Tools of the CircleMakers

I believe that the Energies of a Crop Circle Transmission are initialised by a high-order non-Terrestrial, extra-dimensional Intelligence-gestalt* I call the CircleMakers. Gaia's response is one of "cooperating" with the initiating Energies, for our planet's laws are not transgressed during such a Transmission: When heat causes plants to suffer water loss, they "droop"; when strong winds "hit" a field of standing crop, the crop is knocked down in the phenomenon known to farmers as "lodging".

In creating a Crop Circle, this natural drooping-subsequent-to-dehydration effect is stimulated and utilised by the CircleMakers to "soften" the plants. First, massive water loss is ensured through the application of intense (somewhere between 400F-1500F), rapidly applied (probably lasting no longer than nanoseconds), precisely focused bursts of Heat. The Heat makes preselected areas of stalks in a field malleable. Once the plants are supple, mini-Whirlwinds are released and immediately 1) spin the softened stalks into "bundles" and 2) cause the bundles to fall in predetermined directions. Colin Andrews relates that of seventy people who claim to have witnessed a "simple" Circle's forming, all ( ! ) agree that the laying of the stalks was completed in no more than 15 seconds. The actual Transmission of a Crop Circle may unfold as follows:

The Shape of a Formation's Sound:
The Sound Barrier

Sound is the prime Energy transmitted by the CircleMakers. It is used to initiate and hold the separation of Formation from field [see Peter's storyboard panel 1]. It might be thought of as an invisible "barrier", a "standing wall of Sound", which extends well up into our atmosphere and penetrates deeply into the Earth. It is the template of the Pattern, and outlines each segment of the entire Formation, down to the smallest "grapeshot". In a simple Circle, this wall of Sound is congruent with, or "sits on", its circumference; in a Ring, both the inner and outer perimeters are "held" by it (storyboard panel 2). Three of four sides of a Path (whether straight or curved) are bounded by it: both the left and right sides as well as the starting line of the Path are "Sound-proofed". When the end of a Path terminates inside the perimeter of a Circle or Ring (see panel 2, arrow 2), no additional containment barrier is used (the Sound Barrier is already in place). If the fourth edge of a Path terminates at the standing stalks in the field (see panel 2, arrow 1), it is intercepted by the Wall of Sound already maintaining the Formation's perimeter. The Sound-proofing is discreet for each contiguous grouping of shapes within a Formation: if there are 3 separately laid areas none of which contact the other, each is enclosed by a separate "wall".

I think of this invisible Standing-Wall-of-Sound as a SoundBarrier. It is roughly "eight inches thick"** The function of the SoundBarrier is to confine the subsequently-but-almost-simultaneously-applied Heat and Wind quanta (the Energy packets which actually lay the crop) to within it. My own experience has taught me that the SoundBarrier is what

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* To the reader familiar with the Seth books (The Seth Material, Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality), I offer that the CircleMakers might be considered "kin" to the Seth entity. Seth has referred to himself as an "energy personality essence", and I see our CircleMakers as such. I don't think we'll meet them in our near future; rather, I see the CircleMakers as modern-day John-the-Baptists, preparing the way for those with whom we will come face-to-face.

** Specific measurements are approximations in these contexts. The Circle-creating process involves the interaction of extremely powerful Energies with an organic and highly responsive medium (the crop), which in itself consists of many energies, hence variables. The differences in ambient humidity across a field, moisture content of the crop and soil, variations in crop height, and localised effects of fertiliser, in addition to many physical factors such as chunks of chalk and flint within a field, tramlines, and "incidental vegetation" secondary to wind-seeding, all offer myriad opportunities for "glitches" and aberrations to occur during a Transmission. The measurements I offer, like the wheat stalks themselves, are flexible and yield readily to the process of the CircleMakers.