Wickham Green

30 July 2010

Secret Communication With Extraterrestrial 

After long hesitation now, nevertheless, the revelation. Actually, I did not want to publish this, it has felt so private all the time. It is love, pure love. But the events of the last days do me encourages to do it. Since I have tangled with the world power, there is anyway no more private life. And how said Osho so nicely: „If you see an abyss, jump in!“ 

The Prestory

I communicate since weeks secretly with our friends. The attentive readers of my pages already will have noted it. Apparently I was at that time the only terrestrial, which has seen the hidden second part of the Wilton-Windmill message from the 22nd of May, 2010, namely the significant addition to the Eulers‘ formula:


This addition states a lot, more than the Eulers' formula, I have reported about that here in detail. This was at that time our first meeting, thereby they have become attentive to me. All the other crop circle reporters ignore this important addition. Partial truth to be spread is also lie! And this is valid not only for Mr.Miller... Then I have started to communicate or I have try to do this and they have answered! Always with crop circles. They observe my Internet page, also the „small printed“, what they want to say herewith:

Then I have made at the beginning of July both crop circle general survey pages of 2009 and 2010, about they apparently have been glad and have answered again with a crop circle, namely with this here:

One sees in the cube the small thumbnails of my both crop circles pages, outside squarely and inside round, which are meanwhile also be linked with the matching big original pictures. I understand this as a praise. They find nice what I have made there and also in which design. Then this message came three days later:

What probably means, that it gives + + + so to say in every dimension still even more, than to list only all crop circles nice and neat. Well, then I also have done this. 

Although this even many other pages act on the Internet, and also the crop circle researchers, I have again said a little bit in addition. And can be, something new what the other yet do not see so, or do not trust to say. Then I have tangled with the world power, as I have delivered unintentionally to them the keyword „Nibiru“ (to the knife of her webcrowler), namely below on my real crop circle site 2010.

Here they were obviously contented, that is with my comments on the subjects crop circles, extraterrestrial, terrestrial and the future events. It is remarkable, that all three crop circles have this three-dimensional unfakeable hexagon form and probably belong together also as „a set“. These are crop circles, which they have made for me, as an answer to my communication attempts. I find this very nice, am stirred very much and I do not know at all, how I should thank them for it. I hope, this page helps to thank for her love, her patience and many instructions, which they have given to me and all others. Seven days before the cube of satisfaction came there still this sign:

At first that's no use to me, but I know today, that this means danger. It symbolises, that danger is in delay. Since I have begun to take the three-dimensional plus literally, I stand under police observation, at latest since Nibiru. Since my former experiences in the esotericism forum I know, that they understand no fun with the subject „Nibiru“. Why, this also I don‘t know. Is then really what in it, in the whole esoteric Nibiru spinning? If even the world power becomes nervous...  

The danger of Old Milverton and the eye, that see all, of Ufton be created only about 10 km from each other. That means, they both belong together. I know naturally even at that time, that my „secret signs“ everybody can see, also the secret services and other Internet police. My friends also try to warn me with it. But the comunication with them was more important for me, as the with it connectet danger. All, what is not „the norm“, is dangerous! And that „norm“ is lie/badness/hate - live as stultified work slave - foolspaper, TV, car driving, shopping center.


They will try to finish me with insignificant irregularities and gewgaws. This was so already 2000 years ago - the liars does not interest what you say, because they cannot disprove your arguments anyhow. They search only kramply after tensely irregularities and insignificant pretexts, to attack you personally and to remove you. In a world of lie nobody can endure the truth - it must be removed. We humans live all in an world of lie. We all has a past. We all have made mistakes - collected expiriences, they us make capable today, to make it better. Without these important experiences us should miss somewhat. How we shall us decide on true, godness, beauty - for the light and the Godness? Trough worldly force and blackmail? The straight way we go only voluntary, out of own decision, because this is an internal need, our free will. This free decision is the result of our up to now live, the result of our past. 

I am not afraid. At that time my angel has preserved me as a baby not in the life, so that I live on for the lie. Without her, I would be long ago no more here. Only trough her love, I am still here. So there must be a reason, why I should live on. The lie cannot be the reason. So I live for the truth. And if I cannot live for the truth any more longer on this infernal planet - governed by the Satan and his farm-hands, I will go. Then I will go even with pleasure. The choice is called for me truth or not truth - and this choice was already made 51 years ago.

This also seems to be a danger symbol. On the 25th of July, I did not know this yet. Then on the same day still came flying along Nibiru: J

Yes, and then the coronation: Wickham Green at the 30.July, to the north and to the south by the highway, exactly like here in Gera. That is, they see me from above and know where I stay.

