams,, successes and failures of a group's search for interaction with strange and elusive forces. Dramatic, humorous, exciting and thought-provoking, the book provides a fascinating insight into the lives of those who spend their days investigating the paranormal.

With a forward by Stanley Messenger, a leading philosopher in metaphysical research, and lavishly illustrated throughout with photographs.

ANDY THOMAS is a writer and lecturer on the unexplained, editor of the monthly crop circle publication, a founder member of the southern Circular Research team and author of the acclaimed FIELDS OF MYSTERY. PAUL BURA is a psychic, poet and broadcaster who has contributed to countless radio and TV productions and is author of THE OAK ON THE PLAIN and JOEB-SERVANT OF GAIA amongst other books.

PRAISE FOR ANDY THOMAS' FIELDS OF MYSTERY: ": "Andy Thomas' treatment of a subject for which it is evident he possesses vast conviction and Knowledge, makes this book a very enjoyable read indeed" - UFO Reality "An interesting read for anyone not acquainted with the phenomenon and a must for any enthusiasts" - Sightings "Well-presented and rational" - Encounters "A welcome addition in the field of cerealogy.... the ground it covers is really a microcosm of a grand design which is resonating all around the world" - Nexus.

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