Sound: Midwife to Mandelbrot

Most "croppies" are probably familiar with the shape of the Mandelbrot Set (aka the "Mother of all fractals" - graphic below ) because of the magnificent Formation which arrived in Cambridge (England) on August 11/12, 1991. The perimeter of the mathematically generated Mandelbrot Set delineates the boundary between the realms of Chaos and Order, the Unmanifest and the Manifest Universes. I believe that it is Sound which defines and "holds" this interUniversal boundary. I sense that Sound is a kind of "midwife" which carries Energies, organised by intent of consciousness, from an unmanifest reality across the Mandelbrot Set threshold, into a manifested density/dimension.

Sound assists Consciousness' intent to manifest.

The Sound of Manifestation might be considered a "full spectrum" Sound rather than a specific note or chord audible to human ears - although, within the Circles, residual pulses of this Sound (or harmonics of it) remain within a Formation subsequent to its creation. Specific frequencies within this full-spectrum Sound have been heard and even recorded. Colin Andrews has documented a 5.2* kHz (audible) radio frequency in one such recording. Other Circle-visitors have reported hearing "footsteps" and various tones inside Circles. Farmers tell us that cows and sheep are difficult to handle the morning a Formation is discovered nearby. A horse spooked and refused to continue until his rider reassured and finally decided to walk him past the Chehalis Formations. Dogs won't be hushed the night a Formation arrives. It is well known that the canine's audible range extends beyond ours - though certainly there are Energies besides high-frequency sounds to which they - and all life - respond. Many of us, as we tune in to a Formation's Energies with our physical bodies, may occasionally experience physical discomfort when our own frequencies are not "in harmony with" (i.e., harmonics of) the vibrations within a particular Pattern. On the other hand, decreased chronic muscle or joint pain after visiting a Circle has been documented, as well. This reaction suggests, perhaps, a kind of ultrasound therapy, or vibratory deep-muscle massage, which the Formations appear to offer to those "holding" the energy patterns which attract them (that is, those Circle-visitors with pain in their bodies).

The Energies Go Up ...

Through studying reports of my colleagues, I've learned that a Circle's Energies extend well up into our atmosphere. Canadian Circle researcher Chad Deetken tells of crouching motionless in a Circle he was surveying as he watched a flock of Canadian geese approach. As they drew closer, flying in their traditional "V" formation, he noted with surprise that the flock split into two groups - both of which flew around the Circle on either side rather than over it. It appeared to Chad that they might have been skirting an invisible "tube of Energy" they sensed directly above the Formation. After the Circle was behind them, Chad saw the geese regroup and resume their usual flying pattern.

* Interestingly, this "5.2" is an harmonic of the "52" which defines the short Mayan time cycle of 52 days, and also the 52-year cycles on which the 365-day secular and 260-day sacred Mayan cycles coincide.

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