Four days later then one more assistance for the complicated decoding:

The square turn... We will immediately see, what has to mean this: 

The Decoding

The both crop circles of Wickham Green near Hungerford, Berkshire, England, at the 30 July 2010, on the left South and on the right North

The most handicraftsmen and thinkers will also have supposed this coding, ASCII 8 bits. One can neglect the different size of „1“, this serves only for the confusion of confused users and that it looks at first sight like a „pixel picture“, which shows maybe even the „face of Jesus“? It is read on the left and on the right. Besides arise it left 24 signs and on the right also 24 signs, so a total of 48, from which I did not become clever. Nothing proved a sense, only sometimes two or three signs successively, but, otherwise, all in all nothing. So I have looked for further possibilities:

One could think, that these are pixel pictures, which show a face or something similar. I have not believed this from the beginning. For me was certain, that these are ASCII-coding messages. And they are determined for me, because the arrangement of the both crop circles is by the east west running highway exactly like here in Gera. I have felt me appealed personally. On a publication I have never thought...

Wickham Green South

The most handicraftsmen and thinkers will also have supposed this coding, ASCII 8 bits. One can neglect the different size of „1“, this serves only for the confusion of confused users and that it looks at first sight like a „pixel picture“, which shows maybe even the „face of Jesus“? It is read on the left and on the right. Besides arise it left 24 signs and on the right also 24 signs, so a total of 48, from which I did not become clever. Nothing proved a sense, only sometimes two or three signs successively, but, otherwise, all in all nothing. So I have looked for further possibilities:

The ninety degrees clockwise rotated version is also encoded ASCII 8 bits, partitioned in 3 columns, in each case read from the left to the right. This proves per column 16 signs, multiplied by three, so also 48. We remember on the rotated square in the crop circle of Whitefield Hill from the 3th of August? This was the key for decoding. Now appears a meaningful sign sequence, if one reads all three columns from above down and from the left to the right, so how by us commonly, one after the other:


The ASCII character-encoding set of 8 bits is here

The ASCII 8 bits PDF encoding version for print is here

I have sorted the successively following signs here quite systematically. There arise six structured areas with a statement. What might indicate the signs, to everybody be clear, this is like by Emoticons-Smilies. One must read the most letters English phonetically. The interpretation is may a little bit esoteric, however, deals also with me. They have sent this message though to me, but this just concerns everybody which are at least similar like me, like-minded people. It is a message to everybody, which help the earth, which serve the truth, want make it better in future and await the turning point of ages with optimism and joy. Here the decoded text: 


We are happy, please us about the affectionate exchange, the hearty meeting, the communication from above down and from below upwards, with the earth.


Starlet: Work, break and joy are the key to luck and success. 

[ Starlet, this I am - how nicely. J The forward-sign, play, work, activity - two blank signs, rest, break, slowly: The Spanish „E“ is called „and“. Then again one blank sign - silence, relaxation. The „J“ in English phonetically „jay“ means „joy“. „K“ in English „kay“ means „key“ - the key. The arrow „leads there“. The skat sign means luck, success. They are very diligent and I have probably lately made too much break? Apparently they want say this to me. Now, hence, I am also more active. ] 


From above you have been seen below on the earth. You have also been seen by the law, it sees with low level. 

[ The first sign means „on top“. „U“ is spoken in English „ju“, so „you“. „s“ and „z“ I see together, am called phonetically „ess zee“, so „see“. The block sign from the first line; also here again „below on earth“ - from her view. Then again „u“ - you, „E“ - and / also, „Z“ „zee“/„see“ - see(n). „§“ the/from the law, state power, world power, police, justice. „c“ in English phonetically „cee“ - see/sees. „LQ“, derived by IQ - intelligence quotient. „LQ“ for „Low-Q“ - the opposite of „High-Q“, so low intelligence quotient.] 


Open the signs, we see and love it! And it is lowered the high success and the big joy of the law in a small joy and low success. 

[The opening quotation marks, in English „open signs“ - „opens the signs“, begins the text. „S“, actually, „ess“, I see here as „see“ - see. „V“, phonetically „vee“ means - we. Obvious they like my texts. So it means „see we“ or „we see“ (this). Heart symbol, with love, joy, luck, pleasure. Here „E“ (foreign version) I also see here again (in Spanish) „and“. The Slash from the left on top to the right below in the text direction means „lowering, decline, go down“. „H“ phonetically „haitch“ means - high. „J“ again „jey“ - joy/success. Because at first the big „J“, then the paragraph and then the small „j“ follows, is lowered the high joy and the big success of the law in small joy and small success - by lie and national dulling. They seem really to like my texts. There I write with joy further! ] 


And perfection sees the special invisible danger. 

