Our Helpers' Hand of Hope

I believe the Circles are offering us an eleventh-hour opportunity to change. They are alarm clocks set at one minute to midnight. Through their extraordinary Grace, beauty and vibrant "aliveness" they are attempting (and in many cases succeeding) to awaken us from the somnambulant density of our daily lives. The CircleMakers as well as our other Helpers are offering to us a collective extended hand. At this point, I do not think that we will be able to continue as a species without their Love and assistance.

I believe that our Helpers have periodically "dropped in" on us at critical bifurcation points in our species' evolution, just as they are doing today, and for similar reasons. In the past, they were not called "CircleMakers", but their appearances had been documented around the world. Those stories are now being recounted by modern seekers of Truth. One such story: The Dogon tribe in Africa today retains an oral history of their ancestors' contact with non-terrestrials alleged to be from the Sirius star system. No one paid them any mind - until our scientists were able to confirm the Dogon's contention that Sirius B has a 52-year period of rotation with Sirius A. How can a tribal people have had that knowledge for centuries, when the information was only recently disclosed to us by our most sophisticated telescope?

In ancient India, China, Sumeria, and other regions of the globe, our Helpers were referred to as "gods from the skies". They had many names. We helped them build the Great Pyramid at Giza - as they shaped and placed its magnificent stones with Sound. They assisted us with creating many of our Wonders including the Sphinx, the Stonehenge, and the major pyramid complexes we're even now rediscovering in China and Central and South America. They gave us the Gift of Number.

Today, our Helpers (some call them Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels) who monitor the "big picture", are, through their ability to "see" parallel realities, aware of the probable future we are creating for ourselves - and they are here to offer us an alternative possible future. They "see" that our civilisation, too, like the several before ours, will shortly cease to exist. This time, however, without assistance, it is not simply civilisation which will pass, but the human species itself. They will not let Gaia "die", but if we choose to experience "absolute zero", we will not be stopped. If, on the other hand, humanity chooses to continue, it is we who must energise a viable possible future for ourselves. Our Helpers will assist us, but it is we who must intend to continue, and to energise our intent by being open to learning who we really are, and willing to drastically change our reasons for living. This is one communication the Circles and our Visitors bring to those "who have ears".

They who monitor our progress choose to not "force" us to make "the right" choices - for lessons are attendant upon those actions which usurp choice. Our Teachers have evolved well beyond such lessons, though they have been attempting to teach them to us for eons. While our Teachers will not make our choices for us, they are permitted, as creatively as they choose, to manipulate our environment, to augment our choices, and to applaud and encourage those of our decisions which are to our Greater Reality's highest good. One astonishingly creative way in which our CircleMakers have decided to assist us is by scribing these Sacred Songs into our fields each season. Others of our Helpers flood our reality with as many additional miracles as they are able to manage, and we to assimilate.

This is the Grand Game we play!

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