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This new edition of an old favourite has widened the scope of this book considerably. Andy Thomas has contributed some notable crop formations and made many helpful observations. Now you can follow the history and development of crop circles through such sections as types, biological causes, cymatics and ley lines, which are all reinforced with colour photographs of spectacular crop circles and Peter Sorensen's meticulous diagrams. UFO REALITY and THE FORTEAN TIMES were generous in their praise of the first edition. We feel sure the same will be true of this new edition.

A new book entitled Crop Circles of Wessex is bound to be a hit with all of us who are curious about the crop circle phenomenon, but don't want to spend a lot of time researching the subject

Want to know what a plasma vortex is, or how to determine the lay of a crop formation? American author (and Wiltshire resident) Kent Goodman describes the major theories, gives a brief historical overview and goes into some detail of the most well-known Wessex crop circles. The 32-page booklet lists many of the formations that have appeared in the area since 1983, and also features a centre map for cross reference.

'I think that with the amassing formations at Stonehenge, Alto Barnes an Windmill Hill last summer, we're going to be seeing an increase in interest crop circles' Goodman says. 'We wanted to produce a book that would introduce people to the subject, and give them a basic, all-round education quickly and painlessly. I think we've done that.

Reg Presley, famous as much as for his crop circle and UFO research as for his songs, says that 'deer, disease and the devil have been used as scapegoats in the past, but now we look at other explanations for the mystery of Crop Circles. All of them are considered in this excellent introduction to the subject'.

Likewise, Pat Delgado, one of the recognised founders of modern crop circle research and co-author of the seminal Circular Evidence,has kind words to say: `The author is to be applauded in presenting this short work which is obviously the outcome of some in-depth research. The tantalising information given concerning many facts about crop circles will ensure that readers will know that Wessex harbours one of our planet's greatest mysteries`

Crop Circles of Wessex, designed by Alexander Grenfell and published by Jane Drake, is filled with diagrams, patterns, illustrations and many excellent full-colour photographs taken by Steve Alexander, Jurgen Kronig and others. It is available for 3.99 postage paid. Make cheques payable to: Wessex Books, 2 Station Cottages, Newton Toney, Salisbury, Wilts SP4 0HD. If ordering from America, please pay 6.50 or $9.99.

Crop Circles in Wessex, is the first title to be published in the Wessex series. Other titles to follow will include: King Arthur in Wessex, Thomas Hardy's Wessex, Haunted Wessex, and Tombs and Temples in Wessex.

Goodman moved to England two years ago. When not writing books, he produces television shows, writs and records music, creates artwork and cartoons and authors Web pages.

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