The media ridicules them. Eminent scientists dismiss them. Yet Crop Circles, those enigmatic shapes found pressed into meadows each Summer, continue to appear, their origin and purpose a complete mystery. Two of the major sites for the Crop Circle phenomenon are the counties of East and West Sussex on the south-west coast of England, which have seen several decades of ongoing circle activity.

Fields of Mystery puts a magnifying-glass onto one region of England to expose all the many facets of the Crop Circles phenomenon taking place in its glorious entirety. providing an excellent guide to crop formations in Sussex and the phenomenon as a whole. So unfolds a fascinating journey of discovery through the ancient vistas of these beautiful counties, revealing a mysterious landscape where strange and seemingly magical events relentlessly occur, events which remain unexplained by conventional wisdom.

Lavishly illustrated throughout with photographs and diagrams, including a full-colour section , FIELDS OF MYSTERY records every Crop formation known to have appeared in Sussex, features a complete global history of the circle phenomenon and records an eye-witness account of a crop circle forming in a matter of seconds... Published by the respected Sussex-based S B Publications

With a preface by the Rt. Hon DENIS HEALEY and a foreword by renowned Crop Circle researcher MICHAEL GLICKMAN. ANDY THOMAS is a founder member of the Centre of Crop Circle Studies, Sussex branch, and editor of the monthly crop circle publication SC.

100 pages, paperback. Cheques/POs payable to A S THOMAS please. Overseas cheques must be made out in sterling, drawn on a bank with a British branch. Cash accepted but sent at own risk.

Only 6.95 Plus 1.00p&p (Overseas 2.00)

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