S A N D  C I R C L E S







Brean Beach, Somerset, UK on Saturday 6th September 2014.

Simon Beck also created this piece of sand art last weekend at Brean Sands, Somerset, UK. I also noticed Simon's comment about the creation of this sand work which give us an insight to the way he creates his works - 'To set this out, first I drew an ordinary Sierpinski triangle (not very well, not helped by the wet sand and the requirement to avoid unwanted lines across the final drawing) then I went to the middle of each triangle that was to be drawn as a pyramid, and worked out where to displace the top of the pyramid, which was a function of the distance and direction from the point on top of the cliffs I had chosen to be the viewing point. No problems with the direction, all one had to do was to walk backwards away from the viewing point, the distance was more problematic, as I hadn't bothered to make a clinometer and map things out accurately. I increased the displacement for pyramids that were further from the viewing point, of course. The result looked spot on when standing on the viewing point; looking at the photos at home, I wonder whether it would have worked better to displace all the apexes of the pyramids by the same amount in terms of direction and distance (obviously the distance is proportional to the "height" of the pyramid.' - I am not sure who took this photo but that is Simon on the cliff edge above his sand art work.

More of Simon's art work can be found on his link: https://www.facebook.com/snowart8848

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