The Video. The Eagle of Transition...2015 

This could be the most significant CC video ever folks (which sounds a bit absurd I know!...I never thought I'd live to see the day!) because I feel confident it will bode very well for the future in terms of CC public relations. I feel very privileged to be able to report this happy news to you. This, in short, is what the CC community has been waiting for for over 30 odd years now and should have them all jumping up and down with joy!! 

(However, up until now CGI work has been met curiously, with stoney silence from the CC 'establishment', all the old timers and their cohorts...for some reason they just can't see the sense in it preferring to back a 3 legged horse instead! Of course they will all want to jump on board when the success is 'official', unavoidable and popularised. Uuhh! End of rant! All that is not important.) 

I believe the implications here are vast as this year's events have potentially defused the dire political/farmer situation that prevailed before in the UK CC world, certainly on a local level and were then translated into sheer positivity. Of course there will still be farmers who didn't know Gill or don't wish to participate for whatever reason but the precedent is now set and maybe in time they will see the huge benefits of what is on offer. In truth they just can't lose with this formulation. I am hoping all farmers in time will see CCs as a resource rather than as a nuisance...will become socially acceptable and a huge step towards allowing the public at large to become educated. Interestingly, the masses of local first timers through the gate this year were utterly fascinated by what they saw, very few sceptics, which suggests to me an awareness not commonly recognised away from the established CC community itself. The herds of local newcomers will very quickly outnumber historic visitors and are the voice of the future.  

People are not inherently stupid but sadly are sometimes duped by the wicked disinformers in our midst who just seek power and money. Any informed parties have a moral duty IMO to actively discourage such people for the greater good.

If we get the right media exposure next season ( and I'm talking global) the sky will be the limit as they say.  It will be interesting to see how long other countries take to pick up on the potentials. This is now a running train hard to stop. The bottom line here is CGI will be in a very good position with Wiltshire farmers next season, who are the 'key' and maybe wish to be apart of this 'Brighter Futures' initiative as many of them knew Gill Hussey personally, know someone who has cancer, or even survived it themselves. The whole thing just makes complete sense. 

The content  speaks for itself ! Happy days! Enjoy!  

If you like this video please pass it on to a friend as this message needs to be spread. Thanks. 

Paul Jacobs. (CGI)

Sound quality didn't translate that well onto YouTube and I did not possess a wind muffler at the time unfortunately, but it's mostly understandable, which is the point. If it seems a bit amateurish in places its because I never used Mac iMovie before or even made a video!

'JUST GIVING' not Brighter Futures


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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