The Crop Circle Connector has compiled a CD which gives you the opportunity to occupy the best seat in the house, only be sure that you are secure and strapped in your seat, and ready for takeoff.   You are about to enter croppy heaven, in the skies over Wiltshire.  A total journey that even we could not experience, ours was of many singular instalments, and CD is the accumulation of all our expeditions throughout the summer season of 2003 and 2004.

However, although the many of the views are from the aerial perspective, there is a great deal of imaging from the ground, and some of these images were of formations that many could not obtain access to. 

This CD really is the ultimate film display of the year; delight your senses with the contents of this feast of images that only the Crop Circle Connector can bring to you.

Contained on this CD are over 200 images of the crop formations that appeared in the Wiltshire countryside during the 2003 and 2004 season. 50% of these are superb aerial shots, all were taken using digital cameras. The ground shots some of which are only obtainable from this CD show first entries  and sole permissions to enter. You will see our views of some very special formations that arrived in 2003 and 2004. Enter our world and see amazing sights.

Windows compatible ONLY -  Instructions  load disc into CD/DVD Drive and wait approximately 1-2 minutes for slide-show to begin. If auto-play fails, click windows Explorer and click on CD-drive to open. This displays the files on the CD. Next double click on Overtakes2004.exe and the slide-show will start to load.  Turn off screen-saver to permit the slide-show from being interrupted. To Exit slide-show press ESCAPE key twice to close down the show.


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