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The first binary code from human computer art, based on a crop picture near Crabwood in 2002, explained and decoded 

We are grateful that a skilled human computer artist (see has provided a copy of his new work for careful study, and for translation from eight-bit ASCII into English. This new human art is stunning in its beauty and complexity. Yet it still does not reach the incredibly high standard of the original, which appeared in crops near Crabwood Farm House on August 15, 2002.  

The new human-made artwork shows a CD-like spiral binary code which reads: “Know of our existence. We are your galactic neighbors. Disclosure is coming. No more pain and deception.” There is also a second binary code in the “face” (similar to Wickham Green of July 2010) which will be discussed later.  

If humans can make something like this on a computer, why couldn’t they do the same in a field? How do we know that the original Crabwood 2002 crop circle was not a human-made fake? I have thought it necessary to address this question, despite my high respect for the human computer artist, because 99.99% of humans living on Earth today do not understand that some (or many) crop circles are not made by humans local to Earth, but rather by advanced intelligences from another space and/or time. Please see or for further details of the original Crabwood 2002 field image.  

What are the major differences between this computer-drawn version of Crabwood 2002 and the field original? First, the original showed a clever landscape symbolism, and was drawn near the schematic image of a “cow” in the landscape on a large scale, to suggest that grey aliens are responsible for cattle mutilations worldwide.  

Secondly, the “grey alien face” was drawn in crops using a 60-line grid, with lines of variable thickness to confer the “face” image, somewhat like for an early TV screen of the 1940’s or 1950’s (which was when they met some of our governments in secret).  

Thirdly, the original field image showed “half width spacer bits” in the “CD spiral disc”, which the new computer version does not.  

Fourthly, the original field image showed all binary bits “one” as separate standing stalks, whereas this computer version shows any two nearby binary bits “one” as a single bar of double width, or three nearby binary bits “one” as a single bar of triple width, and so on.  

Fifthly, the original field image showed a 1360-bit binary code which was overlaid with another 25-bit binary code by the method of “digital steganography”. Thus some words from its binary message showed “false capitalization” (in the style of Francis Bacon), in order to provide a second “hidden” set of binary numbers, which only those skilled at the technique would be able to read! This second hidden code seems to say “50 years in a Mayan 52-year calendar”, which is appropriate since those grey aliens flew over the White House in July of 1952 (or 50 years before the crop picture appeared in August 2002).  

We would therefore like to commend the human computer artist for his fine and detailed new image based on Crabwood 2002, while at the same time emphasizing that no human crop artist has ever come close (on a computer or in the field) to replicating all important details of the original message. These facts seem to argue convincingly that it was not made by humans local to Earth.  

“When deciding upon the merits of one scientific hypothesis versus another, what else is there but the details?”---Sir Aaron Klug (my advisor in Cambridge 1982-86) 

A second binary code was drawn alongside the “face of a grey alien” in this computer art model  

The second binary code from this computer art model reads “Hi I am R71 from Zeta Reticuli”:  

While to be admired as computer art, it should be emphasized that the real crop artists advised us in 2002 to “beware” of these grey aliens, whom they regard as unfriendly to humans on Earth.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R, Drew)   

Enlargements of the original computer-drawn image 

 Detailed analyses of the computer-drawn “disc” binary code 

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