S A N D  C I R C L E S







Gerroa Beach, New South Wales, Australia on 6th July.

Galaxy sand circle. Created by Jo & Troy Byrne. Photos Troy Byrne.


Jo and Troy Byrne posted their latest sand art from Australia with this tale of woe but great to see their first kite aerial photo. - 'A smaller piece this time with this covering text - 'Today (6th of July) we ventured to Gerroa with intentions to do a nice design on the beach but when we arrived we found that the recent king tides had completely changed the beach which made our intentions impossible! The river has now opened up so therefore could not do it in our usual spot and the other smaller beach was pretty much covered in seaweed. So we decided to not waste our trip and just quickly put down a rough design in order to try out our kite for future purposes of photographing our work. Hopefully next time we will have a better canvas to work wit. We did have a much better design in mind ... Hopefully next time the conditions will be better.': www.facebook.com

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