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Weston Super Mare, Somerset, UK. Created October 2014

Images Paul Burton Copyright 2014

A powerful sand art work by Julian Richardson that was created last October, 2014, with his creative team of Paul Burton, Stuart Dike, Mirka Stadtruckerova and her parents, Libusa and Michal. (See all but Paul in the aerial group shot). This 276ft piece of sand art was created below the pier at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK. Julian comments - 'At ground level the artwork took on an abstract appearance which made it difficult for us get our bearings, but once viewed from overhead the 3D cubed design becomes apparent.' - Aerial photos by Paul Burton. Ground photo by Julian Richardson and pole photo by Stuart Dike. More photos of this sand art work can be seen on this link:


Images Stuart Dike Copyright 2014

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