[ „E“ is again „and“. „p“ phonetically „pee“ caused to me first difficulties. They cannot have meant English „peeing“, what is „Pee“? It is Pi, the number of a circle, the number of the perfection. „s“ is again - „see“. The three symbols: The stress mark - something special, the fog, the square sign: Attention, a special invisible danger threatens! From the feeling I would say, the square sign means danger. An invisible danger is in delay. Who is attentive and awake, completely - like I, unfortunately not - does recognise the invisible danger. This means for me: Better pay attention! Not be so frivolous, the terrestrail want to finish you with ridiculous irregularities. I must be „perfect“ in future like my friends... ] 


And starlet, one day. 

[ „E“ - „and“, the starlet - I am. „d“ phonetically „dee“, means - day. „a“ remains English „a“ or „one“. Turned „a day“ or „one day“. I had asked them secretly in ASCII, when and where we can meet. I wish this very much to see once my dear friends. They say: Now not, sometime, one day starlet, if the day has come. ] 

Their language seems to exist of written symbols, maybe as Japanese characters. They can say with very little signs a lot. This is her normal communication. They do not drivel so much like us. They differently tick, one cannot so communicate with them as with terrestrials, I still work on it... 

Wickham Green North


Here is immediately the 90 degrees clockwise rotated version, the first possibility for the decoding brings here also nothing. In contrast to Wickham Green South, the North version is ASCII 7 bits encoded. Also here again per column  16 signs, a total of 48. Only meaningful reading kind is here also again from above down and from the left to the right - how by us commonly. I ask myself for a long time, how do they only create this, to bet her crop circles just so in the landscape, that the airplane photographers take the photos of the crop circles for us always in such a way, that in the photo appears a usual reading kind for us? It was never different up to now. How only do they make this? This is just true skill! Here the sign result, which can again be also divided in six areas after her respective statement:


The saved character-encoding set of 7 bits is here

The ASCII 7 bits PDF encoding version for print is here


The [control characters] in the ASCII-7 bit code can be well used as coded English statements. The Wickham Green North message is directed even more personally especially to me, hence 7 bits code. At that time their important addition to the Eulers' formula was encoded in Wilton Windmill also in ASCII 7 bits. Nobody otherwise has recognised this or has appreciated it up to now. Hence, has become the 7 bits code to our „confidential communication base“. 


Starlet, negative feedback, the important and essentials is to be underlined. Close the clip, concludes this! 

[ Starlet, thats me. „m“ is the mass, also phonetically „em“ or from the formula E=m·c², mass, weight, important/essential. Equals sign, underline - „is“ to be „underlined“. The clip close, with it they mean the video clip. I have made in the past with pleasure video clips as preview trailer of demanding and/or amusing films and I should let it be better now. It is not important. I should conclude the work on these projects. It is a criticism, which I have accepted. Moreover, it donates too much confusion: What type is the guy real now? ]


Starlet, go one step further. Feedback: Put back, start with the text, joy/success by use of the head for you! 

[ I should go one step further, make a jump forwards. They observe me and say, what I can still improve - „feedback“. I should leave all other and begin with the text, also in terms of „further in the text“, forward! I write not only texts, but also make pictures. „j“ is again the phonetic „jay“ - joy. With joy success can be also meant, one has joy about the success. „4 U“ is clear - phonetically „for you“. They wish me fun and success by the head switch on, at my future important work. ] 


Starlet, partly negative feedback. The key: Separate from the mass, put an end!

[ The percent sign means „according to portion, partially“. So not absolutely negatively the feedback, I does not lie completely wrong, but partially. I am from her view still very faulty, imperfect. „K“ is phonetic in English „kay“ - „key“ - the key. The control character „Group Separator“ can mean only seclusion of the mass. I do not belong to it anyhow, however, should seclude myself even more - surrender even more pointless worldly activitys. I accept this criticism, finally, these are my friends. The point at the end means „now make sometimes a point!“, bet them an end, finishes this (inessential).] 


What is the Alpha and Omega?  

[ „R“, in English phonetically „ar“ means here the „A“. What is the A + O? A question to me (and to all the other unknowing ones), which should bring me/us to the reflexion. What is really important and significant? What was always the Alpha and the Omega? Each of us knows it - but what do we do? ] 


Starlet, and substitute the big joy and relaxation by the opening of the clip partially with joy by use of the head. 

