On the one hand, we are aware of myriad reports of UFOs, cattle mutilations, and human abductions from around the world. On the other, the Circles have become an annual Summer Event on at least four continents, while our media deluge us with stories of "everyday people" who are being Gifted with "unbelievable" spiritual experiences. One reality engenders fear, panic, revulsion, a sense of violation of our free will, and dreadful isolation in its (usually) unwilling participants, the other awe, wonder, hope, and a newly stimulated commitment to living a more meaningful life in service to others. It is as though we were collectively walking the Mandelbrot Set perimeter with one foot in Chaos, and one in Order.

We have reached the horrendous point in our evolution at which our species no longer has sufficient life force to evolve further on its own. Our most beautiful planet is dying, even as she struggles to continue providing for us. Her atmosphere, water, and soil are choked with our physical waste and our negative, fear-based thoughts. We have not only permitted our own energies to become severely unbalanced and depleted, but we have also unbalanced and depleted, to the brink of collapse, Gaia's life-support systems. Does our civilisation have a brighter future than the deeper-into-entropy one we have chosen to explore, seemingly into oblivion?

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Evidence of the Turbulence

The top of this stalk from the Chehalis Formation (US '94) was whipped around and around, and rehardened in a corkscrew pattern; the seedhead, too, had been battered ragged by the WindTubes.

I found this stalk in the Ankh Formation, at the intersection of the long "entrance path" and the Ring.

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