Crop circles near Soap Lake in the form of a Giant Lava Lamp!

A farmer who wants the site and himself to remain anonymous called to inform me of strange formations in his field. I investigated and found a large green lava Lamp form in the field that is at least 3 football fields in length; perhaps 999 feet!

That makes it considerably larger that the 65 foot lamp I wanted to build in Soap Lake. 

Itís very artistic and took quite some time to construct. It appears to have been laid out very carefully, and then the ground was disturbed with some type of devise similar to what we would call a plow or disk to form the lava lamp shape. The circles of goo shapes in the center of the lamp were gouged into the earth to contrast with the green grassy area surrounding the circles. 

The whole thing definitely appears to have been by aliens in UFO'S and I believe it is a significant and special sign! 

I think what they were trying to communicate with this enormous, time consuming construction is their personal interest in the Soap Lake Giant Lava Lamp Project. 

I think they were trying to encourage us to move on with our project. We know the world is well aware of the project, but now it clearly has gone beyond our earth and is now known throughout outer space and in other worlds. 

Brent Blake                  8/7/07


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