[ „E“ again in Spanish „and“. The control character „Substitute“ - replacement. „J“ - the big joy. Then follow two blank signs, so silence, rest, relaxation. „@“ - at/by/to something addressed - the „open clip“, here again the mentioned video clips, on which I have worked once. „%“ again „according to portion/partially“. „J“ - the big joy - by switch on/use the head. They want show me a way, how I can work for something important and even have fun and joy. ] 


Use the head, begin the text, puts the signs, be with it highly perfectly!  

[ The head use, the text begin. Also here the „open signs“ as „the signs open/with the signs begin“. „B“ in English phonetically „bee“ - be. „h“ here also phonetically „haitch“ - high. „P“ please not phonetically, but again the number of the circle, of the perfection „Pi“. @ - in something directed/at/adressed at - I understand this „@“ here as „besides/by“ (the thing). An unequivocal request to me, to continue absolutely and by the head use and text write to be highly perfect, more than up to now. A big challenge, which I accept with pleasure. I do my very best. ] 

The Further Course 

Then suddenly intensified the events. The weather was getting dark, coldly, rainy. I wanted in the nature, however, was not able. Then these both signs came on the same day, Sunday, 8th of August:

The first is probably a stylised police cap. I had the feeling, as I came after two days home again, as if somebody was been illegally in my flat. I supposed old state security service ropes (ex-GDR „Stasi“) or the Secret Service. The second crop circle stands in direct connection to the first and both have originated only remotely about 7 km of each other. The police cap lies a little further remotely by the Alton Barnes White Horse and the second sign, that looks like an integration, or a beginning integration, lies immediately by the Pewsey White Horse. These days from the 5th to the 11th of August were awful for me. I felt, that something bad was going against me. I have seen both crop circles at first on Wednesday, 11.August (on the Internet) - so to speak, there came „afterwards“ the explanation of all that, what I exactly did not know. They see everything...!


The integration crop circle means, that I wanted the communication with them. I have started all this. Because I have asked myself anxiously, why the alternative ufologists and crop circle researchers do not communicate with them. Is this so difficult? They make sometimes a squiggle in the field or at most a flower - but, otherwise, they do nothing, what could be understood as an answer - why not? So I have tried it sometimes, it was an test and it was successful! I have seen the world and have found out that there is nothing. So I have gone out of the world, in search for new possibilities. Now I cannot return any more. I am surrounded by nothing but enemies. I have no enemies and I hate also nobody. But the others see in me their „enemie“. Because I have destroyed their dream, that they are the only ones in the endless universe. Now they hate me - the world powers hate me as every normal citizens also. There one communicates with extraterrestrial - impertinence! There are no extraterrestrial! Now my friends offer to me a place. I accept this thankfully. Now it returns no more way. I can only advance and I do this with pleasure! The way of the search goes always forwards... 

Then I had on the 12.August a new update of the real crop circles 2010 and a comment to crop circle forgers. Immediately afterwards, one day later came this sign:

I see a lamp or a floodlight. They have shone to me, so that I escape from the darkness of the past days and I have found out, fortunately! Maybe they also say with it, that they are contently with my news from the 12th of August. The subject crop circle forger and the research has cost me a lot of nerves, it is nauseously to be looked this dung. I had avoided this subject up to now consciously, because it is so ugly. But it should be so, this is also an aspect of the subject crop circles, which one must light up. And they light up this... 

At this moment, I do not see more new crop circles, hence, I finish this report about my secret communication with my friends from the universe. And I hope very much, they and my earthly readers take a lot of pleasure in it. J 

Starlet Roland

19 August 2010  

Addition: This in both crop circles often used „E“, one can also English understand as „eh“ or „hey“ - „hey‘ you!“ or „eh‘ listen!“ As begin of every single part of the message, instead of „and“ - without that itself for that reason changed the sense. Because the messages became so more express, more power. It be no flatterys, but seriously taked clear instructions. The background ist serious, they make here no games with us... 

20 August 2010   

Yes, you be right. It give no more development for me. Because I live in this foolish world. And that I can here survive generally, I must create my own world every day, my own little paradise. And every other will destroy this paradise! Since I was a little boy I live in such a way. If not, I would live today even no more on earth. But this creation of the own world costs so much energy, so that I cannot growth myself. So it give no more develepment. I am sourrounded by a lot of enemies. I must subtile fight every day, and this fight costs too much energy! So, there is no more energy for the growth. This is the problem. Another problem is, that by the creation of my own world, I create unintentional a wall sourround me, as a protection. So I am no more completely open, also no more right open for God. So, this daily fight must be end - for my own growth, for the development, for the further evolution, for the sense of life. So, I speak to myself: „If you see, that you ride a dead horse, get off“! ... J ... 


21 August 2010  


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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