Bundling Phenomenon: the wrapping of stalks into bundles by the WindTubes' spinning and pulling action; the Winds wrap the stalks before they lay them according to their encoded instructions; the leaves of the stalks often remain wrapped around the bundles, perpendicular to the lay of the stalks

dowsing: a method of locating subtle energies through the use of hand-held tools such as metal rods, forked tree branches, and pendulums of various types

grapeshot: a small Circle or Ring which lies nearby but outside the Formation; grapeshot may range in size from a foot to a few feet in diameter; as small as they are, we've seen extraordinary attention to detail in their lays

expulsion cavity: a hole in the node of a stalk of a cereal plant through which cellular material has been expelled; caused by the rapid heating of the liquid within the stalks, probably by microwave energy; often accompanied by a heat-darkened perimeter surrounding the cavity; a "blown node"; only occasionally seen in standing or mechanically felled crop; distinct from natural nodal thickening which occurs, on the node's surface closest the earth, when a plant is lodged (knocked down by wind, hail, heavy rain, over-fertilisation). See node .

Heat quanta: the Intelligently encoded microwave/MASER packets emitted by the Silver Spheres to "soften" the stalks to be laid; the intense Heat bursts ensure that the plants rapidly lose large amounts of water, causing them to suddenly "wilt"

MASER: Microwave Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation; see Appendix 1

node: the joint on a stalk of wheat, oats, barley, etc which is able to bend, like our elbow; its purpose is to heliotropically manoeuvre the seedheads to ensure 1) that they receive maximum sunlight and sufficient wind to evaporate excessive moisture, and 2) that if the plant is lodged (see above) the seedhead is raised off the ground so it doesn't succumb to fungus, mildew, and molds; the node thickens on the side toward the ground and bends upward, causing the seedhead to raise off the ground

paradigm: a model of a reality from a specific collective awareness' viewpoint, including all root assumption parameters which define that reality

perimeter stalks: the wispy stalks standing at various angles on the perimeters of most Crop Circles; they are the traces left behind by the exiting WindTubes after they've completed laying the crop; perimeter stalks within a single Formation will all lean at approximately the same angle

SoundBarrier: the prime Energy transmitted by an Amber Ball of Light to create a Crop Circle is Sound; the SoundBarrier is comprised of walls of Sound which hold the template of a Formation; it restricts the Heat and Wind quanta to within its walls as the crop is laid; the SoundBarrier extends well above a Pattern, and deeply penetrates the ground upon which it arrives; its vibration remains in a field long after the crop is harvested.

standing tuft: a group of stalks which remain standing within the "centre" of a Circle or Ring; a "tuft" may be composed of a handful of stalks, or thousands

tracks: the visible traces left by a Circle's creating Energies within the lay of a Circle, Ring, or Path; there are usually 3 main "tracks" to a (roughly) 4-foot-wide area, although a smaller, parallel fourth track can sometimes be seen, as well

tramlines: the pairs of parallel lines running the length of a field, caused by the tires of the farm machinery; these lines can be seen in photos of all fields which are not organic (chemicals are not applied in organic fields, hence no tramlines); the two closest-together tire tracks are approximately 8 feet apart; the distance between two sets of parallel tracks can vary from 24' to 60', depending upon the size of the tractor

Wind quanta / WindTube: the intelligently encoded "packets" of Wind which spin the softened stalks into "bundles", and position them as they fall; they work with the Heat to lay the stalks; (sometimes I think the Wind is "gathered" from the immediate environs by the SoundBarrier as it's being whirled into place; other times, I wonder if the Silver Spheres might release them after the SoundBarrier is in place....)

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